Saw work , if you want to do DIY work or mechanic work, saw is probably the main equipment is indispensable at all. But many homes are worried although saw is the basic equipment. But the problem is not knowing which type of saw to use to suit saw usage effectively different. HomeGuru has answers and instructions on how to use saws for every home that needs DIY work and mechanic work.


Saw type, how to choose the right work

Hand Saw

Almost every housekeeper who likes saw work has to know and there are saws attached to the house for use. With the nature of sawing saw that has a sheet Large base and has neatly arranged teeth along the length of the saw blade and has a handle, making it suitable for carpentry and construction work Which can be conveniently used for sawing, cutting and processing wood in most cases, hand saws are available in lengths from 16-24 inches as appropriate such as Cutting hand saw has a tooth frequency of approximately 8-12 teeth, used for cross-section of wood burrs. Leach hand saw is use for leaching or splitting wood the inclination of the saw tooth is more inclined than the saw blade, has about 5-8 teeth.

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Keyhole Saw

For anyone who likes to do DIY work in carve type or curve saw that is not too long. Like sawing the arc to assemble the shape of the furniture or used to drill gypsum boards, rat tail saws, or many people call it a ceiling saw. Because of the nature of the saw that is not very large. Saw blade length to handle. The tip is sharp and very sharp which can be removed and stored and can change the saw blade, therefore make the saw work more convenient to use or some houses may also be used as tools for pruning ivy branches.


Hack Saw

This type of saw is suitable for sawing or DIY work that mainly focuses on cutting metal such as knots, nails, steel corners, screws or PVC pipes. Saw usage unsuitable for woodworking because the teeth of the saw are quite fine. The saw blade is made of steel, very tough. The end of the saw blade has holes for fixing to the saw body to force the saw to be tighter. In most cases, the saw has a length of 12 inches and can be removed for storage after use.


Coping Saw

If you want to create DIY work with patterns on wood carving are a good option that is used very often. Most will be used to openwork wood. Cutting corners and narrow corners suitable for small work pieces. Because the nature of the saw is thin and small, the saw blade is soft like a wire. Saw usage, you have to stretch the saw blade with the handle and the saw blade to be tight before every use. And when finished, it is recommended to immediately loosen the tension of the saw blade before storing it in place.

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Bow Saw

For butler and the maid who likes to do gardening should not overlook the sawing and should have a bow saw attached to the house to use for cutting branches. Both fresh and not dry wood or to cut a small tree trunk for decoration, including to make wood firewood. The appearance of the saw is similar to a bow. The saw blade is tough and especially sharp because it is made of steel and hardening at the saw tooth, compact, lightweight, easy to carry, available in a variety of sizes depending on the needs of use, such as 12 inches, 21 inches, 24 inches and 30 inches.

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Pruning Saw

Do not waste time hiring someone to keep the garden beautiful and smooth every week, just have a curved saw to cut branches. You can prune branches or can cut bamboo to make the house not cluttered with the characteristic of a saw body that is curved The saw blade is made of hardened steel, providing strength and durability. Each saw has a frequency, therefore cutting fine cuts. Lightweight and Easy to use as well.

If you want to prune branches in a high place. Saw usage is easy. Just connect the saw handle to the bamboo trunk which helps to be comfortable and not harmful during use as well.


Pull Saw

Pull saw is a multi-purpose saw that can be carried in a bag for traveling to camping and use for decorating branches, plastic work and PVC work that are not very thick in size or used with furniture. The nature of the saw is small. You can fold it. The saw tooth is pulled. Even though the saw blade is short. But it has a high saw blade sharpness makes pruning branches quickly. It is another type of saw that should be kept at home and can do DIY work or sawing easily and quickly.


Dovetail Saw

For elaborate work, using a saw blade will help the job to be more detailed. The nature of the saw is similar to a hard saw. But the handle is a long handle. Saw blades are available in a variety of lengths, depending on the needs. In most cases, it is preferable to use 10 inches, more than 8 inches and 12 inches. Recommended to be used with work piece clamps for easier use or can be used with angle adjustment boxes.

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Upon knowing the needs and details of each type of saw usage. It’s not difficult to create crafts, sawing, woodwork, construction, or DIY work that can be done by yourself at home. But regardless of the type of saw, it’s important that HomeGuru would like to recommend that every home should not be overlooked saw maintenance after every saw use.


It should be cleaned with a brush around the saw blade so that the sawdust comes out of the saw tooth and prevent rusting by applying oil to prevent rust and should not use an acid-alkaline solution to clean.

If you want to keep the saw sharp, recommend to use a sharp saw tooth rasp by choosing a rasp that fits the saw tooth. It should not be stored in a humid place to prevent rust.

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