The antiviral coating is the most recent invention made during the coronavirus pandemic, and it is unlikely to go away quickly. Antiviral and antibacterial paint have emerged as viable options for anyone wanting to construct or modify a new home at this time. Because it is a color that contributes significantly to the discussion of safety, health, and environmental friendliness. As a result, HomeGuru does not pass up the opportunity to provide information regarding an antiviral coating to individuals interested in conducting further research to make more informed purchasing decisions.

• Antiviral coating, a cutting-edge home paint that is more than just pretty.

1. Antiviral coating from TOA’s nano-scale particles, Silver Nano Technology.
2. Antibacterial paint with Gold Ion Technology from Beger.
3. Repaint service, “Buy Paint with Maint Expert” to finish the job and budget doesn’t escalate.


• Antiviral coating from TOA’s nano-scale particles, Silver Nano Technology.

In the wake of the new Coronavirus 2019 (covid-19) epidemic, everyone is changing their lifestyle to become the New Normal, realizing the necessity of hygiene and health care in daily life and the maintenance of cleanliness around the environment with which they must dwell. To assist successfully avoid the Coronavirus, TOA has analyzed and produced a unique home paint New Normal, a new standard. TOA interior paints with nano-scale Silver Nano Technology particles, such as SuperShield Duraclean A Plus, SuperShield Duraclean, TOA Shield-1 Nano, and 4SEASONS paint, are total antibacterial paint and antiviral paint 12 types.


A team of experts from Mahidol University’s Department of Microbiology and Immunology ensures that test findings for Porcine Coronavirus (Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus; PEDV) are accurate. Porcine Coronavirus, a part of the SARS-CoV-2 family of viruses that produces COVID-19, was tested on a film sample that had been coated with TOA’s interior paint product. A huge amount of silver ionized 1+ mechanism is used in Silver Nano Technology to trap, inhibit, and destroy Coronavirus. The antibacterial paint film sample coated with Silver Nano Technology was found to prevent and destroy the Coronavirus that comes into contact with the paint film up to 99.9% of the time under normal room temperature circumstances that simulate the walls of a house.

In addition to being an effective antibacterial paint and antiviral, it also has other special properties that have passed international certification standards as safe for health and environmentally friendly. For example, it is an odor-free paint and volatile toxic substance (Nearly zero VOCs) according to the green label certification standards of Thailand and Singapore. Self-cleaning Technology can wipe clean and clean stains by yourself. Air Detoxify technology helps remove cancer-causing formaldehyde. Keep the air inside the house safe from harmful substances 24 hours a day, helping inhibit mold and bacteria up to 99.99% with technology from Microban, U.S.A. Certified for Green Building standards from both Thailand and the United States. Also included is antibacterial paint for interior paint that leading hospitals choose to use as well.


สีน้ำทาภายใน TOA สีป้องกันเชื้อโรค สีน้ำทาภายใน

• Antibacterial paint with Gold Ion Technology from Beger.

Another significant house paint brand that is aware of the Coronavirus 2019 or COVID-19 epidemic and recognizes the value of living in the New Normal period, where many people must work from home, study online from home, and spend more time at home. The house must feel cozier and safer than it has in the past. As a result, Beger created an antibacterial paint that minimizes the chance of infection. Keep everyone in the house safe from interior paint at all times. The best product of the year 2020 was “Beger Shield Anti-Virus Gold Iron,” which won the “Product of the Year Awards 2020.”

Pure gold particles are only 30 nanometers in size, four times smaller than the Coronavirus, which is the cause of COVID-19, thanks to world-renowned technology like Gold Ion Technology. This permits the gold particles to pass past the thick fatty membrane like a germ barrier, damaging the genetic material (RNA) to the core, weakening the virus and preventing it from growing and infecting until it dies.

The Institute of Virology Health in England, a world-renowned virology institute, tested antibacterial paint “Bager Shield Anti-Virus Gold Ion” on Human Coronavirus NL63 based on the sample submission. A wall model of a house coated with normal paint was compared to interior paint “Beyer Shield Anti-Virus Gold Ion” in the test. The paint film that coats the walls has been discovered to have Gold Ion technology, which is packed full of film and can eliminate Coronavirus in just 2 hours. This is deemed sufficient at 24 hours; eradication of the Coronavirus is 12 times more effective than the usual value.

It’s also an antiviral coating with a lot of cool features. It is an Air Clean innovation that can filter the air for 24 hours without wasting electricity by absorbing formaldehyde or carcinogens. It can stay without a pungent odor for 5 minutes after the paint dries, has a Wall Clean feature that can be simply wiped clean, and can resist more than 200,000 wiping cycles. It contains a Bio-Clean feature that eliminates Coronavirus and protects against various strains of the virus, particularly the H1N1 virus and HFMD, which has been certified by Airmid Health Institute in Ireland. It is also an antibacterial paint that kills bacteria and fungi.

Besides from health standards, the “Bager Shield Anti-Virus Gold Ion” has been certified for resident safety by the CDPH (California Department of Public Health), has passed US FDA standards, and has also passed the Certified Green Building Standard (LEED v.4) from the United States. It can be claimed that it readily provides a level of safety for living in the house and assists all house members in being happier and more at peace.


สีน้ำทาภายใน BEGER สีป้องกันเชื้อโรค สีป้องกันไวรัส

• Repaint service, “Buy Paint with Maint Expert” to finish the job and budget doesn’t escalate.

A house that is lovely, vibrant, and clean stands out and is elegant, livable, and impressive to both observers and visitors. As a result, the process of bringing the color to a standard is just as vital as picking a good house paint color. That’s because using the proper painting techniques will ensure that your home is both gorgeous and long-lasting.

 “ Fine feathers make fine birds, make your house beautiful with paint color ”

As a result, anyone looking to purchase an antiviral coating or antibacterial paint can be assured that you will receive the quality and color you require. Along with looking for a professional paint service that attentively attends to each painting step to achieve a house color that is smooth, smooth, durable, weatherproof, gorgeous, and resistant to all weather conditions. Fixing fading, flaking, blistering, dusty paint, moldy walls, and bringing a shabby-looking property back to life with the talent of professional painters with experience in exterior and interior painting. Trust Home Service by HomePro to take care of you from the color design process and painting with standard, modern tools, with a 1-year warranty.

ซื้อสี มีช่าง


Why choose the Repaint service; “Buy Paint with Maint Expert” from Home Service by HomePro? That’s because we provide a full service, which includes everything from choosing a house color to creating a virtual image before painting; paint like a pro with these four simple steps. Solve problems right away, pay attention to the smallest details, do neat, good work, and have quality-control officers working on behalf of clients. Rest confident that the technicians do not leave their jobs and that the Department of Skill Development trains them. You may rest satisfied that the job will be completed on time, on budget, and with a one-year warranty on the work quality. All items and services can be considered to be completed in one service.

Keep in mind! If you want to buy antiviral coating and antibacterial paint, you can pick and select from a variety of options with expert paint services that pay attention to every detail and guarantee that they meet the Home Service by HomePro team’s criteria. You can ask questions and get more information about the service on Facebook: Home Service by HomePro and Line:, or you can download the application via Mobile app: For more details, contact Call Center: 1284 or visit for additional Home Service specials.



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