Now, Home Electrical Appliances have developed so far. Both the design and the function is constantly updating. Whether it is an entertainment Electrical appliance, Kitchen appliances or normal electrical appliances for house cleaning which can help housewife and househusband save energy while cleaning. Moreover if it is a discounted electrical appliance from various promotions it’s very value! So today HomeGuru select 5 Home Electrical appliances which can save your time and energy well

Home Electrical appliances 5 pieces to help save the housekeeper butler!

1. PHILIPS HD9650 / 91 fryer 1.4kg.
2. Table dishwasher TOSHIBA DWS-22ATH (K)
3. IROBOT R-SKURS955 Robot Vacuum Cleaner
4. Washing machine PANASONIC NA-D106X1WT3 10/6 kg.
5. Steam generator iron TEFAL GV9565 1.9 liter


1. PHILIPS HD9650 / 91 fryer 1.4kg.

Kitchen appliances which is very popular today is air fryer. No matter what menu is made, it will delicious and fat free. Moreover, it’s save time for housewife and househusband, Especially the PHILIPS HD9650 / 91 1.4 kg fryer with Twin Turbo Star technology. Crispy fries without oil. Up to 90% reduction in fat compared to deep-fat frying and normal pan


With a power of 2,200 watts and a capacity of 1.4 liters that can fry whole chicken comfortably, there is also a Cooking Preset, a timer and a temperature function for 5 popular menus. Easily and immediately to use. Or if you just want to warm up your meal there is a Keep Warm function which can heat in a matter of minutes. This fryer also comes with an excess oil layer tray and a quick clean basket. Non-stick coating and wash off easily. It can be put in the dishwasher with digital screen Show ready-to-use signal and automatic shutdown including a cable storage for tidy storage

2. Table dishwasher TOSHIBA DWS-22ATH (K)

This will make your life easier. Especially for people who love to cook but hate to wash the dishes. This machine not only have a good quality but also have variety of functions such as quick speed wash function , fruits and vegetables wash function or steam function for cleaning baby nipples. By using Touch control. Have LED touch screen and built-in LED light. They have transparent glass door which design for can see while working. The high point is small size. No need to install or connect to the kitchen faucet.


Another special feature of this dishwasher is, it has 6 washing programs (GLASS, NORMAL, FRUIT WASH, INSENTIVE, RAPID, ECO) Supports up to 22 dishes. Cleaning with a maximum temperature of 72 degrees Celsius. With two nozzle cores. It can clean every corner of dishes also can removes 99.99% of bacteria, but uses only 5 liters of water – 7 times less than washing by hand! That’s why Home Guru have recommend!

3. IROBOT R-SKURS955 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

This items comes with a 3-step cleaning system and Perfect EdgeTM technology. Intelligent sensor, 5-pointed arm brush, especially designed for corner cleaning with up to 40 times powerful compared to the IROBOT RoombaTM 600 Series.


The interesting in this robot vacuum cleaner is ImprintTM Smart Mapping. Which robots can learn, draw the map and adjust cleaning methods to suit with the floors house. It’s also can set the area and schedule But it also has Keep Out Zones technology. For controlling the robot not going to the unwanted area. It also includes vSLAM ™ navigation technology. Which can detect obstacles on the cleaning path. There is an automatic waste disposal platform clean Base with Allergen Lock system. Helps trap allergens from mold and pollen up to 99%

4. Washing machine PANASONIC NA-D106X1WT3 10/6 kg.

Drying clothes is something that takes time and effort. Especially with people who do not have much time, Have a rushed lifestyle, have limited space for drying clothes and also unstable weather, all these various factors is the cause of the development of washing machine technology.


This is an inverter system washing machine without noise. Touch control with LED display. There are 7 washing and drying programs. With full of functions technology including Active Speed system for quick washing in 34 minutes, Active Foam system Reduces the problem of detergent stains on clothes, the smart sensor ECONAVI Automatically detects the condition of the laundry to save energy and ECO Drying system To help preserve fabric in the drying process Prevents creases and reduces the shrinkage of the clothes.

5. Steam generator iron TEFAL GV9565 1.9 liter

Iron is often a promotion and discounted appliances product in many festival. Some homes have more than one iron including buying by ourselves or received as a gift on lucky draw. But no matter how many time we change the irons. People still feel tired of ironing. All of this because the iron you use is not efficient. If this happens, Home Guru recommend you to use steam generator iron TEFAL GV9565 1.9 liters. That will make ironing easier

เตารีด TEFAL

This TEFAL iron is a steam generator iron with a water tank capacity of 1.9 liters. Ready to use in 2 minutes, can be refilled continuously. Therefore convenient while using and saves time as well. It has 150 g / min continuous steam and 580 g / min special steam. That helps remove creases without wasting effort. It have automatic steam setting function for the safety and easily ironed for all fabrics. Have Durilium, Airglide Auto clean coated soleplate which can distribute steam without causing stains of clothes. With Power 2,830 watts and pressure 7.7 bar, with 8 minutes Auto Off system and Auto 30 minutes Shut down system. Can adjust the heat up to 5 levels and there is a scale trap spoon. That can trap up to 10 times of slag!

All 5 home electrical appliances can help you save time and energy which HomeGuru already Selected by an excellent performance for you. The high point is, they’re now a discounted appliances At HomePro. You can quickly place the order from. , or walk in to every HomePro branch because there are still more Kitchen appliances, Entertainment appliances and many of home products that will make your life easier. We guaranteed the value of your money for sure.

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