An air conditioner with air purification system can filter the air pollution, such as PM2.5, small dust and germs same as an air purifier machine or not? And is it necessary to have this 2 types of electrical appliance at home? Or can we use just an air conditioner with filter pollution? Because PM 2.5 / PM 10 can creep into the house and building even in closed rooms. This is the question that everybody wants to know. So HomeGuru have all the answer with comparative advice between “Air Conditioner VS Air Purifiers” that can help you to understand all the feature of it and can choose the best electrical appliance for your home!


What is an air conditioner with air purification system?

An air conditioner with air purification system is the new type of air conditioner that installed purification feature to get rid of odors, trap germs and dust of various sizes by added more level of filter system that can clean the air in your room before release it out. which the old air conditioner system produces just the cold. But now many brands of air conditioner are increase developing the air purification in to air system. The most commonly used air filters (Filtration) which can eliminate germs and filter large particles 3PM or more.

Nowadays, an air conditioner can support PM2.5 / PM10 dust pollution problems together with the competition of the air purifier market that increasing in popularity. So the air conditioner has developed an air purification system to be more efficient such as it can be filter small particles from 0.01, 0.03, 0.05 microns and have filter efficient more than 99% and now! the word “Air conditioner with purification system” has begun to rank on Google search for a while… that means the consumers are looking for this kind of products more and more!


Air conditioner with air purification and filtration system.

The air conditioner filtration system process is the same as an air purifier except just 1-2 functions such as steam spray function that can trap dust in the air and adjust moisture conditions. While mostly air conditioners use air filters with higher resolution mesh fibers and various particle detection sensor functions along with display weather conditions on the smart screen. But now, Air conditioners with the electrostatic detection system and the electric discharge system are more popular, so many brands of air conditioner have developed innovative, safe and more effective particle filters. This is the reason why the price of the new air conditioner system is increased.

แอร์ฟอกอากาศ pm2.5 แอร์ฟอกอากาศ pm2.5 แอร์ฟอกอากาศ pm2.5

Type of air conditioning with air purification system.

Air conditioner with filtration system.

Currently, the filter of air conditioner is developed as a HEPA filter, ULPA that can trap dust or contaminated particles or filter small particles from 0.01 microns and can filter more than 99%. Most of them are paired with carbon plates to absorb odors and lifetime is about 3-6 months, so you have to change the filter to remove all germs inside.

Air conditioner with electrostatic precipitator.

There is an electric grille that works with the metal plate to catch dust floating in the air and also caught the virus and the disease, too. The electric grille is on the top of the air conditioner and when you used it for a while, you can easily remove the grille out and clean it by using a scrub brush, rinse with clean water or rinse with the metal solution.

Air conditioner with ionizer system.

Ionizer system is the new system that using a chemical reaction system and it becomes more popular now. Many brands of air conditioner called this system as “Ions” which can produce negative ions to trap various contaminated particles (positive charge structure) such as dust, smoke, odor, germs to gather into large particles and falling to the ground or transformed into pure and clean H2O molecules in the air. While some new brands of air conditioner with purification system usually use the same release ions system to trap particles, but sent the particles back through into the air conditioner to dispose of these particles.

แอร์ฟอกอากาศ pm2.5 แอร์ฟอกอากาศ pm2.5 แอร์ฟอกอากาศ pm2.5


Air conditioner with purification system VS Air Purifier.

The most important thing is your needs and budget because of these 2 types of electrical appliances are similar but the difference is the price and the workflow. Air conditioner with purification system has 2 in 1 process (air cooling and air filtration) so air suction capability and filtration of air conditioner may not be equivalent to an air purifier.


If you are looking at value and price, Air conditioner with purification system is the best answer for who don’t have air conditioning yet, or want to buy a new air conditioner but limited budget and focus on completing features in one device. Conversely, if you have a lot of budget and want to enhance the efficiency of the air filter specially, buying an air purifier is the best considered an alternative solution.

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