Barbed wire is a type of wire that helps make cheap fences. The wire is characterized by having sharp metal points that are also known as barbs. Barbed wire mainly has two steel strands that are coated with zinc. These strands are twisted together, and in between the spaces, barbs are added to make this type of wire extremely hard to climb over. It can either be laid on the ground or put on top of fences as an effective barrier. In addition, barbwire fencing will prevent uninvited people or animals from entering the area around the house.

And although the barbed wire fence is a device that doesn’t require much consideration in buying it. But actually, barbed wire fences are available in a wide variety of applications and sizes to suit the installation space. Today, HomeGuru brings tips for choosing a barbed wire fence to use effectively as knowledge for every home.


Know the type of barbed wire before installing

Before installing barbwire fencing, it is essential to know the types of barb wire to facilitate the installation and meet the appropriate functionality and space.

1. Single Twist Barbed Wire (Conventional) is a traditional twist on the barbed wire that is risky for long-term use. Barbed wire fences have the potential to sag, loosen, and come off because they are loosely threaded. It is suited for use in small spaces or as a temporary fence.


2. Reversed Twist Barbed Wire is a new innovation of twisting the barbed wire to increase the strength and durability of the barbed wire fence. No slack and longer service life. It is suitable for barbwire fencing in large areas and long-term use. Currently, this type of barbed wire is available for purchase and is known as Zinc aluminum barbed wire.


Get to know Zinc Aluvineman Barbed Wire


Zinc aluvineman barbed wire is one of the most popular barbwire fencings in many homes today. The distinctive feature of general barbed wire is that it is solid and durable in use. When installed for long-term use, it is difficult to be damaged, sag, break, and rust because it is a high-tensile semi-spring wire.

The Zinc Aluvineman barbed wire can withstand force up to 1100-1200 N/sq mm, or about 285 kg in weight. It can be installed on fence posts with a distance of up to 4 meters, where the barbed wire does not sag, breaks, and saves installation time, saves cost, and has a long service life.

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Because the Zinc Aluvineman barbed wire is coated with anti-rust substance by plating with 10% aluminum-zinc (ZnAl). It helps resist rust more than 14 times conventional zinc plating. And the barbed area has a black coating to enhance the distinctiveness of the barbed wire fence to be usable and different from regular barbed wire.

Barbed wire numbers that are commonly used

Barbed wire has a variety of numbers to choose from, each with a different size. The most commonly used numbers are No. 13, No. 14, and No. 15. The most widely used and international barbed wire numbers are from SWG (Standard Wire Gauge), the British standard wire gauge BS3737 : 1964 Which each number will have a different size, then let’s see.


How to choose barbed wire for effective use


1. Durable, not easy to rust, it is the primary consideration in choosing the top of barbed wire that has it all. Because barbwire fencing installing for long-term use, barb wire with zinc-aluminum anti-rust coating should be selected for better rust resistance. Without the need to change the barbed wire frequently because the general zinc plated barbed wire that is thin after about 1 year of use will start to rust.

2. Barbed wire must be strong, sharp, not easy to fall off, and must be equally spaced for barbed wire to be used effectively.

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3. Barbed wire must not break and not sag. You should choose barbed wire with strong properties, tough throughout use, such as Zinc Aluminum Barbed Wire. It is a barbed wire made from high tensile wire, able to withstand the weight and impact well, not easily broken compared to general barbed wire. General barbed wire, after the new installation, there will be tension, not slack, but after using it for a while, it will start to sag because it is made of low tensile wire.

4. The length of the barbed wire should consider how many meters is required to make it easier to buy and not waste. Most barbed wire used for barbwire fencing is sold in kilograms, e.g., 5 kg, 10 kg, without specifying the length.

Benefits of barbed wire installing

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1. Prevent danger from outside, a barbed wire fence will help prevent danger from an invasion of the area, whether from people or large animals from entering the house area such as cattle, buffaloes.

2. No hassle, easy to install because there are steps to Surrounded by a simple barbed wire fence. Every home can install by itself without hiring a technician. But be careful about the sharpness of the barbed wire during installation.

3. Cost savings compared to other types of fencing installations which 100 meters of barbed wire are inexpensive. It can be seen that upcountry areas have barbwire fencing in the soil, fields, and gardens to divide the area’s boundaries and prevent animals from invading the area. In addition to being robust, durable, and easy to install. It also saves a lot of installation costs.

4. Convenience, easy to buy, easy to use, available at construction materials stores near your home.

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Although barbed wire is a device that doesn’t have a very distinctive design or beauty, it can be considered worthwhile and cost-effective if you look at it in terms of value and performance. And anyone who wants to try to use barbwire fencing to install to divide the area. Or prevent danger from various beasts, HomeGuru recommends buying quality barbed wire for long life. Not rusty like barbed wire, the aluvineman, qualified to install and use.

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