Aluminum window door, choose to buy finished or made to order better? This is a question that many people have wondered and haven’t made a decision yet It is not surprising. Because nowadays, aluminum doors are considered a top choice for those who want to build a home or want to change a new door and window and aluminum windows in the market are available in many different sizes, prices and quality, but it is better to buy ready-made or made to order, HomeGuru has some good advice.

ประตูหน้าต่างอลูมิเนียม เลือกซื้อสำเร็จรูปหรือสั่งทำดีกว่ากัน

What are the advantages and disadvantages of aluminum windows?

Whether it is a prefabricated door or window. If it is reputed to be made from aluminum material, it will be popular. And is considered to be the best choice ever with the advantages of aluminum that is resistant to all weather conditions. The heat from the sun or humidity from rain It is a non-drying, non-rusting metal material, not a combustible fuel. Easy to maintain and clean. The door is made to order according to the special size, it can be made to order according to the pattern and size needed and is an inexpensive material.

The disadvantage of aluminum is a relatively fragile material. Be extremely careful in the installation process. And because it is a metal material, it can attract some heat and dust into the interior of the house. But if you compare the pros and cons and compare the properties with other materials. Prefabricated door or window with aluminum material, it still stands one thing about strength, durability, beauty and suitable for Thai weather.

ประตูหน้าต่าง สำเร็จรูป

Aluminum window door, choose to buy finished or made to order better?

If you asked whether the finished door of different sizes and the door made to order custom, which would be better to use? The answer is recommended to choose as appropriate. The suitability that this depends on many factors such as the need for use: area to be installed, the layout of the house, budget, installation time, etc.

Finished aluminum window doors, which type of house is suitable?

The various sizes of prefabricated windows and doors that are seen in the market are standard sizes that are popular for general homes in a variety of sizes.

หน้าต่างอลูมิเนียม หน้าต่างอลูมิเนียม หน้าต่างอลูมิเนียม

ประตูหน้าต่างอลูมิเนียม เลือกซื้อสำเร็จรูปหรือสั่งทำดีกว่ากัน

Prefabricated doors and windows are suitable for homes with the following factors:

1. A new house that have a door and window in the standard sizes that are commercially available in the market.
2. It is an old house that needs to change the door and window with the original door and window the size of the standard finished product.
3. It is a house that needs to focus on speed of installation, worth seeing and buying. Convenience to install.

ประตูอลูมิเนียม ประตูอลูมิเนียม ประตูอลูมิเนียม


Window, which type of house is suitable?

For windows and door made to order to size. It is a door and window making in the shape and size designed. The technician from the manufacturing company will provide advice to measure the actual size of the door and window that you want to order to bring to production at the factory and arrange the actual installation date.

Window will be suitable for homes with the following factors:

1. A new house or old houses that want to install and replace doors and windows by designing a special size.
2. A house with a special design emphasize the beauty that is different from general houses.


Choose the size of the door and window to order to fit the opening

If the answer to the question that aluminum windows and doors, choose to buy finished or made to order better. Came out as the latter Preparation before buying. Window It is necessary to know first. By the owner of the house Operator or the architect supervising work must prepare a house design and extended doors and windows This will clearly specify the distance and size of each door and window to meet with experts in ordering aluminum windows and doors to try and test the use of windows to be confident and able to summarize the spec of the aluminum window door that you want to use correctly, such as whether you want to use the buried door or not, do you want a sliding door, double door, a single left or right door, or need a channel Light or not, what kind of locking system is used, etc. Then go through the process of measuring the front stage, finalizing the design, production, installation and after-sales maintenance.


Choose to buy finished or made to order better. Summary of pros and cons when choosing your own door and window.

Finished aluminum window doors


1. Easy to buy. In case the store is out of stock, it will take approximately 14 – 20 days to wait.
2. See the real pattern before buying thus helping in making purchasing decisions easier.
3. The price is not too high. Because we only buy products without after-sales service.


1. There must be a standard of transport, migration, otherwise the product may be damaged.
2. Must have space to store products because you have to buy products to wait for installation.
3. A professional installer is required for installation to reduce the chance of damage from installation.


1. There are many grades of aluminum materials. Make the price range different Buyers can be difficult to distinguish.
2. The warranty should be checked and covers a service call for maintenance technicians and after-sales service.

ประตูหน้าต่างอลูมิเนียม เลือกซื้อสำเร็จรูปหรือสั่งทำดีกว่ากัน

Custom aluminum window and door


1. A variety of sizes, colors and patterns can be designed to meet the needs of homeowners.
2. Expert service is available both counseling explores the area problem solving on site and have a systematic installation process according to the standards.
3. There is no need to prepare storage space. Because the product will be delivered on the installation day.
4. Get a beautiful house. There is a unique style.


1. It takes a long time to produce at least about 30 days.
2. The price is higher than the finished door and window.


1. Choose a manufacturer and a reliable installer. Considering the product itself, clear work, after-sales service and clear warranty.


At this point, everyone would know that Prefabricated doors and windows There are pros and cons, how are some differences, and HomeGuru hopes that many people have not yet decided that the aluminum window door, choose to buy finished or made to order better. You will get a clear and helpful answer to be adapted to suit each person’s home.

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