April approaches, the weather is heating up everyday. We prefer to stay indoor to make ourselves cool. Obviously, one method is to turn on an air conditioner. If the weather is getting more hot, then we have to turn on an air conditioner more often which may cause an air conditioner only blows out the air, not cooling because it works too hard. But don’t worry, air conditioner solution is not a big deal. We can make our air conditioner works properly just like new! Let’s see what are the air conditioner solutions HomeGuru has for you.

The main reason that air conditioner is not cooling

  • We can feel that air conditioner is giving off less cooling. One main factor that causes the cold to disappear is the coolant. Make sure that the coolant is not depleted or ran out, it may cause air conditioner deterioration. Also, check whether there is water leaking from an air conditioner or not.
  • BTU is another important factor that makes an air conditioner cool or not. Before purchasing an air conditioner, don’t just look at a suitable price, you need to calculate or measure a specific room that you would like to install an air conditioner. Make sure that you choose an air conditioner with BTU that suits your room. If it is a great hall and you are using low BTU, the cold vapor will not spread throughout the room.
  • A simple problem that you may overlook is air conditioner cleaning. Did you know that you should do air conditioner cleaning every 6 months? Turning on an air conditioner absorb germs and filter dust mites, which causes air compressor to clog up, overload and giving off hot air. So cleaning is an easy way to solve the problem for an air conditioner that is not cooling.
  • If you turn on an air conditioner with lower temperature but it is still hot. Everyone may encounter this problem before. You should check the mode adjustment on the controls. Check the Fan mode, it might give off low wind instead of cold air. Or you can adjust the swing mode, switch off the swing mode so cold air will not spread around. Therefore, you should also adjust cool mode, set it to normal temperature.

The main things that you should check air conditioner is not cooling

  • Check the compressor if air conditioner is not cooling

The main problem of most home air compressors is grounded compressor. The compressor works in 2 functions: evaporator coil or cold coil (inside the house) and condenser coil or heat coil (outside the house). In some cases, grounded compressor caused by an evaporator makes the condenser not working. Try to switch the breaker back and forth, it will work again.

  • Check air filter

Air filter is an important part of an air conditioner. It works as dust filter and as wind blocker which sometimes affects air conditioner not cooling. Filter is a part that always collect dust. Therefore, it is important to be removed and cleaned. Simply remove the filter and wash it with water. Recommend to clean the filter at least once a week, in order to prevent dust from blocking the air.

  • Check room temperature

If outside temperature is quite hot, adjust the temperature, consider using electric power to increase more cold air. However, this will consume much electricity if outside temperature is already quite hot. If there are too many people in the room, there will be too much heat which results of air conditioner not cooling.

Solving air conditioner not cooling problem, now you can check and solve problems on your own as mentioned above. Caring and maintaining air conditioners will make them have long lasting efficiency.

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