Having a beautiful home and comfortable living is everyone’s dream. Living and various applications in the house, there must be regular maintenance. Or your house may need to be repaired to be able to return to use as comfortable as before. Various product arrangements that helps in the care and initial maintenance is like having first aid drugs attached to the house. Some cases can solve the problem once and for all. Or sometimes it may allow for temporary use in times of emergency. HomeGuru recommends products that you should have in your home which can be divided into different types as follows:

1. various adhesive tape products
2. adhesive products
3. lubricant products


1. Various adhesive tape products

Adhesive tape is a convenient product for a wide range of applications. We may be familiar with the use of masking tape in documents. Or various crafts but there are also many adhesive tapes that are used in maintenance or temporary repairs that should be attached to your home just in case of emergency. Whether it is various attachments to curing the leak, HomeGuru recommends the following range of convenient and effective adhesive tapes products.

Double sided acrylic adhesive tape

This type of adhesive tape is suitable for bonding within the home. It has durability and good resistance to heat and humidity. It can be attached to metal, glass, wood, concrete or ceramic, suitable for fixing items that do not want to be drilled in the wall such a hook for hanging small shelves. Small picture frame or used to attach decorations on the shelves, prevent them from falling, etc. This type of adhesive tape has the property of not damaging the surface. And can be peeled off without leaving stains like foam tape which this tape is considered to be an innovation developed from the foam tape. Even at a higher price then foam tape but with higher quality, it can be used in wet parts. It is more attractive option than foam tape.



Adhesive tape designed for exterior use. Excellent resistance to heat, sunlight, UV rays and water. High adhesion can be attached to metal, glass, wood, concrete or ceramic (and can also be used internally if a lot of holding force is required) making it suitable for bonding heavy loads. Fixing work, decorative items or repairs that do not want to penetrate the wall. And also does not leave adhesive residue when removing the tape as well.

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Bezel tape

This type of tape has special capabilities that are double-sided tape that must be used together. Each section on one side of the tape has surface glue. On the other side is a bezel to attach to each other. Suitable for keeping things tidy. And pick out for regular use such as remote control, air conditioner, television, or attaching the edge of a curtain that may not close completely, etc. It is a versatile tape that can be applied to make it more comfortable.


Rubber adhesive tape

It is an adhesive tape that looks like plasticine. Designed for use in sealing leaks. Flexible properties, can be attached tightly even in small nooks. It has waterproof properties. They are ideal for temporary repairs in bathrooms, kitchens and seeps, around the windowsill or wall, etc. and when peeling off, it will not leave glue stains on the surface of the material as well.


Aluminum tape

This type of tape is made of aluminum. It is comparable to a sheet metal with adhesive on the back itself. Excellent heat resistance, moisture resistance and rust resistance. Suitable for repairing leaks. Metal tear marks, metal roof sheet also can be used to cover smooth surfaces such as glass or plastics as well. It can also be used to cover leaks of water pipes, rain gutters, water tanks or various water containers. The tape is metal; it is durable enough for semi-permanent repairs as well.

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2. Adhesive products

Glue is a popular bonding product that is easy to use. But there are different options depending on usage, adhesion durability and type of material. Choosing the right glue is important for maintenance and repair. Once repaired, you can use the items like before. Let’s see what kind of glue you should have in your house.

Rubber glue

It is a versatile glue that has been used for a long time. This glue does not corrode or melt materials. Therefore, it is suitable for use in the repair of a wide variety of materials, from wood, leather, plastic, metal, cloth, paper, rubber as well as for various handicrafts as well. It takes about 5 minutes for the glue to dry before joining the desired material. The adhesive can also be left for up to 30 minutes before the part is applied without affecting the bonding effect.


Hot glue, elephant glue or super glue

This versatile glue is popular all-purpose glue because of its strong adherence, durability and exceptionally quick drying properties. But this quick-drying feature, which in some cases can make the application of adhesives difficult. Because the glue may fry first or when it stuck and unable to move parts, so be careful in using. This hot glue is used to bond plastic, metal, wood, ceramics, leather and rubber materials, but it cannot be bonded to polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) plastic materials.

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Quick-drying epoxy glue

Epoxy glue is an adhesive with high adhesion strength, texture epoxy resin that the condensed matter can withstand instead of separating parts or the furrow has already broken. The epoxy glue will have two separate ingredients, namely epoxy resin and antifreeze. Therefore, we have to mix both parts first when we want to use it. When it dries, it can be polished with sandpaper or file to be smooth like a material used to attach materials such as metals, ceramics, glass, hard plastics and wood, but generally epoxy glue takes 1-1.5 hours before it dries. Nowadays, there are epoxy adhesives that dry quickly within 5 minutes, making it easier to use.


Plasticine epoxy glue

This type of glue has a clay texture. It is convenient to use on surfaces or shapes that cannot be applied with liquid adhesive. This glue retains the same two component adhesive mixture as conventional epoxy glues. Just cut the desired amount of plasticine glue to use and squeeze the outer ingredients and the core, mix together. Loaded with this, it can be used to attach. Suitable for bonding broken parts or caulking, cracks and leaks, when dry and can be polished like liquid epoxy glue.


Thread lock

It is believed that many people may experience the problem of loose screw or screw holes when using for a long time such as the chair nut or hinge etc. caused by vibration or shifting from use. Make the head of the bolt or screw come loose. Dotted with thread locker helps secure the bolt or screw head. It does not come loose from shifting or strong vibrations. For general use in the home, choose a medium hard thread locker which can be rolled out later or if you are sure that it will not be disassembled, you can use high-strength thread locker.

ของที่ควรมีในบ้าน ของที่ควรมีในบ้าน


3. Lubricant products

Many components in the house. Things that have been used for a long time may cause friction such as window hinges, sliding castors, sliding door rollers or metal parts that have been left for a long time may be stuck, cannot be removed, etc. Understanding only the right lubricant for each problem, it will help those components return to work as good as before. Let’s see what lubricant should be in your home.

Multi-purpose lubricant

Available in both drop and spray types. These lubricants are clear, able to penetrate into crevices well, improves movement of parts that are stiff or stuck such as locks, bolts and hinges, slide rails. The clarity of the oil also helps to cleanse the impurities to flow out well. And it is not harmful to car paint, lacquer, plastic and rubber which is sometimes used as a solvent to clean dirt or rust. However, all-purpose lubricants are clear. Therefore, it does not cling to various parts for a long time. If touched with water, it can settle. It is not suitable for outdoor use or parts that are often rubbed and needs lubrication all the time such as the steel, sliding door, roller, iron door or even hinges on door and window.



It is a lubricant that is semi-solid, semi-liquid. It has lubrication properties, help reduce wear and tear. The greasy texture is sticky. Therefore, adhering to various parts well. The grease has excellent heat resistance and strong acid alkali. It also does not come off when exposed to water. Suitable for use with parts that require constant lubrication from turning or open-close things often such as window hinges, steel sliding door, rollers or stretch iron door. The grease does not damage the surface. It can also be labeled on the parts that need to prevent rust.

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Finally, using various products for maximum efficiency, it is important to keep surfaces free from dirt, dust, grease and moisture especially tapes and adhesives or lubricants. For all glue products, gloves should be won for protection. Some adhesives contain volatile substances. Therefore, the work piece should be attached to the ventilated area including avoid inhalation.

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