Entering rainy season, rusty iron gate or old until rusty for time to Refresh the Gate During Rainy Season. Some areas may encounter some summer storms already. But it’s not too late before the rain until the beginning of the season will come. HomeGuru has good tricks, brush your old metal fence to make it beautiful in the rain

with 5 steps. n this way, a beautiful woman, can only rely on patience and a heart for a new, brighter door. Let’s get started.


First step

Have the equipment ready. Don’t forget before starting to find old newspapers or any plastic paper, covering the floor, door, work area so that after finishing work, it will be easier to sweep. Finished, then use color removal liquid (any brand as convenient). This is an instant help to remove old, rusty, crumbling paint without using sandpaper to scrub hands. Just paint it all over the gate for 5 – 10 minutes. Notice how the colored air will rise. It can also be used to scrape off easily.


Second step

When all the color has been scraped, clean with dish washing liquid or detergent. Then use sandpaper to scrub away the details to be smooth. So that the painting process will be smooth and beautiful.


Third step

When the iron gate was dry and clean, apply rust remover where the rust is tightly attached or can be applied all over (if diligent) because this solution has the property to adjust the rust to a black film coated on the steel surface. Then wait until completely dry for 15-20 minutes.

น้ำยาแปลงสภาพสนิม น้ำยาแปลงสภาพสนิม น้ำยาแปลงสภาพสนิม


Fourth step

You can be prepared to apply. Apply the first coat of paint to adjust the color level of the leak all the way. Leave for 30 minutes. Wait for the primer color to dry completely.

สีรองพื้นโลหะกันสนิม สีรองพื้นปูนใหม่ สีรองพื้นปูนเก่า


Fifth step

When the primer is completely dry. You can paint directly to the selected one true color or topcoat color; it is recommended to apply 2 times. The first time, apply some light as foundation. Round two, apply a thick layer to keep the details and the color long lasting Wait for the paint to dry completely Just like that, you get a new metal fence.


Remark of Refresh the Gate During Rainy Season

Before starting every event, you should wear a mask to cover the nose to prevent dust and chemical odor. Wear protective goggles if there is protection against aerosols or chemicals spilling into the eyes. And put on gloves to protect chemicals and metal scraps up completely.

ถุงมือไนลอนเคลือบยาง แว่นตากันสะเก็ดขาเล็ก หน้ากาก FACE SHIELD


The color will stick durable, smooth and beautiful. It does not depend only on the skill and careful handling. But the main reason, at the preparation work, clear the area thoroughly before painting on the iron.


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