Automatic dishwasher, one of the appliances that solves standing problem for the maid and butler and modern housewives who likes to cook but don’t like to wash the dishes. Although, washing the dishes is not a hassle and very complicated. But it is a waste of time. Because with quite a lot of kitchen equipment each time looking for a labor aid like automatic dishwasher. Therefore, it is another option that HomeGuru recommends, although some homes may think that they are expensive, waste water for washing dishes, not clean. And not worth but the dishwasher will help with convenience and good for the hygiene of everyone in the house.


How to choose the right automatic dishwater?

Choosing a dishwasher, it is not a difficult matter that every home has to worry about, even though there are many factors in making decisions such as

1. Dishwasher type

Single stand dishwasher or floating type. They range from small Up to a large 60 cm., slim, compact design that can be installed either on the table or in the kitchen of the condominium or home freely suitable for homes with 1-2 members.

Under-counter dishwashers or built-in will fit into the cabinet or the kitchen counter. Therefore, it is possible to install kitchen doors to match the tone of the kitchen decoration well. In which the device does not have a top cover and has an operation panel in the front which choosing to use this type of dishwasher, therefore, must measure the area and the size of the height, depth, width of the device to fit so that it is suitable and convenient to install.

Built-in dishwashers or a built-in front door will be installed and hidden to blend in with the kitchen furniture. So as not to make the dishwasher stand out and contrary to the tone of the kitchen decoration too. By still being comfortable in use because the keypad is mounted on the edge of the door. Therefore, not a problem when using.

เครื่องล้างจานตั้งพื้น เครื่องล้างจานตั้งพื้น เครื่องล้างจานฝัง


2. Quantity of containers that can be washed at a time

The amount of containers that can be rinsed each time and the size of the automatic dishwasher whether it is small or large. In general, home dishwashers can fit between 6-15 sets of tableware, glasses, cutlery and knives depending on the model and usage needs, including family members. For example, if there are 4 family members, you should: Choose an automatic dishwasher that can hold 12 sets of containers.


3. Modern functionality.

Nowadays, homeowners pay more attention to hygiene. Choosing a dishwasher. With innovations such as 360 degree washing innovation, hygienic drying system to kill germs and bacteria with UV light, no noise during work, water saving program and quick wash within 30 minutes, etc. disease and makes entering the kitchen more comfortable.

4. Can add accessories to make Automatic dishwasher More efficient to use

You can add accessories to make automatic dishwasher more efficient to use. Although, the dishwasher comes complete with top and bottom baskets ready to use. But if the machine is flexible, accessories such as a spray nozzle for the oven tray can be added. Glass holder tray, bottle holder, silver washing box It will add functionality to be more comfortable without standing washing.

เครื่องล้างจานอัตโนมัติ เครื่องล้างจานอัตโนมัติ เครื่องล้างจานอัตโนมัติ


4 reasons to choose an automatic dishwasher

1. Reduce pain and fatigue because problem of standing in washing dishes

Pain Sometimes there are reasons for longevity or standing down for a long time like standing in the dishwashing problem. Most of them will stand in a bent position towards the sink. If designing a kitchen counter or the sink is not suitable for the body especially with people with tall bodies will make the shoulder and after working harder than usual until aches and pains. Some homes fix this problem by having a chair to put on the knee pad. Or find a soft shoe pad to place in the sink to stand while washing dishes. And some houses choose to use fully automatic dishwashers to solve long-term dishwashing problems.


2. Hygienic, clean utensils

In addition to choosing a dishwasher has become a household chore aid for the housewife, butler. The dishwasher also removes stains or dirt, germs, and bacteria trapped in the utensils better than washing them by hand. Because with the water pressure inside the machine with high pressure. Just place the dishes and bowls properly. In an upside-down manner so that the water spreads conveniently to all plates Plus the machine also has a hot water system. Temperature up to 60 ° C for cleaning. This makes it more effective to kill germs compared to washing dishes by hand that requires a sponge to scrub several times, causing the sponge to become damp and the accumulation of bacteria that may adversely affect hygiene.

3. Low water consumption, electricity bill does not increase

One of the worries of the butler or housewife is the potential increase in utility costs of using household appliances. But do you know that automatic dishwasher, the water usage can be controlled more appropriately and is more cost effective than a manual wash that uses up to 40 liters of water compared to using a dishwasher, using 7 to 10 liters of water, depending on the model. And the amount of container to wash, some models are also designed to save water and save energy and can reuse the water. Therefore, no worries about the increased water and electricity bills.

4. Compliant with every wash cycle

Automatic dishwasher, despite the relatively high price but worth the investment. Because in addition to controlling the amount of water and dishwashing liquid between cleaning utensils. Automatic dishwasher, there are still standards for every wash cycle. It helps you, housewife, butlers do not worry about broken dishes better than washing dishes by hands.

น้ำยาทำความสะอาด ด่างน้ำเครื่องล้างจาน น้ำยาทำความสะอาด


How to maintain an automatic dishwasher?

Before the dishes are cleaned in automatic dishwasher, food residues that are left on the plate should be thrown into the garbage first to prevent clogging of drain pipes. Although, the automatic dishwasher has a filter to prevent food particles from clogging up. And most importantly, the filter must be cleaned regularly with a simple method. Just take the filter out and wash it with suitable cleaning solution. Then rinse with hot water or clean water will help extend the life of the dishwasher and reduce the problem of mold smell.


And before washing dishes with an automatic dishwasher every time Want every house to observe the type or type of plate before importing the machine. Because not all dishes can be washed in an automatic dishwasher such as plastic dishes that do not stand the heat, wooden dishes, as they may distort the dishes because it can be exposed to heat.

Although, the dishwasher is automatic. It is not yet popular with many Thai families, but the types and advantages of dishwashers as HomeGuru mentioned above. It will help the automatic dishwasher to become another new innovation that will help meet the new lifestyle of the housewife, the butler and you who has problems standing to wash dishes quite well. And in addition to the automatic dishwasher There is yet another innovation that meets the needs of health-conscious people: dish dryers, which are effective at killing germs and invisible bacteria. To make us confident and everyone in our home is safer from germs even more sure enough.

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