Cleaning tools, a helper for housewives and butlers in a new way, want convenience, save time, meet the lifestyle of living, and clean the house to be more convenient. Nowadays, air pollution is not spread only outside the home. There is still a lot of dust, dust mites, fur, and air pollutants such as PM 2.5 dust or chemical odors in the house, which affects the health of family members.

In addition to the cleaning method, cleaning equipment is another helper that makes all chores easier by living a New Normal life. Today, HomeGuru has been brought up 10 new cleaning tools that can help clean the house in one day. Let’s see together.

10 must-have cleaning tools, make your home clean in a day

1. Vacuum cleaner, suck every dust stain, every nook and corner of the house.


The vacuum cleaner has become an indispensable cleaning item for every home because, in addition to helping to clean the house from dust, dust mites, and fur. It is also a helper to relax, save time for housewives and butlers in the new era very much.

Today’s vacuum cleaners are available in a wide variety of applications. Still, the most popular are robot vacuums and cordless vacuums. In addition, for comfortable use, there is also a function that responds to cleaning the house, both vacuuming and mopping at the same time. You don’t have to sit and watch all the time.

2. Air purifier, help your home fresh.


The trend of air purifiers continues to be strong because of the large amount of dust and dust mites. Especially PM 2.5 that continues to circulate throughout the year, causing concerns about health problems and respiratory problems. Choosing an air purifier has become one of many home cleaning methods to help reduce dust and help purify the air in the home.

3. Dishwasher, can help kill germs on utensils.


Washing is another job that requires choosing the right type of cleaning tools like washing dishes. The most popular cleaning tools used are sponges, pot scrubbers, and dishwashing detergent. But to add convenience and help disinfect the utensils after washing the dishes, the dishwasher has become popular with modern families. Available in both large and small sizes according to the number of members and according to the placement area.

Originally, the functionality focused only on the cleaning system. But many brands are now adding sterilization functions to help ensure that dishes that have been washed in the dishwasher are spotless and germ-free.

เครื่องดูดฝุ่นหุ่นยนต์ เครื่องดูดฝุ่นแบบด้าม เครื่องดูดฝุ่นแบบมือจับ

4. Clothes dryer, clean and dry cloth ready to use immediately.


Clothes dryers are cleaning tools that easily wash and dry tasks, do not use the sun, and dry clothes ready to wear immediately after washing. Meet the new lifestyle of living, especially for families living in condominiums or houses with no usable space. Currently, clothes dryers are designed to support convenient use. Compact machines, no matter where they are placed in the house, do not make clutter.

5. Wiping clothes, clean all dust and dirt completely.


Wipes are cleaning tools that every home has in their homes. But not all wipes are effective in wiping away dust and dirt as effectively. Although it is an easy and quick cleaning method, the choice of fabric type affects its water absorption. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a microfiber cloth because it can absorb dust and dirt better than other fabrics.

And after use, should wash and clean the stains attached to the cloth thoroughly and then put it in the sun and fold it for ease-of-use next time.

6. Floor brush, scrub the black stains to come off easily.


A floor brush is a cleaning device that must be selected for use in the right type. There are various options in terms of materials, such as a plastic brush and wire brush, or the kind of area that needs to clean such as cement floors, tile floors, and wooden floors. Floor brushes are generally used when stubborn or black stains appear on floors, sinks, and toilet bowls. You should choose a floor brush with a handle for ease of use, and after use should be cleaned and dried to prevent mold.

เครื่องอบผ้าฝาบน เครื่องอบผ้าฝาหน้า เครื่องซักอบผ้าฝาหน้า LG

7. Rubber gloves protect against chemical hazards.


Because cleaning has to come into contact with various chemicals that contain chemicals. Therefore, rubber gloves are cleaning items that will help prevent chemicals from directly biting your hands. It keeps hands from drying out, not peeling, and not being rough, which is a problem that most housewives are careful about.

8. Mask helps prevent dust, smell, especially chemicals.


A mask has become an essential item for cleaning the house. Because it helps to prevent dust, mites, and unpleasant odors, in particular, chemical smells, such as strong-smelling toilet cleaners, are detrimental to your health and respiratory system. For those who have health problems, especially allergies, it is recommended to wear a mask every time when cleaning.

9. All-purpose liquid, wipe all the stains clean.


All-purpose cleaners are a great way to clean all the stains in the house. Whether it’s the floor, wall, furniture, and equipment in the kitchen. But it is necessary to choose the right type of liquid to get the correct performance for cleaning, such as glass cleaner, algae remover, mold remover, etc.

น้ำยาทำความสะอาดฆ่าเชื้อ น้ำยาทำความสะอาดตู้เย็น น้ำยาทำความสะอาดเคลือบเงาสเตนเลส

10. Spray bottle for portable use in every room in the house.


Another device that makes cleaning the house a breeze. And should have on hand to use to clean each area in the home is a spray bottle used for cleaning. Especially nowadays, that focuses on the use of alcohol spraying for disinfection and wiping.

There are many cleaning tools to choose from, depending on the type of housework. But for living in this new way of cleaning the house, it is necessary to select home cleaning equipment that meets both cleanliness and disinfection. Bacteria and dust, as mentioned above by HomeGuru. And do not forget that after every use of the cleaning device, it should be cleaned and placed in the sun to keep the device ready for use.

Or for any house that is not convenient to clean the house, choosing a home cleaning assistant like a professional housewife can also help to relax a lot in cleaning the house as well.

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