High salinity in water is one of the problems that make people who live in houses or condos headache. Not only causing unhealthy problem but also affect in other side. Most of the reasons of this problem is the drought crisis, so finding the ways to deal with this problem is the best solution. and today, HomeGuru will recommend you some easy ways which we guarantee this problem will not overwhelm you anymore.


First, if you have a home and want to solve the High salinity in water problem, home Guru recommends you these easy and comfortable tricks.

5 ways to solve the problem.

1. Check the location. is there any problem with Hight salinity in water or not?
2. Adjust the water consumption’s behaviour when facing the problem.
3. Choose to use water from other sources instead.
4. Using a water purifier.
5. Using RO water purifier


Check the location. is there any problem with Hight salinity in water or not?

It is true that Hight salinity in water can cause many people headache. Because it is a difficult problem to solve. Especially during the news presentation found the salinity of water has exceed the standard value. if we seriously analyze, we will find this problem is caused by the amount of raw water is limited. Which may be caused by reduced rainfall or the drought problem that we are facing

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Moreover, sometimes it is caused by the high sea water that leads to the high volume of salt water reaching the pumping station. This can affect the salinity in water excess the standard value.so, when we know the reason is from the pumping station. The first thing we should do is, Checking a house or residence location. How far from your home to the pumping station? You need to use water from that source or not?

there are 10 locations sort by descending order which found the standard value of tap water exceeds the standard of 0.5 g / liter. data on February 2, 2021.

• Thonburi Factory Station, the salinity value was 1.18 g / liter.
• Bang Khen 1 pumping station, the salinity value was 1.14 g / liter.
• Bang Khen 3 pumping station, the salinity value was 1.09 g / liter.
• Samsen 1 factory station, the salinity value was 1.04 g / liter.
• Bang Khen 2 pumping station, the salinity value was 1.03 g / liter.
•Minburi Water Pumping Station, the salinity value was 0.90 g / liter.
• Sukhumvit Branch Waterworks Station, the salinity value was 0.87 g / liter.
• Klong Toey Pumping Station, the salinity value was 0.87 g / liter.
• Samsen Factory Station, the salinity value was 0.84 g / liter.
• Dusit Palace Station Chitralada, the salinity value was 0.82 g / lliter.

So, if your house or condo is located near these places. It means you are a high-risk group for encountering Hight salinity in water problem. You may also be facing long-term health problems too.

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Adjust the water consumption’s behaviour when facing the problem.

Boiling tap water is one of popular ways to solve this problem, they think this way can reduce the salinity. But this is a very huge misunderstanding. It’s not help reduce the salinity moreover it waste our time. The ways to avoid drinking salinity water is “Salting” and “reducing salinity” which we can start with drinking bottled water instead. The bottled water has regular test of the standards.

It is safe for health and does not contain minerals or even salinity exceeding the standard value. But if you want to save money in your pocket, recommend to install a water purifier instead.

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Choose to use water from other sources instead

It is mostly used with people who is Allergic , itching , skin irritation or easily acnes when using High salinity water Therefore, using other sources water will solve this problem initially. if you continue to use the water from the same source May cause adverse effects in the long term. The small allergic may become a skin disease in the future.

Using water purifier

This is standard way . We all know that using high salinity water for consumption. They all have long-term impacts, both on plants, animals and people. if we drink water that is salinity value more than the standard. It can cause illness such as high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney disease, and heart disease.

น้ําประปาเค็ม วันนี้

Using a water purifier is the easiest and most sustainable investment. the water purifier in market today have many style for you to choose such as

1. RO (Reverse Osmosis) system water purifier

It is a very high resolution There are 5 steps , able to purifier up to 99% of contaminants from the water, making the water more efficient. High cleanliness It can also reduce the salinity of water.

2. UV system water purifier (Ultra Violet)

It is a UV-powered purifier that is most suitable for removing dirt, contaminants and germs in water. Suitable for installation in the household and office

3. UF system Water Purifier ( Ultra Filtration)

It is developed from a UV filter by adding a filtration step and adding a filter. “Protech bacteria” . can get rid of foreign matter better. Preserve essential minerals But it can’t solve the problem like an RO system filter can do.


Using Ro water purifier

This is the most effective way. because this type of water purifier have a process of compressing pressure by providing the water to be filtered. Through efficient membranes in filtering water thoroughly. Up to 0.0001 microns, 500,000 times smaller than your hairs. It means Using RO water purifier, you will get clean, pure water without any other compounds or minerals. However, if you are thinking of buying a RO water purifier, HomeGuru will suggest you how to choose the good one

• How much is your budget. This is very important because nowadays, RO water purifier has an average starting price of 3,000 baht or more, some models may be as high as ten thousand.
• Know the need to use. sometimes your home no need to use this system and can use other types of filters instead. But if you are confident that the water is really salinity. Recommend choosing an RO system.
• Knowing where to install. it must be installed in the area that has both a faucet and a power cable , and it is important to have a water drain which is compatible with the RO system as well.
• Select a standard brand and model. Nowadays, there are many brands to choose from, such as PURE, MAZUMA, CLARTE and many others.

เครื่องกรองน้ําดื่ม เครื่องกรองน้ํา pure เครื่องกรองน้ําดื่ม ro

เครื่องกรองน้ํา ro

The ways that HomeGuru recommend today is a great and easy to do ways for solving high salinity water problem. Please try these solution, we confirm high salinity water problem will be surely eliminated.

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