Have you ever feel that water used to flow was weak and flow slowly? The water pump works in spite of that doesn’t even use water. The water bill suddenly broke up abnormally. Although considering that the members of the house are the same, the pattern, duration and amount of water consumption does not change. But the water bill increased without finding the cause. If any home that has this type of problem, don’t sit still. Because it may be a sign that water is leaking or Leaks in Pipes or the water pipe breaks somewhere. Causing you to waste money by not using water. While also causing flooding in the home. Resulting in moisture and mold which is a factor that causes the house to decay faster.


An easy way to check for leaky plumbing

One of the points where water leakage problems or Leaks in Pipes are often from plumbing. It is a water conveying device that has both floating and buried floors and buried walls. This content, “HomeGuru” invites you to learn how to inspect plumbing leaks. Just 4 simple facts are clear to handle the problem in the right way.


1. Walk around the holes and trace the water in the pipes

If the plumbing at home is a floating type, meaning that you can see pipes clearly at every point. Checking the leak location is not difficult. Because he saw the water seeping Water trapped on the lawn and water leaks at the joints of the pipe clearly. If there are many leaks and cracks, you will feel that the water flow is weak, not as strong as before. For a method to check the leaky plumbing of pipes and joints with visible water marks and want to be sure that water leaks or not. It can be done by using tissues to wrap the area where the leak is expected and try using water. Then leave for 15-30 minutes. If the water pipe is leaking, the tissues will get wet.

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2. Turn off the tap and water valve, observe the operation of the meter

Check by turning off all faucets, including shower, washing machine, and test all appliances that are connected to the water to ensure that there is no water leakage. Numbers are static, there is no movement. But if all the water is turned off, the water meter is still spinning, indicating that there may be leakage. Try to close the check valve one by one. In the case of multi-floor homes with multiple water valves, the first water valve may be first closed. And check the water meter If the water meter dial number still does not stop. Switch to open the water distribution valve at the ground floor, or to close all first and open the check valve in spots, so it will be easier to find the point that the plumbing leak is expected.


3. Observe the operation of the water pump

Houses that are equipped with water pumps usually know that the pump will ring every time the faucets are turned on or flushing and not loud when not in use. If the homeowner hears the water pump working more frequently or loudly, even without water Indicating that there is a possibility of water leakage occurring Water leakage points that are associated with the pump operations that are common are water leak in the toilet, straight flush can try to check the rubber stopper by lifting the float up to find a rope to tie it. After that, turn the water to full tank to stop the water and close the water flow valve into the tank. Then wait to see the water level for 1 hour. If the water decreases, there is a leak. Or in the case of plumbing pipes falling under the floor which is caused by the floor around the house collapsing, pulling the pump away from the house The pipes buried beneath the home were torn until the water leaked. The water pump also works more frequently.

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4. Observe the humidity on the wall and ceiling

Many houses that are looking for leaks with the naked eye are still not found. The leak may be on the wall, buried in the wall or hidden on the ceiling for beauty. Which will be the hardest part to find the leak. But we may notice (if the symptoms clearly show) is that the walls are moisture along the pipe until the walls peel off, ceilings with brown water stains and black fungus expanding more and more. Shows that there may have been leaks of the water pipes already. This may require an expert technician with tools to find the leak in order to find a clear source.


Living with family members that care about each other Will see little abnormal things that signal out. Makes coping and editing easy not chronic. The problem with the house is the same. If you always pay attention, take care to know quickly Quickly and can be fixed on the spot.

Don’t let a single drop of water cause it, causing problems that escalate later on.

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