If you are walking into the mechanic tools department in a shop or department store. Many of you may go straight to choose to buy common home tools like a set of drills, screwdrivers, wrenches without looking for other tools. You may think that “we are not technicians; we probably don’t need them.” In fact, many types of hand tools that we know or are available in stores. They may not be useful for mechanics only. They can also be adapted for general work in the home as well. In this article, “HomeGuru” would like to recommend you to know about The Blower, an equipment that will be used directly with the technician work. Also, it can be applied to other applications in everyday life too. You may need it in your home, it is definitely better than not.


Get to know hot and cold blower

There are two types of blowers to choose from: a (cold) blower and a (hot) blower, which have different working principles and functions as follows:

Cold Blower

Blower is a tool that works using the principle of air movement at speed. It can be directed as we want through the protruding pipe. Used for blowing air, repelling dust, blowing water, cleaning electronic work parts, computers, keyboards, blowing while washing the air, blowing leaves. And it can also connect a hose for vacuuming in small nooks such as the nooks of the sofa, in the car and in the upholstery areas that are hard to reach or used to vacuum food waste effectively. Using a blower, this helps to reduce contact in areas where there is a water source, dirty or has food particles. It saves time and effort. Do not be tired, sweep away the fallen leaves all day. Which on average can be used continuously for 50-60 minutes, thus answering the multipurpose mechanic and home work.

เครื่องเป่าลมยี่ห้อไหนดี เครื่องเป่าลมยี่ห้อไหนดี เครื่องเป่าลมยี่ห้อไหนดี


Clean up dirt and dust that accumulate in deep, narrow space. With a blower MATALL MT-0480 made of good quality plastic. It has fire-retardant properties High heat resistance, 800 Watts power, provides strong wind, continuous stability, light weight, making it convenient to use. Easy to move and store. The machine comes with a handy design and can choose to adjust the wind speed as needed.

Maintenance of the cold blower

1. Always unplug after use. (In the case of a cordless blower or battery blower)
2. Use air to blow away dust from the device to clean.
3. Check the charcoal conversion regularly. Make sure there is still a suitable length to use or not.
4. Wipe and clean the device and the air blow pipe with a universal solution. Then store it in a dry place without humidity. This can cause the carbon brush spring to rust and dirty.


Hot blower

Hot blower or hot air dryer, it is a power tool that does not emphasize the strength of the air like a cold dryer. But it will focus on heating relatively high. The principle of operation of the hot air dryer relies on electrical energy. Causing the circuit inside the machine to heat up for most standard brands there is a temperature control system. It can adjust the heat level at various levels. It can be used continuously for a long time (than a hair dryer) in case that the machine generates a lot of heat. The heating system will automatically stop working which helps reduce the risk of prolonged use until the coil or thermo fuse is broken.


Hot blower is versatile. In the work of shrink wear and hot air shrinking equipment, wire welding, PVC pipe bending, car glass film blowing job, plastic bending work, paint stripping work on various materials. (Including house paint) and can also be applied to dry clothes, shoes on rainy days, wet clothes in a short time. While in use, be careful with your hands not to accidentally hit the blow pipe. Because the heat is very high cause danger.

Household tasks that require heat are easy and hassle-free. If there is help such as a hot blower MATALL MT-0320 2000 Watts power made of good quality materials. Strong and durable to use. Extra handle, non-slip rubber good grip. Does not slip easily while operating. Compact and lightweight, it is easy to transport and store. It can adjust the heat level from 60-600 Degrees Celsius.

เครื่องเป่าลมร้อน เครื่องเป่าลมร้อน เครื่องเป่าลมไร้สาย


Maintenance of hot blower

1. You should adjust the level of wind power and temperature to fit the work piece. Not being active for too long without a break. This will cause the coil or thermo fuse to break.
2. Extending the service life, the key point is the heating coil. While resting the machine should be placed so that the head stands up. Be careful not to accidentally place the machine horizontally to touch the floor. Because it may cause the weakened coils to come into contact resulting in a short circuit, the coil is broken.
3. When finished using the hot air dryer. The hot air blower must be lowered and left over to remove heat from the coil before storing the tool every time.
4. Keep the hot air dryer in a dry place. No moisture to prevent the equipment from rusting. This helps to prolong the usage period as well.
5. Do not use chemicals with acidic and alkali for cleaning.


Do you see that “mechanic tool” such as “blower” is not limited to the circle of mechanics only. You can be used in daily life as well. If next time you have the opportunity to visit the hand tools department. Be sure to look for a good, qualified blower to work.

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