Has anyone ever felt like this? You want to change to a new house color because you don’t like the original color that you didn’t choose yourself at first. Add a new house and then have to paint the extension. Feeling displeased with the house paint that has passed the time until deteriorating make the house look worn out. Or stay at the same house for a long time until feeling bored. Rearrange the room, changing the style of decoration, but still not satisfied. You want something new and many other reasons for wanting to paint a new home. Especially the exterior of the house which is like showing the identity of one person in the house. You must be meticulous when choosing colors, both beautiful and quality. HomeGuru has compilation of exterior paints from 6 famous brands that are interesting.



Innovative colors from Japan that are suitable for Thai weather. Because it has Advanced Titanium technology to reflect the heat and radiation from the sun very well. It also helps prevent heat from entering the house. This is to reduce the temperature in the house and save energy from using the air conditioner.


And for anyone who is worried about painting the exterior of the house, the paint will peel easily. Don’t worry. Because this color NIPPON PAINT also has Special Cross link technology that allows the pigment molecules to connect the molecules of the glue to be dense. Resistant to all weather conditions whether the sun or rain for up to 15 years, the color film is smooth. It does not cause the formation of stains including stains, salt stains, mold and moss.


Premium grade exterior paint with complete specifications both providing beautiful color and durability maximum UV protection. It helps reduce heat keep the house cool. Excellent protection against stains. Prevent water from entering the wall therefore eliminating mold and moss problems. Most importantly, it is free from harmful chemicals. Passed the tests that can guarantee that your house will be protected for a long time, therefore, if wanting to repaint the house but security concerns. Don’t overlook this JOTUN color.



For anyone who is easily bored Like to change the color of the house often. You can skip the exterior paint for this model. Because this model JBP PAINT is 100% authentic acrylic water paint that provides durability for up to 16 years with Titanium Ultra Protection, high quality raw materials from the United States that helps strengthen the color film layer. No fading problems. Make the house look lively. Always beautiful like new, very pigmented, covers the surface well, prevents mold and algae, dirt and adherence of dust which can clean up to 40,000 times!


Heat reflection technology is second to none with innovative Heat Reflective Technology that can reflect more than 95% of heat, helping to reduce the surface temperature up to 12 degrees Celsius, making the house cool. It also helps save energy and is also resistant to high humidity with Wet Surface Coating Resistance Technology.


This summer, if you want to paint a new home over the old color because it feels that the old color doesn’t help reflect the heat. Exterior paint, CAPTAIN COATING, this model should be the answer to the best heat protection. Because it is an external paint with Super Titanium which has special properties such as reflect UV rays and infrared rays, reflect solar energy up to 96.2%. With special ingredients Advanced Microsphere, which is arranged tightly into an insulating layer causing the heat to not be passed into the house wall. Reduces the average surface temperature to 14.1 degrees Celsius, which can save an average of 43.3% electricity.


There is also the technology Oxy-Link from Germany. Designed to be especially tightly woven in color film stains, therefore, cannot be buried deep on the color film. Therefore, obtaining beautiful, clean colors like new. Protect, durable for over 15 years.


If you want to paint a new house to make the house cool, save electricity as beautiful as a diamond. You must choose to paint the house exterior with this version of BEGER color because with the innovative Microspheres Ceramic and Diamond Bond which helps increase the adhesion power of the color make the color film strong and tight, endure various stains. Unable to stick tightly colored excellent covering the old surface, protecting against alkali, salt stains from plaster, fungus and algae. Resistant to scrubbing to bright colors, reflecting heat more than 97%, saving electricity bills up to 32.95%.


In addition, it is free from lead and mercury including other volatile substances that are harmful to health, make the house beautiful and bright for over 15 years.


If any home is quite humid. Exterior paint that should not be overlooked is the premium grade acrylic paint from DULUX. This model with Smart Release technology helps to inhibit mold and moss for up to 2 times longer. Alkali Guard Technology protects the wall from Salt Alkalinity helps the wall not fading from moisture Good resistance to dust and dirt. Color Lock pigment formula is effective against UV damage. Resistant to sunlight and weather conditions helps reduce the temperature of the exterior wall surfaces by 5 degrees Celsius, helping to save energy to make the house cool and comfortable.


