Believe it or not, small decoration, such as changing the original room wall. Then add decorative features to color and pattern in the style you like with wallpaper. Just one blink of an eye, it can create a new look for your room to look more beautiful. HomeGuru would like you to get to know more about various wallpapers through this article.

5 Advantages of attaching wallpapers

5 Advantages of attaching wallpapers

  • Changing the dimension of the house wall, create many looks, 4-5 years
  • Conceal rough marks, wall cracks, installing wallpaper can solve this problem
  • Block certain types of wallpapers Contributes to sound absorption
  • Odorless, not messy, eliminating messy issues after installation
  • Prevent hot wall, air conditioner works less, save on electricity bills
Highlights of each type of wallpaper

Highlights of each type of wallpaper

  • Paper wallpaper easy to stick, many patterns to choose from, easy to clean, does not absorb water
  • Vinyl wallpaper beautiful patterns, no problems with wetness and dust stains
  • Semi-Vinyl Foam wallpaper beautiful, with virtual dimensions, easy to clean

The size of the wallpaper is divided into 3 sizes, which are

  • Wide 53 cm. X long 10 m. Which is a standard size or called a narrow face wallpaper
  • Wide 70 cm. X long 10 m. The actual installation is approx. 6-6.5 sq.m. depending on the height of the wall
  • Wide 1.06 cm. X long 10 m. The actual installation is approx. 9-9.95 sq.m. depending on the height of the wall

Now you know each type of wallpaper already. Now let’s take a look at the idea of Make Over a Beautiful Room with wallpapers. See what’s the right style for you.

Industrial Loft

Finishing style with raw beauty in Industrial Loft style. It can be creative by choosing to stick to the polished plaster wallpaper. Which gives the feeling of raw art. Then you find furniture to supplement by choosing materials such as iron, zinc, and then hanging lamps to help add a raw, artistic atmosphere in a loft style even more perfect.

Vintage Floral

Create a retro atmosphere, make the room look sweeter than ever with floral wallpaper. It has a vintage vibe. Conveys the sweetness Gentle to the owner of the room as well. The rest is just looking for furniture, woodwork, curtains or sweet home décor like vases, flowers, cushions, lanterns to decorate to make the atmosphere more retro.

Modern Graphic

Emphasizing the freedom of modern patterns, available in both vibrant color tones. Create a lively atmosphere in the room or graphic patterns showing cool lines fashion pattern or unique buildings such as Paris or the Eiffel Tower.


This style wallpaper will have a texture very close to nature like bark, stone pattern, or lush foliage. This wallpaper is suitable for decorating a natural home. You Can change the wall to be beautiful quickly without having to mess with the structure and does not interfere with living. Don’t forget to choose wooden furniture to complement the room to be more perfect.

Classic Style

Try changing from the original, for example, make over the room in a classic, luxurious style by using Louis pattern or Thai wallpaper. Attaching this style wallpaper, in addition to reflecting the lifestyle with style can still be used to decorate almost every room.

Other wallpapers

Attaching that wallpaper It is another hassle-free option to change the style of the same room to be beautiful in no time. You can change it often with no odor and not messy and last long for 3-4 years. It is a worthy investment.

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