Choosing a portable stove for cooking is another attractive option, especially in times of inconvenient traveling. The selection of portable gas stoves or even camping stoves in addition to the ease of use. It also allows you to cook various foods, does not take up space, and is easy to transport. It can be used in a variety of situations. Today, HomeGuru will take you to know this trendy item and show you all the pros and cons.


If you need to cook, but the space is inconvenient, portable gas stoves are an excellent alternative for the modern lifestyle.

1. Get to know portable stove, a cool item in the modern kitchen.
2. Pros and cons of portable stove.
3. Undoubtedly, is a portable gas stove safe to use?
4. How to buy gas stoves and gas canister to meet the standards?
5. Recommended 5 portable stove, good quality, suitable for every menu.


Get to know portable stove, a cool item in the modern kitchen.

For camping stoves, these are small stoves powered by gas canisters, so lightweight they can be used in various situations such as camping equipment. In addition, the ignition is easy as the system is set to ignite automatically. And with the convenience of a small gas stove makes it ideal for home cooking, especially in tiny homes or with limited space.

Portable gas stoves are also available in 3 main types:

1. Box portable gas stove

It is a highly durable stove that is reasonably easy to use, easy to use, durable, and stainless-steel construction. But the limitation is that the igniter wears out quickly, as well as the gas headlock rubber that sometimes wears out quickly. But it is the most popular type for cooking because it supports the weight well, is as durable as a gas stove used with LPG cooking gas.

2. Mini stove with cable

This is a temporary stove that is not suitable for everyday household cooking. Because of its low strength, it can’t support the weight of a large amount of food. When moving, be careful because there are many joints, there is a risk of gas leaks.

3. Mini stove without cable

The hob uses a canister of gas attached to it; some models may have a flame and windshield to make it more secure. It is commonly used outdoors because it is small and easy to carry.


Pros and cons of portable stove

1. Pros of portable gas stove

• You can control the intensity of the fire as needed.
• Easy to use, making it possible to cook various foods than electric stoves or electric pans, such as boiling, frying, steaming.
• Easy to move and convenient.
• Good heat distribution.
• No fumes; it works like cooking gas.
• The gas cans are readily available in department stores or markets.
• Good wind resistance.
• Many models have oil and food waste trays, making them more convenient to use.

2. Cons of portable gas stove

● Always use with gas canisters, and the amount of gas must be sufficient for use.
● Change the gas canister all the time to save money.
● The pressure regulator must be selected to suit the gas stove.
● Always check to see if you forgot to turn off the gas or a gas leak.


Undoubtedly, is a portable gas stove safe to use?

People often misunderstand portable gas stoves that can be filled with gas in old gas canisters. In fact, it is strictly forbidden to fill old cans. Because the gas in the canister is different from pressurized LPG cooking gas, it is prone to explosion risk. And most importantly, filling the gas itself is clearly a legal offense.

Therefore, choosing a good small gas stove must buy a standard model. There should be a vent, a safety system that helps cut off the gas on time. Especially in the case of high heat to ensure the safest use without the risk of use.


How to buy gas stoves and gas canister to meet the standards?

1. Size of portable gas stove

Usually, portable stoves come in quite a variety of sizes. It depends on the suitability and requirements of use. Therefore, before deciding to buy, you should check the size first to see what size you want to use and whether the stove stand is sufficient or not. And the important thing is the size of the equipment that must be used with the stove, such as pans, pots, for the most convenient use and can create a variety of menus.

2. The composition of the gas canister

• There must be a gas vent hole around the canister when the pressure is higher because if the pressure is too high, it can cause an explosion.
• There is a Safety Valve system or a high-quality gas supply valve.
• Has a standard certification.
• Provide clear information on volume and weight.

3. Price

Typically, portable gas stoves have an average price of 700 baht or more, which each model has a different price depending on the functionality. Including other equipment that comes with it, for example, some models have oil pans.

Recommended 5 portable stove, good quality, suitable for every menu.



For anyone who wants a small stove at an affordable price, we recommend the LUCKY FLAME LUC LF-90P. Easy to clean after use. There is a valve protection system when the pressure is abnormal. There is a lever to prevent the valve from leaking gas before use. It can be used with all typical gas canisters.


เตาแก๊สปิกนิก DYNA HOME

It is a model made from a high-quality color-coated furnace structure. The oven is designed to control heat well and is versatile. The set comes with a tray for grilling food well, easy to remove for cleaning. There is also a knob to control the burner and a heat level indicator for ease of use.


เตาแก๊สปิกนิก LUCKY FLAME

In this model, LUCKY FLAME LF-90SD, the stove is made of good stainless steel. Make it not rust. There is a valve protection system when the pressure is abnormal. It also has an explosion-proof double valve protection system for more confident use. Importantly, it costs only 790 baht. In addition, the stove can be adjusted to heat up to 4 levels, making it possible to use and cook many dishes.

4. SEAGULL 150000689

เตาแก๊สปิกนิก SEAGULL

For model SEAGULL 150000689, the gas burner is made of good quality aluminum, can adjust the heat in many levels. There is a complete safety system such as a gas canister lock. The important thing is that the base is stable; enamel coating makes it last longer.

5. AIKO AK-88


Another model worth using is the AIKO AK-88 that comes with a large stand. It can support quite a lot of weight. The stand of the stove has non-slip rubber to help hold the floor well during use. Importantly, there is an air vent around the body to help eliminate problems with the gas canister. It has also passed the SVHC chemical resistance test according to European standards. It is considered a worthwhile model for another purchase.

เตาปิคนิค เตาปิคนิค เตาปิคนิค

Now you know the ultimate modern cooking item, portable stove, which is quite popular with portable gas stoves. Especially when you have to travel or camping because you don’t have to make a fire, it can also be used to cook various home meals. However, if you are looking for camping stoves, you can buy them at any Homepro store, and you will find affordable and good quality products for sure.

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