Bathroom shelf is one of the essential accessories for home bathroom organization that gives you more space to place your belongings. Various personal appliances can also be more. In addition, the shelves in the bathroom. It can also organize both the use of and the interior of the bathroom to be tidy. Making it convenient to use and as a decoration in the bathroom as well. There are a variety of designs to choose from, including bathroom shelves, hanging corner, floor standing or one that can be used as a built-in mirror. There are many types of this. So HomeGuru has good techniques for choosing and buying bathroom shelves.

1. How to choose a shelf in the bathroom?
2. Bathroom shelves from HomePro


• How to choose a shelf in the bathroom?

For anyone who is choosing to buy bathroom shelf but still not sure which type will suit the style of the bathroom at home. Not sure if this will fit within the available space. Or does it fit in with the style that is decorated? Actually, it is not difficult at all. Just take a look at these factors.

1. Choose from shelf styles

Because of the shelves in the bathroom. There are many types of applications to choose from as described above. It is important to select a style of use that is suitable for the space and the skill of the user.

o Wall-mounted shelf

It is designed to be able to be fixed on the bathroom wall by drilling on or using a vacuum fastener. Advantages of using wall-mounted bathroom shelf, which allows you to freely select the mounting position to suit the user’s usage. Not too high or too low. Making it can be used with ease. Caution is that if choosing to use bathroom shelf model with vacuum bracket. You must choose a quality product that has a high adhesion ability and may need to limit the weight of the items to be placed on the shelf to fit the size of the shelf.

o Floor standing shelf

Most of the time, free-standing shelves are suitable for bathrooms that have a fairly wide area. And there is a clear separation of the wet-dry zone. This means that it can store large quantities of belongings and is usually waterproof. It’s no wonder that free-standing shelving is so popular.


2. Choose from the size of the rack capacity

In addition to the shelves that must be chosen to suit the bathroom. The size of the shelf capacity is another matter that needs to be taken into account especially the bathroom with a narrow usable area. But there are many appliances waiting to be stored. Bathroom shelf, some designs are designed for the storage of specific items, such as a compartment for different shaped bottles. There is a slot for placing a bar of soap. There are hooks for razors, bath sponges or for hanging toothbrushes, for example, while bathroom racks. Some are not designed to be complicated. But it can be placed as needed It depends mainly on the user what kind of shelf they want to use.

3. Choose from the materials used for the shelf

One thing to note is bathroom shelf. Regardless of the form, there is almost a 100% chance of having to be constantly exposed to water, more or less. Even in the dry zone of the bathroom, so buying a shelf in the bathroom. Therefore, it is important to consider the material used to produce the shelf as well, that each model has waterproof properties and prevent the chance of rusting much.

o Metal shelf

It is a place to put things in the bathroom that is the most seen in the market. The highlight of this metal shelf is its durability. But over the long term, there is still a risk of rusting even after various anticorrosive coatings have been applied. If a metal shelf is to be used, it should be installed in the dry part of the bathroom so it is suitable.


o Stainless steel shelf

It is a sturdy shelf that is not as durable as a metal shelf. But it has good resistance to stains and rusting. It is ideal for use in the bathroom. Without worrying, whether it will be placed in the wet zone or the dry zone. It just needs to be cleaned on a regular basis to prevent water stains and dirt accumulation.

o Plastic shelf

They are lightweight shelves, they are cheaper than other bathroom shelves, but their lifespan may not be that long. And it holds less weight than other shelves and can quickly become a breeding ground for bacteria if left uncleansed for a long time.

4. Choose a stylish bathroom shelf that complements your home décor

Besides the shelves in the bathroom will be a device to organize things in the bathroom to be tidy, easy to use and can also be a decorative accessory in the bathroom. Just use the attractive design of the shelf to match with the rest of the bathroom décor, making it both comfortable and comfortable to use every time you use the bathroom.

• Bathroom shelves from HomePro

Know how to buy bathroom shelves aside, HomeGuru has good quality bathroom shelves. Beautiful design from HomePro that I would like to recommend as an option for those looking for a device to organize and use in the bathroom.

1. 3-level corner glass shelves MOYA 29497 (SKU:275792)


The structure is made of good quality chrome plated zinc material. Durable to use. The shelves are made of 6 mm. thick glass and have a railing to prevent items from being dropped. It can contain a lot of stuff with 3 shelves, corner shelf style It saves the installation space and works well. There is no need to place an additional table to place things. Suitable for room use or a condo with a limited usable space as well.

2. Mirror with shelf and hanging hook MOYA HP-14 (SKU: 1118666)


Material frame made from rubber wood which is a hardwood that is strong, durable, not moldy and does not swollen. Glass shelf, small objects can be placed. Glass is made of clear float glass with high transparency, smooth surface, good reflection image and coated with rust-proof agent for durability. Adding benefits to use with 2 hooks to hang clothes or items. Beautiful design that can be harmonized with any bathroom style.

3. 3-level standing shelves MOYA KU112 Aluminum (SKU: 1100749)


3-level standing shelves from the brand MOYA is made from aluminum material. It provides strength and durability. It is hard to decay and can support up to 20 kilograms, with a drop barrier to prevent items from falling. Reduce the problem of damaged items Increase the storage space even more.

4. Cabinet beside counter MOYA B-80 Side Cabinet Black color (SKU: 1103051)


Made of Polywood material, durable to use. It has been carefully designed with an emphasis on functionality. Comes with a separate storage compartment design, ready to use, both open-air and with shutters, the doors open and close smoothly with hinges that reduce the impact. In addition to helping the use of items have an organized space to place them. It also helps decorate the corner of the washbasin to be modern and ready to use perfectly.

5. 2-level hanging shelves MOYA 12010C Chrome (SKU: 1033329)


Made from good quality materials, shiny surface, durable to use and modern design. Suitable for decoration as well. The shelves are wide. Comes with holes to prevent water stagnation. It can contain a lot of stuff with 2 shelves for versatile storage use. The shelf is a wall-mounted type. It saves the installation space and works well. The shelf is designed with a simple look to match well with every decor It also saves usable space. The shelves that answer to all needs.

And if anyone is looking for other types of bathroom shelves, HomePro offers a wide variety of options, not just bathroom racks, but also accessories and sanitary ware. Choose to buy online at or inquire about product details at the HomePro Call Center 1284, easily without stepping out of the house.

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