A kitchen is more than just a stunning backsplash and gorgeous cabinets. Integrate these thoughtful tips when planning your kitchen remodel for a functional and easy to workspace and live in. Sometimes, budget kitchen remodeling is a solution that many families are looking to increase the space in the back of the house to be worthwhile. Especially housing projects, townhomes, and detached dwellings nowadays usually have a washing area in the back of the house for adding a Thai kitchen to the back of the house. Most of them prefer airy kitchen extension in the style of cement kitchen or renovate the kitchen with laths to add beauty and design to the home. But there are often problems with the budget for the kitchen renovation in the back of the quite high price.

For any home that plans to renovate the kitchen but has limitations on the budget, HomeGuru has an idea to add a kitchen. At an affordable price, beautiful, complete, pleasant to use, answering every kitchen task. Let’s see tips together.


Budget kitchen remodeling ideas, beauty and suit all kitchen tasks

1. Kitchen working area


The size of the usable area that needs to be added should be appropriate, not too small or too big. Because even if the additional space is large, the budget for the kitchen renovation will be higher. Most of the area for the kitchen extension in the back of the house is about 15-20 square meters.

Determining the usable area in the kitchen extension should be considered practical both in the corridor area and the kitchen counter. The corridor should be about 90-120 centimeters wide. The kitchen counter should be 60 centimeters deep to make it more convenient.

2. Choosing your kitchen style


Before adding the kitchen, you should choose the style and design of the kitchen that you want to be done first. Such as renovate the kitchen with laths, loft-style, minimalist or modern style. For convenience and ease in purchasing furniture and equipment, kitchenware sets for use. Because if the type is not clearly defined, it may cause the budget to escalate during the extension.

3. Consider your kitchen countertop


Regardless of the airy kitchen extension, the most essential element of any kitchen for cooking is the kitchen counter. You should choose a kitchen counter that has a solid construction and easy to maintain. Nowadays, cement kitchen counters are popular kitchen countertops because they don’t need to be decorated with countertop materials that require a high budget. It gives the kitchen style a unique loft style.

If you don’t like loft-style kitchens, you can also choose to install additional countertops as well. But should select materials that are not very expensive and worthwhile, especially in terms of beauty and maintenance, such as ceramic tiles with various patterns to choose from at economical prices.

4. Freestanding kitchen is an affordable option


Built-in costs are pretty high because it requires the design and hiring of specialized technicians to install. Choosing a ready-made kitchen instead of an airy kitchen extension is another option to save your budget. In addition, it also has full functionality that ready-made kitchens are available for use from cabinets, doors, floating cabinets, and kitchen counters. Importantly, you can choose the style of the kitchen set according to the size of the space.


• U-Shape kitchen set is suitable for the addition of a kitchen with a size of 3X3 meters to support most kitchen tasks.
• I-Shape kitchen set, suitable for adding a small kitchen and not focusing on cooking much.
• L-Shape kitchen set is suitable for adding a kitchen with an area of 2X2.5 meters for a small house that cooks moderately and needs quite a lot of usable space.



This modular kitchen CABIN is a prefabricated kitchen set with a modern design, designed to match all styles of the airy kitchen extension. It can be matched with both old and new concrete kitchens and prefabricated kitchens. It consists of a sink, a counter, and a kitchen shelf. To make it convenient and easy to prepare every food menu. At a price that is worth it. The kitchen set is made of PVC surface material, so it is easy to clean and maintain.

5. Some kitchens do not require a range hood


For budget kitchen remodeling, some functional equipment such as a range hood may not be necessary to install. Because most of the airy kitchen extension and renovate the kitchen with laths will focus on the open space, airy, no walls or installation and glass windows for ventilation. It helps reduce odors caused by food instead of installing a hood. This will significantly save the cost of purchasing and installing a hood.

เครื่องดูดควัน เครื่องดูดควันมาตรฐาน เครื่องดูดควัน

6. Repurpose old furniture

Even with the new airy kitchen extension, old equipment and furniture can be reused without buying a whole new one to save on decorating costs. Or, if any house likes DIY work, crafting a storage cabinet to store kitchen equipment is another good choice to decorate the kitchen at an affordable price.

7. Using multi-functional furniture


The area in the kitchen extension is sometimes not very spacious. Therefore, choosing multifunctional furniture is another option to save space and budget for purchase and installation. For example, suppose you build a small kitchen counter in any corner of the kitchen extension, in addition to being used as a food preparation area. In that case, it can also be used as an area for sitting and dining at the same time.

8. Choosing the right gas stove


Although embedded stoves are more beautiful and luxurious than top gas stoves, but for budget kitchen remodeling, you should consider the functionality that is worthwhile compared to the price. Although top gas stoves are not as beautiful as embedded gas stoves. But in terms of price, it’s worth it because it starts at thousands. And most importantly, maintenance and use for Thai kitchens are more convenient and more manageable than choosing a built-in stove.

เตาแก๊สตั้งโต๊ะ เตาแก๊ส เตาแก๊สตั้งโต๊ะ 2 หัวแก๊ส

And all these are ideas for budget kitchen remodeling that HomeGuru brings up tips and ideas to recommend for every home. But the most important thing besides the design is to plan the budget to be worth it by considering the necessity, suitability, and functionality of the complete kitchen. You should choose a reliable specialist technician, does not leave the job, and is guaranteed the structure. So that the airy kitchen extension is not a problem in both design and construction during long-term use.

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