Get to know the basic of electricity is not a distant matter, we are aware of electricity. No need to be very good, just know the symptoms, change the switch, change the plug, change the lamp, a little repair by yourself is enough. The most common problems would be the power failure, power surges, broken lamps, broken switches. But it won’t be difficult if we understand. Let’s get to know first what is a power outage … A power outage is a condition of continuously decreasing electricity but not immediately extinguishing which will be reduced to 180 – 200 volts (our home uses a voltage of 220 volts) resulting in insufficient power to supply electrical appliances in the house Which can occur for many reasons such as


  • Enable multiple electrical appliances at the same time especially electrical appliances that are electronic circuits and motors.
  • Any part of the electric wire is shocked or loose at the joints.
  • Electric leakage into the ground
  • In the middle of the residence, there is a lot of electricity being used at the same time, causing the electricity sent from the electricity source to not reach the destination sufficiently which causes this to be done at the Electricity Authority etc.

Notice the signs of a power outage

Power outage such as the enabled light being brighter than usual. The fan blows down slowly. Electrical appliances that use motor systems do not work, such as water pumps, air-conditioners do not turn off, refrigerators do not work. Medical equipment, weak machinery and may cause damage to those electrical appliances.

หลอดไฟ หลอดไฟ ไฟตก ไฟตก


Basic solutions When observing a power outage, this procedure is recommended.

If it is only for your own home, try turning off some electrical appliances to check for any abnormalities. If it can use again, it means that the house has exceeded the electricity consumption.


Check the Consumer Unit (important equipment to help prevent short circuits, overloading, electric shocks, or fences). This cabinet will control all the electricity in the house.) See if there is a muffle breaker down or not. If shuffling down, there will definitely be a problem with electricity in the house. Shuffle the main unit up and see which sub-breakers that are chopped up properly. Then, there is a problem.

ไขควงวัดไฟ ไขควงวัดไฟ ไขควงวัดไฟ ไขควงวัดไฟ


Before going to experience any electrical equipment, please use a screwdriver totry the electricity. (Should have it at home). Tap to try to see if there is electricity in that device, if it still exists and you do not know how to fix that electrical device. Please don’t touch it for safety reasons, recommend to call an electrician to look after.

If it is only for a period of time, it may be caused by the electricity in that area. The electrical system does not fully supply electricity. All electrical appliances should be turned off first. Then wait until the electricity is fully charged before turning on. You can turn on 1 light to check the electric current.


Frequent power outage, you should consult a person who has knowledge or an expert in electricity to come to analyze the problem clearly. Then solve the problem according to the recommendations of experts better than letting the electrical appliances damage.

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