Blackout curtains are popularly used among modern homes, with all features such as black out light, block sunlight, block air from air conditioner or even use for dividing the room into proportions. There are various design and colors for you to choose for home decoration. No wonder, blackout curtains are popularly used by many people. Somehow, many people who are looking forward to buy curtains for home decoration may have doubts. What are blackout curtains? What the qualifications? How to choose curtains that meet our needs? And How high is the curtain price to be of good quality? HomeGuru has all the answers in this article.

Know the type of fabric before buying curtains

In general, there are some elements that we may not see hidden. The fabric for making curtains consists of 4 different types of main fabrics:
1. Curtain is a main fabric that has a variety of styles,  can be in the form of natural fibers which a lot of light penetrates thru, and in the form of synthetic fibers that has more thickness to block more light.
2. Sheer Fabric is a synthetic fabric that is used to  make another layer of curtains to help camouflage,  and enhance the house to look beautiful.
3. Blackout Fabric is the star of all the curtains, it has the ability to block the light up to 99%. Available in both PVC and synthetic fibers. Some blackout curtains come with UV coating or fireproof as well.
4. Backing Fabric is an additional fabric at the back to help keep the fabric from fading and keep the shape of the curtain.

What are blackout curtains?

Blackout curtains are curtains that block natural light like sunlight or other lights such as lights in the house, including UV light. Blocking sunlight or heat is just one feature that can be obtained from light protection.

Blackout curtains are made from special fabric through the process of coating the back of the fabric with at least 3 layers of foam. Some blackout curtains are coated with silicone on the 4th layer for the efficiency of light protection up to 99%. Therefore, blackout curtains are suitable for bedroom or the room that needs complete darkness.

With the features of the curtain that can be considered as the most effective because it is thick, opaque and the fabric is usually Polyester Polymer mixed with substances for sun and heat protection. In addition, blackout curtains can be divided into many types:

Foam Coating Blackout Curtain is sunscreen curtain coated with foam at the back. The surface feels like a sponge. It is thicker than other blackout curtains. Aside from the thickness of the fabric, it blocks light well and also help reduce noise. In the meantime, it is not durable for long term use.

Silicone Coating Blackout Curtain is developed from foam coating. You can see the back of the curtain is coated with silicone which is not flexible and soft, but able to maintain the shape well, orderly and beautifully. The curtain is good for blocking light and air from air conditioner.

Mercury Coating Blackout Curtain has heat reflection property and reduce heat accumulation. But currently, it is not popularly used because it is expensive, not durable and consists of main component such as mercury that may affect health.

Black Thread Blackout Curtain is curtain for blocking light, but not as good as other blackout curtains. It is more beautiful than other blackout curtains. With the technique of inserting black thread into the middle of the fabric during the weaving process, making the fabric sway, has good weight, stay in good shape spontaneously and durable for long term use.

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