Chronic problems that bother housewives, has to wait to clean the bathroom. It is probably an unpleasant smell in the bathroom that has been pouring throughout the day. Although, choosing to use deodorant products in the bathroom to help deodorize already. But the smell still didn’t disappear. You have to shake your head every time when going to the bathroom. HomeGuru has a good helper which every home must have. Virtual pipe ornaments such as the smell trap or floor drain, introduced to help solve the problem of bad odors or reverse smell beat up from the pipe in the bathroom to be cured.


Floor drain is more than trap in the bathroom

The floor drain is installed in the bathroom in drain holes both the dry and wet zones. In addition, to helping to trap up to 90% of the odors in the bathroom, the odor trap has many special features that many people may unexpected.


“Floor drain” helps filter hair debris, debris, sediment from shampoos, shampoo, and dust from flowing into the sewer. Until accumulating and pile up until the drains are clogged, the water drains slowly and releases an unpleasant odor.

“Floor drain” helps prevent insects or reptiles such as snakes and centipedes from climbing up the drain pipe.


“Floor drain” helps reduce the risk from different levels of land Some homes have zoning areas with wet showers. And the dry zone separated with transverse drains to prevent the flow of water to flow to the dry zone The installation of a square shape odor trap on the drain will be a great help to reduce the level of space. It helps to make the floor smooth and easy flowing water while also protecting the safety of homes that are elderly and children live too.

Floor drain is stalled. Why is it still smell bad?


In general, floor drain has waterlogging all the time. With water always at the edge of the inner pipe, so that no unwanted odors roll back up from the pipe and can smell bad smells in the home.


Trapped water Is a good helper to trap stink. Because the smell that came through the pipe could not move through the air because there was water. Therefore, homeowners should be aware that the drain cup has water trapped in the cup or not. Most of the time, water tends to evaporate from the smell trap. Since the bathroom has not been used for a long time. Therefore, not uncommon at a new home that had already been purchased did not go in. There is often a bad smell from the pipes in the bathroom, often disturbing.

How to choose a worthwhile floor drain?


Floor drain should be made of quality stainless steel. In general, it is manufactured from grade 304 stainless steel to prevent peeling. And easily rusted including chemical resistance like bathroom cleaners that have a high concentration of strong acids When cleaning, it will corrode stainless steel causing rust stains. Therefore, you should choose a quality sieve trap. In order to have a long period of use. Since it is a device that has already been installed and difficult to change because the installation is necessary to demolish the bathroom tiles causing damage and additional expenses as well.

ตะแกรงดักกลิ่น ตะแกรงดักกลิ่น ตะแกรงดักกลิ่น ตะแกรงดักกลิ่น

Clean the floor drain regularly by yourself. Just open the lid, then remove the dirt, especially the sediment, hair, dust, and keep observing the hair. Various impurities sticking to the side pipes because it will free up the space of the water that traps odors and do not leave dirty debris absolutely into the water pipe because it will cause blockages in the water pipe and the stink that is difficult to solve.

Misunderstanding of Bathroom Floor Drain


Some homes have problems with slow drainage of water into the pipes. While bathing, causing the water to overflow while standing. So you choose to open the lid to trap the odor to solve the problem. In fact, it is a wrong! Because opening the lid to trap the odor in the bathroom in addition to causing hair debris and the dust has already accumulated in the pipes. Also causes backward odors or hit the top as well.


Bad smell in the bathroom caused by many reasons. Sometimes you fix it by yourself but sometimes requires an expert to help. You can read more at Whether it is a house or condo, it is important and with the design of the bathroom to prevent bad smells with the installation floor drain in order not to affect and problems for long-term residents.

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