In houses of two or more floors, the thing that has to be indispensable is the “Stair” that is dangerous connections between floors that need to be carefully designed, maintained with a lot of help when choosing materials that help support the stairs for convenient. It may become an area that is at risk of accidents in the home.

In this article, “HomeGuru” is concern and recommend 5 additional items to increase safety for you to buy and install easily, be confident in every step of step.


Stick anti-slipping tape to the stairs

The area of the nose on the stair is the part that must be smoothed to prevent this part from scraping the feet when walking up and down the stairs, it is usually slippery, therefore, risk falling down. We can increase safety by installing anti-slip stair nosing materials with high adhesion performance such as anti-slip tape, plastic nosing for stair nosing. Where the contact surface is viscous or has a non-slip texture, you should look for models that have fluorescent properties that makes it glow. The edge of the stairs is clear when turning off the lights. It will increase the safety of use both day and night.

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Anti-slip carpet

If anyone feels that just attaching anti-slip material to the stair nose is not enough, you can increase security by installing non-slip rugs on the sleeping pad and stairs. For carpets, there will be many models. The installation method is also different. You can choose both full carpeting and stairs Which often use carpet glue or rubber glue that is firmly attached but may stain the surface of the stairs after dismantling or may choose to use models with a width of about half the stairs, with self-adhesive tape that is pulled out and not scratched as well. But the durability will be less than that of rubber glue. Some models have cute patterns. It can be trimmed according to the look of the stairs and the glow is attractive to use. This non-slip rug, in addition to acting as a non-slip also protects the stairs from scratches wear and shock too.

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Auto lights when walk pass by

Houses that do not have a two-way switch that can be switched on from the ground floor or upstairs. During the night when the lights are turned off, the whole house, you will have to walk up and down with illumination equipment in the hand. This problem can be solved by just installing automatic lights along the wall beside the stairs. Which has an intelligent sensor to turn on-off automatically when moving through can be installed without complicated wiring as well as not using a lot of budget.


Attach additional anti-slip handrails on the wall

The older the age, the arm strength decreases accordingly. Walking up the stairs requires a lot of strength to support you. Even after the railing has been installed. The railing may be installed on the other side of the wall as well. Because walking up on the thick wall makes the older people feel safer and more secure and should choose a rail that does not slip, such as wood, plastic ABS (ABS) or with buttons to help reduce slippery from the skin and sweat on the hands as well.

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Stairway gate house for young children

Any home with young children knows that the “Stairs” are like a wonderland that a naughty little boy likes to challenge by climbing up and down several times a day. While not yet aware of the danger causing anxiety to parents that children may fall down to get injured which is often seen in many news. So houses are better protected than later by attaching a door to the stairs on the other side to prevent the children from going up and down by themselves Is a guarantee of a certain level of safety.


All these helpers, you can choose to do either or all together. (In the case of a home with small children) to help reduce the risk of accidents from stairs. Which is one of the first factors of injuries in children and the elderly Invest a little more Waste of time to do it yourself.


But add more quality of life It is a very worthwhile investment.

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