The beauty of the house comes from many elements which comes from the perfect combination of exterior house style. The Interior and the design of the garden area outside the house.

Most of the time, we pay more attention to the areas in the house that we see every day and may neglect taking care of the garden area until causing it to deteriorate. At the same time, caring for the garden to be perfect always takes time and you also have continuous expenses at all times.

many people neglect the garden area that is no longer beautiful. But if we change the layout of the outdoor garden according to lifestyle and maintenance budget each month. This will help you to use the outdoor space more often, relax and be a space for joint activities. Today, we have 5 ideas to renovate interesting outdoor areas that may suit your taste and lifestyle.

1 Contemporary stone courtyard

For large areas that you do not want to grow grass. Try the idea of a contemporary stone garden that is easy to maintain and easy to see. But the rock garden may cause outside of the house to heat because the stone will accumulate heat when the sun shines. Therefore, it is recommended to plant large trees with tall straight stems with branches that are wide and there are small leaves that help filter the light but not obscure the light so the bottom looks dark It also helps to allow the wind to ventilate as well, such as ear deer, mouse deer or ear gourd, Indian gourd.


2 Brimful water stone

Sometimes, making a stone garden that is easy to take care of may not be pleasing to some people. Because it might feel dry or see no color. Take a look at the idea of a rock garden filled with water which creates the attractiveness of the still water that reflects all around or the wave of water that flutter when the wind blows, decorated with a strange large stone that looks like a sculpture set in the middle of the water or if superficially. You may think that there is a wakeful stream flow through your house. The wind that blows through the water also brings the coolness to the house as well.


3 Fun pool

Swimming pool is another interesting idea for those who do not like gardening. Nowadays, building a swimming pool is not as difficult and scary as you think. There is also a system that is easy to maintain and has a low cost. The pool not only helps reduce the outside temperature and it also helps the cool air to blow, but importantly, the pool is a place to bond with family members to spend time together. And of course, it is also an exercise area helping to stay healthy as well considered a worthwhile investment in many ways.


4 Gallery of activities

One easy idea in the renovation of the garden area for easy maintenance is to make a log cabin. Slat flooring increases the usable space for various activities. Using slat helps reduce heat accumulation better than other types of materials such as natural stone tiles or bare cement. It helps to not allow the temperature around the outside to feel uncomfortable. Slat grooves also help prevent slipping in case of wet flooring, and finally, slat flooring gives a warm image and gives a natural feeling to the area around the house as well.


5 Art space

In addition to landscaping, we can create an outdoor space to look attractive and a relaxing corner among beautiful things. The idea of turning an empty space into an art space that anyone can do doesn’t always have to buy famous artist sculptures. Because everyone has an artist in themselves or may spend free time with the family to create art by themselves while also admiring the things that were created by themselves.


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