In addition to choosing exterior paint to indicate the style of each person. HomeGuru believes that one of the styles that many people are passionate about is a simple but powerful style. No need for many decorations like Loft style, it is an interesting choice for those who want to paint their home by themselves. Because nowadays there are innovations in watercolor, acrylic or creating different patterns that answers loft style lovers with easy, quick steps, does not affect the structure which can be applied to a variety of surfaces can use both old and new walls. And there are many brands to choose from. HomeGuru has selected 6 color brands to create distinctive patterns and packed with quality.



Innovative, polished cement mortar, the first water formula in Thailand that gives the beauty of polishing it like cement. The pattern is clear, strong, durable, long service life 10-15 years. It can be used to paint the house interior or exterior. And also, it can be used on floors and walls. No bad smell, waterproof, mold proof, easy to use without wasting time mixing. Just open the tank and you can repaint the house by yourself. It can be said that it is a ready-made, polished cement, quick-drying formula, easy to finish in 1 day.



For anyone who wants to paint a new house but want something new, not monotonous, create a pattern, this model is another option that is quite interesting because it is a premium grade interior paint inspired by the beauty of nature. There are a variety of unique luxury designs, including Majestic Design Diamond inspired by the stars that shine at night, Majestic Design Prestige inspired by the sunset sky. Experience luxurious metallic and Majestic Design Pearl inspired by morning mist. Gentle shades whichever style you choose; you can easily paint your new home by yourself.



If you want to paint a new house but worried about the uneven surface. Recommend to try the finished polished plaster, water formulation from TOA, this model straight away. In addition to being easy to use, safe, odorless, pungent, durable, not dust. And can now be cleaned, also create cool patterns easily by yourself, ready to use immediately without having to add anything else. Suitable for interior decoration on almost all surfaces such as cement, concrete, brick blocks and flat tiles.



If you want to paint a new house over the old color without having to waste time peeling paint but can be applied immediately, you need LOFT8. The first cement loft in Thailand Developed for the best formulas and ease of use. No need to peel the old paint before applying and do not need to apply the old cement plaster foundation, can immediately open the tank and repaint the house by yourself, without mixing, no pungent smell, can be finished immediately.



For anyone who wants to paint a new house by themselves but still can’t choose which color to paint the new house. Suggest you to try using NIPPON PAINT, this color is an innovation from Japan. Which aside from providing cool colors and patterns, like a loft style lover. You can also enjoy the unique painting with a simple way that anyone can make a different feeling from the plain colored walls into a classic wall of natural cement plastering out.



Loft ready-made mortar, ready to use that can be used to paint the house’s interior or exterior. The mortar is made from silica sand which are minerals that occur from nature. Highly durable, fine texture gives a beautiful, natural pattern when plastered on the wall. Good adhesion to the surface, durable, easy to put on, not wasting labor. No dust, both during use and after finishing. Because it is a loft mortar, the water formula, therefore, there is no problem with pungent odor, finish the job and you can get in immediately.


So the problem of painting a new house is probably enough for you to get a solution. But the problem is you want to repaint the house but you don’t have time to do it yourself and not an expert to repaint the house by yourself. You are afraid it will come out badly. And you don’t know how to find a good team which you can trust? Don’t worry. HomeGuru has a good service from a team of professional technicians such as Home Service to recommend.


Repaint Complete house painting service from HomePro

With service standard from the team, Home Service will help every home be comfortable both in terms of products and services for house painting including single-family homes, townhouses, and individual rooms that are full of services from design, site survey, appraisal and painting service to the job inspection process that takes all the steps from the first step to completion within 1 month only! And besides the speed, answer all needs, also be assured of quality, color, smooth, every square meter, guarantee, no leaving the work, reliable and quality guarantee lasting for 1 full year!


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