If talking about the major systems in an important home and must pay special attention to give to the electrical system because it’s a complex job. If the wiring is not up to standard Equipment is damaged Lack of inspection and maintenance will create big problems that are dangerous to both the home and the residents such as short circuit problem, electrical leakage in electrical appliances, causing more heat and if the heat accumulates for a long time. This will cause a fire and can cause loss of property and life. Sometimes in the house, there may be a leak of electricity but the residents don’t know. Before finding the cause, it was too late.


There are 4 ways to check the basic content of this idea house. Is there anything that is sending us signals that there might be an electric leak? And introducing electrical system inspection services from Home service by Homepro in order to manage, prevent and solve the problem in time.

4 points for home electrical leakage alarms

1. Abnormally high electric bill

If the electricity bill is abnormally high, it is a disorder that is not caused by the increase of the FT value of electricity. Try to check by observing the rotation of the meter to see whether the speed is consistent or not, or test by writing down the meter number first. Then turn off all electrical appliances in the house without having to pull the cutout or breaker down and observe at the meter at home whether the disk inside the meter rotates or no. If the plate inside the meter is still rotated or left for a while, then the meter value moves up. That may be a warning sign that in our house, an electrical leakage occurs.

2. The power cut off often

Popular advertising sentence “Safe T Cut, cut before die, warning before fainting” With this powerful advertisement, most people are familiar with electric cutters and are increasingly popular with cutters. But actually, the Safe T Cut is not the name of the machine, but the brand of the power cutter.


A circuit breaker is called (RCD), there are many models and brands to choose from, which every home needs. Because this device will detect the power cut that exceeds the value that will start to be harmful to humans. There are 2 types of cut-off devices, which are RCCB for cut-off the electrical leakage only and RCBO can cut off both leakage current and overload and short circuit covering the whole house. It can be used in place of circuit breakers. If used as a main switch, in the event of a leakage or overload, the machine will automatically shut off Therefore, first, if the circuit breaker or circuit breaker cuts frequently. Try to check the machine first whether working normally or not.

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3. Touch the appliance and feel electric shock

Usually in the home, grounding is installed in electrical appliances that are prone to electrical leakage easily or with metal structures such as water heater, refrigerator, oven, etc., which the ground wire will leak electricity through the ground via grounding instead of flowing through our bodies. In case of grounding Vacuum leakage or circuit breakers are installed, but when the hand touches the electrical installation point, metal frame or electrical appliances and often feel electric shock, may be caused by electric leakage in electrical circuits or electrical appliances. Try to test using a screwdriver to measure electricity (Test Lamp). Touch the item or area in question If there is a red light or the light is on the screwdriver shows that electrical leakage occurs from appliances electricity at that point.

4. The temperature in the house is abnormally high

From the famous news in 2015, found a house in Chiang Rai Province There is an unusually hot folk phenomenon. The high temperature is over 60 degrees, causing many doubts including doubting that under the ground of this house may have oil wells as a result, all news agencies went into the area to make news. Some journalists experimented with placing eggs on the ground. With hot local temperatures, the chicken eggs can be transformed into hard-boiled eggs.

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But when the staff conducted the test using the circuit breaker in the room, it was found that the temperature in the house is normal. Therefore, check the electrical wires on the ceiling, T bar, house ceiling Found that 1 electrical leak, causing electricity to flow down the soil goes along the cement beams, reinforcing steel under the ground causing the house to heat. This is another point for the homeowner to know that if there is a change in temperature, some areas of the house may be caused by an electrical leak which will correspond and the increase in electricity bills as well.

Check electrical systems for safe home with Home Service

A house that has been used for many years Including the large number of electrical appliances in the home, should be checked periodically to prevent, assess problems and fix electrical wiring to work safely. However, the electrical system is a complicated job and most of the wiring is embedded in the wall. If wanting to check, repair or add – reduce the power cord is quite difficult. Must use expert technicians only. For anyone who is looking for a team that specializes in electrical systems, at present, Home Service by HomePro has a comprehensive 6-point electrical system inspection service.


  • Check the electricity meter
  • Check the cable connection
  • Check every plug
  • Inspect the home fire cabinet
  • Check ground wire
  • Inspect the Safe T Cut breaker


All services are performed by skilled technicians who have received electrical vocational certificates from the Department of Skill Development. Track able, do not leave the job, no additional cost Make sure that your home is safe and saves electricity.

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