Minimal style bedroom is one of the bedroom décor styles that many people love. Because of its simplicity that eliminates the exhaustion from everyday life. Each time you come to rest, you will feel like you are taking a break from the chaos, both physically and mentally. It is not surprising that a minimalist room decoration is so popular. So HomeGuru would like to show you ideas for decorating a minimalist bedroom that are easy on the eyes but full of details.

1. What exactly is Minimalism?
2. The advantages of a minimal style room decoration.
3. Minimal bedroom decoration ideas.


• What exactly is Minimalism?

If the word “Minimalism” is defined as clearly as possible, many people will think of the phrase “Less is more” that is often heard. Because the concept of minimalism is to prioritize things, so the things that are unnecessary with life can be abandoned. And only the important ones are left. It makes everything around us, even if it is not much, is full of meaning. It is the origin of the phrase “Less is more” which is not limited to minimalist room decoration. But fashion, photography, travel, and lifestyle also can be called minimalism. It is a concept behind a simple lifestyle philosophy.


• The advantages of a minimal style room decoration.

To apply this concept to architecture or interior design and decoration, the most important thing is the purpose of choosing these furniture and items. The layout is tidy, simple, not too fancy, but at the same time it feels balanced and relaxed. Also full of functionality. Minimal style room decoration is one of the outstanding ways to decorate the house. And it has many advantages as follows.

1. The minimalist house looks outstanding and attractive.

If you want an item to stand out, putting it in one single piece is the best answer. The same as the minimal room decoration, which even looks simple but in fact, it is hidden in the small details in each furniture or some fine art that has been selected as a decoration that will catches the eye without even realizing it.

2. A few items make it easy on the eyes.

A minimalist bedroom with only a few pieces of furniture will makes you sleep more comfortable. That might be because the more stuff in the room, the more chaotic it feels. Not only the bedroom but every part of the house, if it is full of items that have not been used for a long time or items that are not ready for use, it will make the house look cluttered. And it may also make the house look dirty. And anything that looks uncomfortable in the eyes can lead uneasiness. Minimal style room decoration is therefore another solution for those with stressful conditions as well.


3. “Less is more” but very beautiful and takes less time to clean.

Nowadays, anyone who takes care of the house by themselves probably understands how much energy is required. And the more items and decorations you have in the house, the more time it takes to clean. But a minimal room decoration has just a few things and it makes keeping a house clean easier than ever. And it will help you have more time to do other activities as well.

• Minimal bedroom decoration ideas.

Bedroom in minimal style is easy to start with a selection of furniture. Because no matter what kind of house structure, the most important things of each style of decoration is the details of the various furniture that will combine to form an element of the house in the desired direction to come out beautiful and fully functional. You must consider each piece of furniture as follows.

1. How to choose the bed.

The bed is also the main piece of furniture in the room that will direct the choice of other furniture in the bedroom. Therefore, choosing a bed for must be very careful. In which if you want to decorate bedroom in minimalist style, the bed should be a bed that stand out with a unique design and have more functional than just sleeping, for example, choose the bed that you can store things with drawers under the bed. It will free up space in other areas of the room. It is an effective choice to use few pieces of furniture.

And besides the design matters, the height of the bed must also be considered. If the ceiling in the bedroom is quite low, choosing a bed with a lower floor height allows more space between the bed and the ceiling. It will make the room feel wider and not uncomfortable when sleeping.

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2. How to select a bedside cabinet

Bedside cabinet is one of furniture to fulfill a perfect bedroom. Many people prefer to choose a beautiful cabinet, not too small and not too big, for placing lamps and other accessories. Actually, the main function of bedside cabinet is keeping everything that make your bedroom will be untidy. If you want to decorate your bedroom in minimal style, bedside cabinet is very necessary and you should select a bedside cabinet which designed to have many compartments and divided into many types of accessories such as for plug, document, stationary and medicine, this will help your room to be tidy.

3. How to select a closet in bedroom

Although minimal style bedroom should have only sleeping furniture, some houses have to place closet in bedroom because of limit space. So, the selected closet should be simple design, not too big to make a bedroom will be uncomfortable, as well as choosing only favorite or frequently used clothes. Because if you have many pieces of clothes and keep them all in your bedroom, your bedroom will be a storage room instead.


4. How to select a desk in bedroom

As same as a closet, actually, minimal style bedroom should not have desk or other furniture not related to sleep. If there is a limit on usable space, such as living in small condominium, dormitory and apartment, which must have working zone in the bedroom, you can select desk for your main usage as well.

If working about documents, you should select a desk with many drawers for keeping them. If working with electronic devices, you should select a desk with many compartments for keeping equipment and its cables to make your bedroom not be untidy. And it is important to be consider about a location of your desk which must be in the corner of bedroom because it helps to prevent a waste space and keep your bedroom always be tidy.

5. How to select a dressing table

For selection of a dressing table, not only its design that should be related with other furniture in your bedroom, but its function should be concerned. If you have many cosmetics and accessories, you will select a dressing table with many compartments for keeping them all. If you have a limit on usable space as well as you do not have many cosmetics, a wall mounted dressing table will be a good choice for you. Moreover, you can use your desk to be a dressing table as well to help for reducing a number of furniture in your bedroom and prevent your bedroom to be uncomfortable.

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Everyone can decorate your bedroom in minimal style or Minimal style bedroom by yourself, and it is not difficult as you think, just stick with “less is more” concept for decorating your bedroom. HomeGuru believe that a little thing but worth in benefits will reduce your stress and nervousness of busy life to be more relaxing and restore a comfortable and simple life back.

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