The problem of air conditioners water drop, many houses that use the air conditioner have to face this problem for sure. But Do you know the cause of problem or Have you ever tried to fix it yourself? Or just give hope with the technician every time (If the technicians work a lot, the queue is longer … how long we have to wait?) You know that? you can fix it yourself!!! In this article, “HomeGuru” will tell you the cause of problem “Air contains water drop” and how to fix it yourself. Without technician helping. It no need to give hope from the technician. If you’re ready, let’s go and see!!

What is the cause of water drop in air conditioner? There are many reasons to mention. But this time we will mention about How to use the installed air conditioner in different rooms in the house The Water drop problem can be as follow


1. air filter was dirty

Many houses not timely cleaning the air conditioner. This makes the air filter dirty. Gather to small dust until it blocks causing the air conditioner give less cold. Also makes the water turn to ice. Making it unable to cool down in time When the ice melts, water drop will flow out into the ground. So, most technicians recommend to clean the air conditioner every 6 months. Basic solution. First cut the breaker. Then remove the air cover mask conditioner (using steps: can find from manual book of each brand air conditioners) When the mask is removed, take out the dirty air filters and wash them with dishwashing soap. Or normal cleaning soap. Wipe and dry then reassemble for temporarily use. Then arrange an appointment with technician to clean the air conditioner’s system and check the cause of problem

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2. A blockage of sewer pipe

The sewer pipe is blocked, it is caused by dust and not cleaning the air conditioner. the water from the purification combine with dust then gather together in the sewer pipe causing a blockage and causing the water to flow backward until it drips from the air conditioner If we discard this, it will cause moss and can become a source of pathogens as well. To solves this Problem, First find a basin, a large water bag or a large enough plastic cloth to place on the floor under the air conditioner to accommodate the water that will flow from the removal of the air conduit. Then remove the air gutter, you will see the drain hose connected at the end of the trough. Use a blower – electric dryer, Blows the air to push the blocked dust out to the end of the pipe. Make the water which produced by air purification to flow out through the pipes normally. If you do not have a blower, you can use a hose connected from the faucet and turn on the water to remove the blocked dust. If have moss, should be cleaned up. Don’t forget to cut the breaker every time working with the air conditioner. (Including other electrical appliances as well)

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3. Installed air conditioner areas.

It’s is also an important part, if it is not suitable, it will cause the air water drop. If you see a drop. it’s caused by the installation of air conditioning in the wind. Or hot steam through all the time. Then the condensation of water drops in the air turns into droplets. It can be fixed by not placing the heating device near the air conditioner. But if it is need to install an air conditioner in the improper areas. such as having light throughout the day areas. In front of the entrance-exit door areas, we can use a sun blocked curtain or a UV film to prevent UV light.


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4. broken water drain tray

When drain tray is damaged or broken, we should arrange an appointment with the technician to come and change them. Because they’re expert in this field. But if there is water drop on the left or right side of the air conditioner. The cause may be the drain tray is not tight or not in correct place. Recommend to carefully look at the drain tray. If it shifts or move away from its original point. put it back to the original. No need to call the air conditioner technician.

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5. Not enough Refrigerant

Not enough refrigerant or refrigerant leakage. the air conditioner will not be as good as it should be. Can make the device crash or break down. Recommend to contact the technician to check and add refrigerant. And cover the leak for continuous use.

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6. Poor sewer plumbing

Poor sewer plumbing since the installation process. This may be caused by the air conditioner technician who is not skilled enough to plum the sewer without the right-angle slope. Or plumbing too long sewer or a non-standard pipe cover. these can cause dripping easily and cause the air conditioner to be broken as well. The cause of water drops around the air conditioner pipe is from the condensation of the water drop around the air duct. It can be fixed by increasing the thickness of the pipe cover to make it thicker and more complete. In this case, you should call a technician.

FYI: Before working with electrical appliances, always wear protective equipment such as clothes gloves, masks, and goggles. However, always cleaning the air conditioner. It helps extending the air conditioner’s life. Please keep checking the air condition regularly, observe any abnormal for Correct problem solving.

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In addition to the reasons mentioned above, there are many other causes of water air drop. And other component That must be considered together, such as a service life of the air. second-hand air conditioner or has been repaired an air conditioner, Including the usage behavior. every step of problem solving, the person should have sufficient technical knowledge. If you don’t know, it is recommended to use the air conditioner technician Because if done without knowledge, it may result in damage to the air conditioner. With advice on various air conditioning problems You can contact us at Home Service by HomePro or the website

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