How to install the door? It sounds like something that shouldn’t be done by yourself. And you don’t have to do it manually. It becomes a far thing for many homes that have to install their own doors. Because most of the time, the door of the house is already installed in the house before you entering the house. It also has a long period of use. But for anyone who wants o change the door of the house. Or during use, the door is swollen or damaged, and it is quite good to know how to install the door manually. Because apart from having to rely on a technician. It also saves installation costs as well. Today, HomeGuru offers 7 door installation methods that can be done manually, you can install it by yourself.

Prepare equipment for install door frames and doorways ready
Measure the area before installation
Assemble the door frame, focus on strength and durability
Install the door frame, suitable for the work area
Measure the installation distance of the hinge for strength
Install the door to your home into the door frame yourself
Install a door knob for confidence in use

Before installing the door for your home yourself. Do not forget to measure the size of the area. And select the door that meets the needs of use and suitable for the design of the house.

7 Easy Door Installation Methods That Doesn’t Require a Technician

1. Prepare equipment for install door frames and doorways ready


Tools necessary for install door frame and door are the devices that you should have at home for emergency use such as drill, angle saw, angle measure, hot glue, water level meter, and tape measure. Doors, door knobs, frames and hinges in which there are many brands in the market and a variety of formats to choose from for suitable use.

2. Measure the area before installation


Measuring the size of the area on the job site. It’s the most important issue!! The dimensions should be accurately and accurately measured in both the height and width, because any mistake may affect the installation including expenses that may escalate, don’t forget to clear the area on the front of the site to be clean and completed before installation.

3. Assemble the door frame, focus on strength and durability

After clearing the area to install the door to your home yourself and measured the area already. The next step is assembling the door frame. There are a wide variety of door frames to choose from, which are mainly divided into 2 types as follow:

1. Wood door frame If you want to emphasize naturalness and unique patterns, beautiful wooden frames, is another good choice. Because apart from being beautiful, it can be tailored to the desired size. But it has a relatively high price and you need to keep taking care of it. Because it is reputed to be wood. You have to be aware of termites.

2. Wood replacement frame from UPVC frame, PVC frame, synthetic wood frame and ABS frame, it can be used in conjunction with the installation of home doors manually, including wooden doors and synthetic wood doors. Each type has different features for use as follow:

  • ABS frame – in most cases, it is install only inside the house such as the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom with white door frames. Strong, good weight support, easy to install and clean. But it has a high price and cannot be repaired on the part of the surface. Therefore, it is not recommended to be installed as an external door.
  • PVC frame – It is suitable for installation with PVC or plywood doors used in the home, as well as ABS frames, but comes in a variety of colors such as gray, cream, lightweight, does not expand or shrink, and is inexpensive. But it will not be able to make to odor according to the desired size because there is a standard size that has already been defined.


  • UPVC frame – This type of frame can be installed both inside and outside. Because with properties that are strong, resistant to sunlight. Therefore, it does not warp or bend during long-term use. The surface of the door is smooth. It is difficult to get black stains. But it has a high price.
  • Synthetic frame – It is as beautiful and natural as wooden frame and can be used to installed a door frame. Both outside and inside the house. It has a long service life. Because it is resistant to moisture, heat, termites do not eat, but it may be difficult to change the color of the frame. Because you need to use paint that can adhere to the material surface to prevent the color from staining.

• Just apply hot glue between the frame joints and let it join together to support the door frame.
• Use the iron to attach the corner of the door frame. Then, shoot a screw to secure the door again to help increase strength.
• See the installation whether it is neat or not. Since each installation area has a different height of the area. Sometimes it is necessary to cut off a little excess of the standard door frame. But there will also be door frames of some brands such as Eco-doors that are designed to operate according to the desired size, which every home can be made to order.

ติดตั้งวบกบประตู ติดตั้งวบกบประตู ติดตั้งวบกบประตู

4. Install the door frame, suitable for the work area


When assembling the door frame to the desired size, install the door frame into the area by using a screw. It is recommended to install from the hinge side first.

There are two types of door frame installation methods: dry system and wet system, which are traditional systems. But nowadays, dry frame installation is popular with many homes because it is not complicated and saves both time and budget. The work is clean and standard, it can be installed as a wall form, wooden structure and masonry but depending on the skill of the technician and the type of the door frame used to install as well.

ติดตั้งวบกบประตู ติดตั้งวบกบประตู ติดตั้งวบกบประตู

5. Measure the installation distance of the hinge for strength

วัดระยะการติดตั้งบานพับ เพื่อความแข็งแรง

After installing the door frame, now measure the installation distance of the hinge, which is necessary to determine the exact distance. Because it affects the weight of the house door. With the hinges that are recommended to be installed for durability, strength and no rust problems especially if installed in the bathroom is a stainless steel hinge.

If you want to replace the hinge and install the door manually. The newly selected hinge size is required and the thickness is the same as the original hinge. For easy installation and no need to fix the door frame. And during the installation of the hinges. It should be replaced one by one. It is not recommended to remove it altogether. Because it will be difficult to lift the door if you install the door yourself alone.


6. Install the door to your home into the door frame yourself

When installing the door frame and the door hinge is completed. Installing the door is easy, you just screw the hinges on all 3 sides to get a new beautiful and durable door.


ติดตั้งวบกบประตู ติดตั้งวบกบประตู ติดตั้งวบกบประตู

7. Install a door knob for confidence in use


How to install the door? The last step is installing a door knob into the drilled hole. Most of the time, doors nowadays have holes for installing knobs to them to make it convenient and easy for home needs, install the door to your home yourself.

How to install a door knob? Just insert the axis of the knob into the drilled hole. Then, take a screw to screw the knobs on both sides. After that, take the lid to cover both sides and bring the knob inside. Put into the core. And that’s it, you will get a new door knob for use.

ติดตั้งประตูบ้านด้วยตนเอง ติดตั้งประตูบ้านด้วยตนเอง ติดตั้งประตูบ้านด้วยตนเอง

After installing the door manually already Don’t forget to Measure the water level to see if the door is properly installed!

How to install a door? As HomeGuru mentioned above. It should be useful for every home that wants to adjust, change the old broken door into a new one by installing your own door without needing to rely on a technician to save budget and time. However, if a house is concerned about its strength and safety including as well as no expertise in installing doors as many door frames have been installed, choosing to consult a professional technician to reduce your anxiety is still a good option.

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