Items for eliminating bad smell in bathroom

Bathroom or toilet is element in the house that the name already says, when entering, you must feel comfortable. But if opening the door and found that the bathroom smells bad, what to do? That day had to welcome guests as well. But still unable to find the source of the smell to call a mechanic to fix it, in time Must solve the problem face-to-face to reduce the nuisance and disturbance smell. In this article, “HomeGuru” presents 6 items for eliminating bad smell in the bathroom that are safe and cheap. It can be a good solution you still cannot find the cause or solution of the smelly toilet. What are the items? Let’s read.

6 ตัวช่วยดับกลิ่นเหม็นในห้อง

Deodorize the bathroom with dried flowers, drops of fragrant oil

This method is like making a dry potpourri like Thai style, but easier. By bringing the fresh flower petals to dry until completely dry, sprinkle with essential oils to extract the scent you like, such as orange, lavender, rose, then put in a glass jar or make Hanging bag, put in an airy bag hang in the bathroom. If there are no dried flowers, switch to dry spices like cloves or Cinnamon as well or to make it easier, try dropping aromatic oil into the tissue core thoroughly (not too wet). Every time you pull the paper, the fragrance will come out and can be refilled often.

The bathroom smells quenched with fragrant candles to enhance the aroma

In the old days, people would prefer to put matches in the bathroom. After using the toilet, the matchstick will be lit to prevent the smell from burning matches drown out the odors. But the smell and smoke of the red phosphorus on the matches is not very good for health. In this era, there are other alternatives, safer, such as scented candles made of wax aromatic soybean lemongrass mixed with essential oil which is convenient to use. May be left with the point when using the toilet or leave in the bathroom for about 5 minutes and then turn off. Then close the bathroom door so the smoke of the candle floats out of the way. Then open the bathroom door for extracting fumes. Only this, the smell will drop quickly.

Deodorize the bathroom gently with a slice of bergamot

If anyone has been to public toilets often, you must have seen bergamot being placed in the bathroom already. Bergamot is Thai herbs that contain essential oils and are not harmful. Suitable for use in bathrooms that do not have a very bad smell. How to use is very simple. Just cut the bergamot in half or cut into glasses then place it at various points. This will help to keep the bad smell in the bathroom down. And the skin of bergamot with essential oils also helps to increase Fresh feeling when inhaled.

Fresh coffee grounds absorb the smell of the bathroom well

Anyone who grinds fresh brewed coffee and has coffee grounds. Don’t throw it away. Because coffee grounds have the ability to help absorbs odors quite well. Just dry it and put it in a cloth bag and put in the bathroom. It can help reduce the smell or If you think the bad smell comes from the toilet then brew a cup of hot, dark black coffee pouring into the toilet bowl and you will feel that the smell is very light.

Adding a fresh scent to the bathroom with lemon and vanilla

Houses that regularly make sweets, try to pick up the ingredients that are added to the fragrance in the bathroom, such as yellow peel lemon and vanilla. Lemon has natural essential oils that give a strong fragrance. How to use, start from Slice the lemon and put it in a glass jar with a lid. Followed by 1 teaspoon vanilla dry rosemary (If not available, not optional). Fill up with water almost full Freeze in the refrigerator and then bring out to boil enough to boil. Pour it back into the jar and place it in the bathroom. Or easier than that, scrape or chop the rind, put in a box with a lid to collect the smell first and then put it in the bathroom If used, it opens. This will give a fresh scent immediately.

Clean scent with lemon, baking soda and vinegar

This formula is a special way to reduce the smell of the toilet. Find ingredients from the kitchen, just mix the lemon juice and baking soda (baking soda used to make people) into a creamy texture. Rub it all over the toilet and bathroom floor. Scrub with a brush around the nook and leave for 15 minutes. Then, open the lid to stop the water after flushing and pour 1½2 cup vinegar and leave for 15 minutes then press the water out. Repeat the process 2-3 times. The distracting smell from the jar will decrease significantly.

There are many other tips for creating and smelling bad odors in the bathroom. Whether using pandan leaves, fragrant charcoal, onions, lemongrass, etc. But these processes are just a workaround. Not a long-term deodorization The best way is to find the cause of the odor and find a solution to the point. Which requires experts to investigate and solve problems for the bathroom.

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