Hot Kitchen is a kitchen problem that can occur for many reasons. For example, cooking or even allocating space in the kitchen that does not meet the use function, resulting in a hot kitchen problem. Plus, there is a musty smell caused by the accumulation of food menus for a long time. Hot kitchens can occur with Thai kitchens, Western kitchens inside single houses, townhomes, and condominiums.

Today, HomeGuru will share 7 tips that every home can follow easily and allocate a complete space with functions in the kitchen to get rid of all the problems with Hot Kitchen.

7 Tips for Improve Hot Kitchen for Better Ventilation

1. Perfect optimal area with good allocation


A good kitchen must be designed to allocate space to suit both usages. The space for the corridor should be suitable and function for the placement of various kitchen utensils. Generally, kitchen plans are available in both L-shape, U-shape, and I-shape, depending on the usable space of each home.

If the house has a fairly wide kitchen area, the kitchen can be designed in L-shape or U-shape to get enough spacious usable space. But if the house has less usable space, such as a townhome or a condominium, most of them will design an I-shaped kitchen that emphasizes full functionality.

And to prevent the hot kitchen problem, the kitchen should be designed to have enough air circulation, should not be opaque by using natural light. Besides providing good ventilation, it also makes the kitchen look more spacious and airy.

2. Open windows when cooking


Opening a window for ventilation is the easiest and most effective way to solve the Hot Kitchen problem. Almost every kitchen today has a large window to support the ventilation function. Just keep it open to ventilate evenly, especially during each cooking.

But in the case of living in a condominium that does not have a window for ventilation, because the space is quite limited, they may choose to use another helper to solve the problem of hot and smelly kitchens instead.

3. Install a kitchen vent fan for better ventilation


The kitchen vent fan s another vital helper in cooling and eliminating odors in the kitchen. The type and characteristics of the exhaust fan in each room are different, so you have to choose the right one.

The selection of exhaust fans may choose to use an internal exhaust fan system and suck outside air in their place to speed up the ventilation, eliminate odors in the kitchen and help keep the kitchen cooler.

By choosing a kitchen vent fan, you need to consider the room size, for example:
– A kitchen with 12 square meters should choose a kitchen exhaust fan with a diameter of 8 inches.
– A kitchen with 18 square meters should choose a kitchen exhaust fan with a diameter of 10 inches for effective descent and cooling.

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4. High ceiling kitchen


The height of the kitchen ceiling allows the air in the kitchen to flow and circulate as hot air rises. If the kitchen ceiling is low, in addition to causing slow heat retention, it also makes it feel uncomfortable and dense.

In addition to the kitchen ceiling height, other helpers may be found to install at the roof, such as insulation or heat-insulating material of a quality that will help reduce hot kitchen problems.

5. Invest natural air purifier


Even installing a kitchen vent fan to solve the hot kitchen problem. Every home can also add coolness and comfort to the kitchen to look more attractive and functional by adding green areas. Indoor plants that help purify the air are more resistant to sunlight and heat.

Or, if the corner of the kitchen is adjacent to the outdoor garden area, it is recommended to plant large trees to help filter sunlight and prevent heat during the day.

6. Install double roof


A kitchen that can be easily installed with a double roof is a new kitchen extension, which is often seen in townhomes or single-family homes that need a kitchen extension.

The double roof features a roof with light and air vents to help dissipate heat, odors and add natural light to the kitchen. This will help reduce the problem of Hot Kitchen, how much it sometimes depends on the natural wind direction.

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7. Use the kitchen curtain properly


Curtains may not make sense to be installed in a kitchen, but for western kitchens with windows, curtains can be installed on the kitchen windows for beauty and protection from the heat generated by sunlight. You need to choose a location to install the blinds on the windows far away from the fire or electric stove. It is installed on the window near the sink to reduce the risk of danger.

Kitchen curtains that are installed should choose a material that is thin fabric and translucent fabric to help airflow, coupled with the smell of food in the kitchen, which may stick to the curtain area. If choosing thick curtains may be challenging to wash and clean, which should be washed 1-2 times a month to help reduce the accumulation of dirt.

Hot Kitchen is a kitchen problem that should not be overlooked because, in addition to negatively affecting the use of the kitchen, it also affects the good hygiene of the family. And for homes looking for a solution to the hot kitchen problem by extension or installing a kitchen vent fan without worrying about the kitchen collapse. HomeGuru recommends a HomePro kitchen extension by expert technicians. That gets a beautiful kitchen that meets every lifestyle in cooking and completes all functions at the most economical price for housewives and butlers.

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