Basic mechanic tools are like having a generic home medicine that although they may not be use every day. But they are items and equipment that should be kept in the house for use in times of need especially those who have some skill in handwork as well. You should study the use of various tools for a little. Today, HomeGuru will open a list of tools for you such as folding ladder, vacuum cleaner and even a toolbox that you should have in the house and they are extremely functional.


For mechanic items that you can use them forever and are durable, are home-to-use, and they are very easy to buy.
1. Folding ladder makes tall mechanic work easy
2. Just having a Karcher vacuum cleaner, all dust in the house is over
3. Zinsano high pressure cleaner offers all functions
4. Choose to use a high pressure water cleaner, increase level of cleanliness
5. Toolbox helps to organize the equipment for easy use
6. Complete set of mechanic tools to increase comfort


Folding ladder makes tall mechanic work easy

One of the top basic mechanic tools that you should have at home. Because it helps make working in the height easier. Also, it can be folded in and out when you want to use, including adjusting, increasing, reducing the height of the stairs to suit the area you want to work as well. Whether it is changing a lamp, including installing various equipment on wall or ceiling that are higher than us. Without the need for a chair or table that is riskier. Because it is not made to support like standing on a folding ladder.

However, before using the folding ladder, you should check the ladder thoroughly every time such as the mounting latches, lock for unfolded use, stair surface condition. Because these factors are indicators of safety in use.


Just having a Karcher vacuum cleaner, all dust in the house is over

In conditions that are frequently exposed to dust, having a good vacuum cleaner to use in the house is considered another basic mechanic tools that you cannot be overlook especially about cleanliness. Free from microscopic particles that can harm your health and respiratory system. HomeGuru offers the Karcher vacuum cleaner as an option for you to have at home. Because it is a fully functional vacuum cleaner that answer all situations in the home such as water vacuuming, air vacuuming. Most importantly, it is a vacuum cleaner that does not take up space in storage.


Choose to use Zinsano high pressure cleaner offers all functions

High pressure water cleaner, it may seem like a distant tool for many of you. But actually, having a high water pressure cleaner is a great cleaning item and working within the house as well. It can change the old house that looks worn out to come back like new, just like renovating your house.

Especially the Zinsano high water pressure cleaner, secret item of basic mechanic tools that HomeGuru recommends that you should have the most.
• Comes with 3 stainless pistons, durable in use, the key is it does not rust or deep stains.
• Use the Auto Stop system to stop automatically as soon as the trigger is released.
• It can be used in a variety of situations, whether it is home cleaning, spraying to remove stubborn stains when a Big Cleaning Day is needed when use in conjunction with a water spray nozzle makes the performance even better.
• It can be used to wash the car instead of the general hose. The water pressure does not hurt the surface of the car. But it will help remove stains cleanly and easily. Most importantly, it saves your time to wash the car twice.
• It can be used in a wide variety of spaces. Whether it is a narrow space or a small space that is difficult to clean or cannot use a vacuum cleaner or brush to clean, etc.

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Choose to use a high pressure water cleaner, increase level of cleanliness

High pressure water cleaner is one of the ideal accessories for use in the home. It can be used with high pressure cleaners in order to increase the efficiency of work even more. The nozzle must be made of good quality plastic. It is resistant to water pressure. It can be used in a variety of situations such as cleaning the floor, removing stubborn stains, washing the car, or even watering the plants. It can be called one of the basic mechanic tools that double help to save your energy.


Toolbox helps to organize the equipment for easy use

The last item that make you get better every time you have to do mechanic work. Toolbox that allows the tools and equipment to be organized in a neat and tidy place, easy to carry and use in different locations. The key is to help handle the basic mechanic tools that is suitable for each type of work without dismantling. By choosing to buy a toolbox, HomeGuru recommends 3 simple tricks:

1. Materials used

With both plastic and steel versions. There are differences in durability and weight. But if there are many technician work equipment. We recommend that you choose to use a steel box. Because it can handle the weight of the equipment better. But if there are not a lot of equipment. You want to use it only when necessary. It may be a lightweight plastic box, etc.

2. Shape of the box

It can be divided into 3 major forms: rectangle, layered box and a bag-shaped box, so you can choose to buy according to the available equipment. For example, if there is a power tool, it should be a rectangular shape with a greater depth. But if you want to carry it to use in various points, focusing on easy carrying, you should choose a bag, etc.

3. The size of the box

This part depends on how many tools and equipment you have, including the size of the tools and equipment. Whether they are small or large, in order to calculate the most suitable size of the toolbox body.


In addition, if you do not have any essential tools, HomeGuru will open a very simple list of tools that you should have in your toolbox.
• The tape measure is a hand tool that must be kept in your toolbox. Because it can help you measure the distance and the size of an item as well as various areas precisely. Whether it is measuring the distance of wiring, water pipes, or even checking the completeness of the installation of various equipment.
A screwdriver is considered a fairly good gadget that helps with the mechanic work especially use to assemble things in the home such as chairs, tables, shelves, clothes racks, etc. By the size of a screwdriver, there are various sizes and types. But they should be kept in your toolbox such as flat head screwdriver and a four-pointed head screwdriver. Because this is the type that is most often use in conjunction with various tools.
Hammer is an equally important item. The crest hammer is especially used in general mechanics because it can do both hammering and clipping nails, including the work that requires other types of force. You can call it a hammer with a single crest, but it complete all home applications.
• A set of pliers, another items that you should have in the house. Because pliers are considered basic hand tools that can be used in a wide variety of applications, such as crimping, bending, squeezing or even cutting especially cutting hard wire or steel. Before choosing pliers, make sure to check how each type of pliers is used.


Complete set of mechanic tools to increase comfort

For those who are new and still confuse and do not know how to buy, what kind of basic mechanic tools are there to complete every use? HomeGuru recommends that you should go for the complete MATALL tool kit, as in the box that is sold, there are some basic hand tools such as wrenches, hammers, nuts, screwdrivers, and even duct tape. In which each set has different sub-equipment depending on the size and set you choose. You can say that the selection of a set of tools will help you to not waste time buying more sub-equipment tools.

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We are done with the basic mechanic tools. For those of you who may have to deal with the home mechanic work, HomeGuru has it all, from small scale work to larger scale tools. For those who want good hand tools, just go and shop at HomePro and you will definitely get products that you like at affordable prices, such as folding ladders or even high pressure water cleaners.

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