What can we do? If you want to keep your home safe from burglars without using wrought iron. This is a question that often comes up, especially for homeowners who are planning to design a new home. Because if the house is designed to look beautiful. But ultimately it had to be covered with a wrought iron that look uncomfortable. As a result, the house will be reduced to the airiness immediately. In this article, HomeGuru has guidelines that help enhance the safety of the home or Prevent Burglars to be used as an additional option to make your home safer from burglars.


6 items to make your house safer without wrought iron

The advantages of “wrought iron” that are obvious is once installed, it can protect residents all the time. It helps to delay the time the burglars get in the house too easily. So homeowners feel more comfortable in living. But after installing the wrought iron, the window view looked awkward. The exterior design of the house is less beautiful. Over the course of a day, the curling iron becomes a dust collection point that is difficult to clean. And many times it was found that the burglars were able to pry the iron into the house quickly without hearing a sound. Readers can try to compare the advantages and disadvantages of installing wrought iron or not, or you can consider these 6 options for reading in this section.


Scatter cobblestone in the corner, when step on it makes noise

The simplest way to create an alarm system is creating noise in the house. This may be done without wasting the budget such as scatter cobblestone in the corner or the risk point that easily enters the house like the kitchen, bathrooms with shutters. If there is an intruder there will be a gag sound when stepping on. This will help awaken the homeowners to be aware and prepare to cope before the disaster comes.


Safety net can prevent both mosquitoes and Prevent Burglars

The safety net differs from ordinary mosquito net in that it is produced from large stainless steel wire (grade 304) or galvanized materials are weaved together by computer controlled machines, making them strong, resistant to corrosion and shearing, thus preventing theft unlike wrought iron. But in terms of actual function, it can Prevent Burglars theft where the overall picture of the house is still beautiful, see the outside view in Full Screen, not obscured. But secretly whisper that the price of the safety net is very high. The installation may therefore select only where it is necessary.


Install CCTV cameras to catch every movement

CCTV is a system for taking and recording movies within the scope of the camera’s work. So that homeowners can monitor the situation in the home – outside the home at all times. The camera will not interfere with living, does not reduce the beauty of the home, able to revert to the intruder’s event or face. Many models develop applications to connect to Smart Phone in Real Time, a security system without sound. Therefore, it should be installed with other functions to increase anti-theft performance or Prevent Burglars

กล้องวงจรปิด กล้องวงจรปิด กล้องวงจรปิด


Install a burglar alarm

It is an intrusion detection system and an alarm system consisting of an intruder detection device, alarm equipment and control cabinet. In general, it is popular to stick around the door and window. When it is tampered with or abnormally opened, the system sends a signal to an alarm device such as a siren or a telephone system to the specified number. If connected to the siren it will make a sound. Burglars may panic and change their goals. Homeowners can be prepared to protect themselves and seek help immediately. New anti-theft alarm, there is also an additional function that can call the police automatically.


Motion sensor (Motion Sensor Module)

Sensor use, it is a motion detection system with Infrared radiation waves that spread from objects or humans. When someone with a warm body moves through the work zone. The system will capture the changed heat value. Then send a signal to make a light up. This system is often coordinated between motion detectors, sensors and loud sirens. In the installation part, besides the main entrance may be caught in the door area. The window or the corner of the room that is expected to be the entrance to the house. Some sensors are wireless, simply attach to the back with double-sided adhesive tape and they are ready to use. And there is a channel to connect to the LDR to run detection only at night. It can also be control by remote.

เซนเซอร์จับความเคลื่อนไหว เซนเซอร์จับความเคลื่อนไหว เซนเซอร์จับความเคลื่อนไหว

เซนเซอร์จับความเคลื่อนไหว กันโจรขึ้นบ้าน

Burglars will panic when they see the sensor light automatically turn on

Sensor light (Motion Sensor) used for anti theft Is commonly used in conjunction with spotlights which will give a very bright light. The working principle is not complicated. When there is any movement through the light, it will automatically brighten which will shock the intruder afraid of being seen. When used in conjunction with CCTV cameras It will help to see the intruders more clearly. Therefore, it is popular to be installed in various corners at the risk of burglars.


Which house wants to increase the confidence of living, multiple security systems can be installed. Whether it is a burglar alarm coupled with the installation of additional surveillance cameras around the house with motion detection signals. In case of you want to turn off the alarm in the house, do not have to be suspicious that someone will secretly invade. Raising animals that make noise when they are abnormal are also helpful. And most importantly, making friends with neighbors to help make an eye. It is one of the ways to take care of your home that gives you peace of mind.

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