Broken Pipe How to deal with this problem when you know it? And the cause when it’s too late to solve, I realized that the water bill went up higher than usual because there was no warning. You may not observe any abnormalities during the day’s water use to see if there were any broken plumbing in the house. Today, HomeGuru has a way to check the leaky plumbing. And equipment for preliminary inspection of leaky plumbing to prevent problems that will come after broken pipe for you.


3 points to be careful of broken water pipes

Checking the leakage point of water pipes to prevent a water pipe break, it is necessary to check the plumbing at each point in the house with a simple method, just turn off the water valve in the house. It is advisable to close the upper floor first to check. Then switch to the ground floor when the water valve is closed, observe the meter saying Numbers to measure water consumption are running or not. If still running, you can assume that there may be a broken pipe, first check the water pipes on the floor, inside the house first and then chasing the 3 points of plumbing as follows:

Check for broken plumbing in the wall

If the house wall or the local area next to the wall is damp, dripping water and wet dripping. Without knowing why to check the plumbing on the wall and on the floor. This may cause a leak or crack if the wall is not overlapped with another layer. Homeowners can check it themselves. But if the walls of the house are hidden walls, the detection of broken pipes requires a professional help in the inspection and repair.


Check the broken pipe under the floor

Actually, checking Broken plumbing under the floor It is quite difficult because the underground plumbing Can’t see If a breakage occurs, the floor must be dismantled for repair. But there is an easy way to observe and every home can do it yourself. Just walk to examine the outside of the house. And the lawn that there is water leaking, waterlogging with moss or not or the ground collapses more than any other area. If there is, there may be a plumbing leak under the ground.

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Check the broken plumbing in the ceiling

Plumbing inspection around the ceiling It is quite difficult, as is the wall area and underground area. But if any house has a plumbing plan, it can help make it easier to check the plumbing points. Because now the plumbing will be hidden under the ceiling to help make the house more beautiful except for the Loft style house which focuses on bare cement.

The inspection process is not difficult for a housing project, whether it is a single house or a townhome, the service box can be opened in the ceiling area in the bathroom area, walkway area or, if it is an old house, the ceiling can be opened to check for broken plumbing by looking at the joints. And pipe lines that there are water leaks or not by wrapping cloth or tissue around the joints and then running the water if the cloth is wet, it means that the area has leaked. Need to fix it immediately.


How to check plumbing for leaks

Water bills are rising for no reason. One of the reasons that may be due to a broken pipe is leaking water throughout the day. Without which the owner of the house was unaware and did not notice When the water bill comes, it may turn up the money as well. Therefore, observe the numbers that the meter shows the amount of water supply that is still walking. When no one in the house uses water or not if you are walking, quickly find the broken pipe just in case.

The water pump is running all the time. When the water is not turned on, the pump will pause, but if the water pipes are broken or leaking, the amount of water in the reservoir tank will be reduced if there are many leaks or cracks in the pipes. This will make the water pump working hard or hearing the sound of the water pump working all day annoying. And more than that is the cost of water and the increased electricity cost followed as well.


The ground outside around the hometown collapse and there is water constantly wet the floor until resulting in a mossy stain. It is humid. It has accumulated over a long period of time which may have negative effects in the long run. The ground softened and collapsed, causing problems to escalate. And there is a higher repair cost, so if the ground is stagnant It can be assumed that there may be a broken plumbing pipe under the floor.


The water flows softly when the faucet is turned on, doing various tasks such as showering, washing dishes, and feeling the soft, light flow, possibly due to the pressure. And the amount of water sent to the faucet or to reach less which is caused by a leak or a broken pipe on the way as well.

Found water stains. Even on days when it doesn’t rain. But looked up to look at the ceiling or the wall of the house and found a water stain and dripping water on a daily basis Immediately check the plumbing in the ceiling area. Because there may be a problem Broken plumbing in the ceiling Long-standing lice can damage the walls of the house. The ceiling is damaged and water can drip between each ceiling cavity.


Pipe leak detection equipment

Pressure Gauge is the main instrument for measuring water pressure in pipes. You can specify the pressure in different units. Available in both conventional and oil types. Selection of use, just select the appropriate for the job to be used, for example, if you want to measure water. Recommend to choose a low measure area and has a high resolution at the measuring range.

Water Sensor or water leak sensor with modern technology, it is easier to detect leaks. Because it can easily alert via mobile phone Which the device will alert when the user takes the device to detect the suspected water leak or not.

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Inspection of broken water pipes and leaks of plumbing Either in the ceiling, under the ground, or anywhere else the homeowner cannot see. Equipment is required to assist the inspection. Or if any house is not sure and have no expertise in this field at all Looking for a specialist to help fix a broken plumbing problem is probably the best solution. Or sometimes looking for an Emergency Service or emergency service that will help solve the problem of broken plumbing during night time, it is another equally good choice.


Broken pipe is one of the unpredictable problems. Checking as HomeGuru said above Is the way that every The house can be done by yourself easily. In order to prevent problems that escalate later especially the problem of water bill that will rise until it is quite a headache.

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