Air conditioner, electronics that are almost indispensable for homes, condos, malls, offices, etc. It is a life saving device for Thai people that has it all especially in the hot summer season that cannot be described in words. The use of air conditioning heavily on a daily basis is therefore not uncommon and the result of the efficiency of the air that is used continuously. If there will be some fussing, it’s not uncommon either. Maintenance to help extend the lifetime of the air is essential. But the Air Conditioner Problems has many symptoms.

The air conditioner does not come out, the air is not cool, the air is loud, the air is dripping air and many other problems with the air that may cause many people to not be quite at all. HomeGuru has compiled common air problems along with basic solutions for you.


Frustrated when air conditioner does not work

Feeling unbearably hot, you have to pick up the remote control and turn on the air conditioner. But the air conditioner does not work, how frustrating this is. Before, you have to call a technician on the phone. Let us first look at what the air conditioning problem is not causing the problem and how to fix it.

Air does not come out due to dust holding on to the air filter

It is a problem that often occurs with heavily used air conditioners and has not been cleaned for a long time. Resulting in a large amount of dust holding down to cover the blowing direction of the wind. Resulting in not fully blowing air which if the problem arises from this point only we remove the air filter and clean it and wipe dry this can be used as normal.

แอร์น้ำหยด แอร์น้ำหยด แอร์น้ำหยด


Air does not come out due to the rotor rotates in the wrong direction

Usually, the rotation of the air vane is always a trap. But if the deflector is not working properly causing the turning direction to change, it will cause air con problems and the air cannot go out. This problem can be solved by using long sticks. Come to get the propeller to rotate in the right direction.

Air does not come out due to the dirty hot coils

If cleaning the air inside the house and still not improving, the problem can be caused by the heat coil outside the house that has not been cleaned up so that dirt grips tightly around the air impeller. Causing the air conditioner to not be fully functional, therefore, causing abnormal air ventilation and heat in the room If the problem comes from this point, have to wash the hot coil outside the house. And you have to keep doing it every time the air conditioner technician comes to clean the air inside the house too.


Air does not come out due to the internal motor is damaged

If there is a problem due to this point Professional technicians need to come to inspect and repair. By strictly not using the air conditioner until the technician has finished inspecting.


The air conditioner is not as cold as before, only wind blows

Meaning the air conditioner has air but not cool. This is a common problem and does not occur only with old air conditioners. Newly installed air conditioners also have this problem. If not installed correctly.

The air conditioner is not cold due to the air conditioner is dirty

Not cleaning the air conditioner for a long time causing a large amount of dust to accumulate will cause the system to change hot air to cold air, not working at the stove. The ensuing result is not keeping the air conditioner cool. But this problem can easily be solved Just take the air mask out to thoroughly clean dust stains.

แอร์น้ำหยด ปัญหาเรื่องแอร์ ปัญหาเรื่องแอร์


The air conditioner is not cold due to air liquid leaks

You can easily observe by yourself by looking at the copper pipe head outside of the house. If there is ice crystals on that area, the air conditioner will definitely leak. To fix it, it is necessary to contact an expert technician to inspect and close the leak.


The air conditioner is loud, must endure to sleep all night

The air conditioner is loud and disturbing every time you use it. Especially the air conditioner in the bedroom that leads many people to not sleep much later. But this problem can be solved if the exact reason is known.

The air conditioner is loud due to deterioration of the propeller

Deterioration of rotors in the bearing area, also known as motor bearings. Often caused by dry lubricant lubricant inside which can be fixed by re-applying grease. It may also be caused by zero rotors Because the counterweight came out or too much dust to cause the propeller to swing to zero spread even to the axis of the propeller crack.


The air conditioner is loud due to bearings deteriorate

Bearings are internal devices used in conjunction with motors. Serves to reduce the force of the propeller to rotate Which, if deteriorated, will reduce the motor friction efficiency until making a loud noise according to the rotation of the motor. If the bearings are damaged, then it is necessary to replace them.

The air conditioner is loud due to too much or too little air liquid, not balanced

The sound is similar to the sound of a gas leak. It is a problem that is not of great concern. If the air conditioner is too little, it can be added to alleviate the noises. But should check the internal systems that may cause dead spots as well.


The air conditioner is loud due to dust accumulation

This is often caused by not cleaning the air conditioner for a long time until the capture of large amounts of dust. Including foreign objects such as insects, ants that may build nests inside the air conditioner. Correction therefore requires to regularly wash the air and maintain cleanliness.


The air conditioner is loud due to tight-fitting hot coil

If you observe until you are sure that the air conditioner in the house is not making a loud noise. But the coil that is installed outside the house or what many people call an air compressor that is noisy. This may be because the installation process does not tighten the screws tightly enough. Easy to fix, just use a screwdriver to tighten the screws at the mounting point tightly.

ปัญหาเรื่องแอร์ ปัญหาเรื่องแอร์ ปัญหาเรื่องแอร์


The air conditioner water droplets flooded the house

One of the list of most popular air problems that almost every home faces. Whether the old air conditioner has been used for a long time or new air conditioner just installed, this problem can occur. But there are many causes of the problem. If observing and finding the exact source, it can be solved.

Air water dripping due to the air conditioner is dirty or tons of waste water

If allowing the air conditioner to become dirty until the waste water pipe becomes clogged will make the water unable to drain out. Resulting in the problem of air dripping followed. The solution is to observe the gutter area whether there is waterlogging or not by observing the 3 points under the cold call area. Cold front coil and the back of the coil is cool If you find that there are so many dirt or dust that need to be cleaned. Recommend to call the service from a professional technician because the machine must be dismantled and checked at every corner of the cleaning spot.


Air water dripping due to insufficient tilt angle of the drain

The cause is due to a non-standard installation procedure. Degree of inclination of the sewer pipe is not enough to cause water logging or the water cannot be discharged through the water pipe. Must be resolved by setting the tilt of the air slightly to the drain pipe, for example, if the air pipe is on the right, it should be installed to tilt slightly to the air to drain more easily.

Air water dripping due to ice on the coil panel

Caused by many reasons but the most common is the accumulation until the capture of dirt and dust that can thicken the direction of the water flow. Causing water to not flow directly into the drain and causing the dust to coalesce with the remaining water until frozen Which must be checked to see if there is a blockage or not. Because the problem may spread until air clog needs to have an expert technician to cut off the air because if you forcibly continue to use it may cause more damage in the future.


Air conditioner problems that HomeGuru has mentioned. If understanding and finding the exact cause of the problem. Whether the air conditioner does not come out, the air conditioner is not cool, the air conditioner is loud or the water is dripping. Aside from being able to solve problems. You can still prevent air problems from occurring very early.

But for anyone who still can’t solve the problem or want a professional technician who specializes in all air-conditioning problems to help take care of. You can contact the Home Service team at all HomePro branches or online. Both on the website, contact Call Center 1284, Line: @HomeProService 24 hours and Home Service Application that is ready to provide service and create convenience in contacting technicians anywhere, anytime.


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