Camping equipment, one of the family trends that love living off the roof by going out to camp at various locations. But some houses choose to use the field as a place to change the atmosphere of relaxation more easily. But how will you prepare yourself for camping and camping equipment? How can you let camping make you smile and fun for everyone in the family? HomeGuru has a checklist of 7 must-have items for your camping trip.


What are the 7 camping equipment?

Hiking tent and easy, foldable sleeping bag

The first thing to prepare and is an indispensable main device when going to a natural vacation or change the atmosphere to lounge lying in the field beside the house is to prepare a tent and an easy, foldable sleeping bag ready for overnight sleep to get the best atmosphere. By choosing a tent, choose one that is larger than the number of family members to make it comfortable and spacious, the weight of the tent should be 1.5 kg for easy transport and installation.

For camping equipment like sleeping bag, it is also a matter of investment. Because it allows sleeping in a natural place more comfortable. You should choose a sleeping bag that is small. But it provides good warmth, as may be seen from the manufacturer’s label that says each sleeping bag is suitable for what temperature.


Do not forget to prepare food

Sleeping matters, do not forget to prepare food for living off the roof. Preparing camping equipment for cooking BBQ grill, if it is not difficult to carry around, you can opt for a portable grill. Made from nature like bamboo to make it easy to decompose environmentally friendly after use.

To reheat, boil, fry, picnic gas stove and kitchen utensils such as a shallow pan, a boiling pot, a portable cutlery set and some portable utensils, don’t forget to take it in the bag. In case of cooking breakfast and dinner together.

Cold storage equipment

Even when camping in a chill atmosphere but with the sweltering Thai weather, preparation of cold storage equipment to help cool off, it is another way to help. Living off the roof, cooler is just carry camping equipment. Like a multipurpose soak tank foam box for storing food and drinking water all day long. By choosing a tank that can soak and keep cool for about 8 hours continuously, focus on functions in use that can easily open and close the tank. It will help make it easier to go out to camp.

ตั้งแคมป์ปิ้ง อุปกรณ์แคมป์ปิ้ง อุปกรณ์แคมป์ปิ้ง


Folding utility cart

Camping equipment, prepared for living off the roof, you should have quite a small quantity. Finding help to make transporting equipment easier can help save the family from having to carry multiple rounds. A utility cart is suitable for camping should choose a vehicle that can support the weight well. With rubber coated handle for firm grip and most importantly, it must be foldable for convenience and ease of transport.

Lighting equipment

Going camping in most natural settings, usually, there is no electricity to prepare camping equipment that gives light like a flashlight, a flashlight hanging in a tent or at present, there is a solar field light, it will help to save more electricity bills. It also increases safety during the camping as well. Or some houses may add flair to the camping with flashing lights to help add light and colors make camping fun and not boring.


Picnic set

Another camping equipment which is indispensable and must have at all is portable, folding picnic chair, foldable picnic field bench or a folding picnic set. Don’t think it’s a hassle to carry a chair or table when going camping. This is because most areas of camping are lawn or ground where moisture is accumulated. Laying the cloth on the floor might not be very comfortable. Most of the time, the picnic chairs are made from rust-proof aluminum and are light in size, making them easy to move without being a burden during travel.

ม้านั่งสนามปิคนิคพับได้ ชุดสนามปิกนิก เก้าอี้ 4 ตัว เก้าอี้ปิคนิคพับได้


Convenience equipment

Not only about food and only about sleep, toilet hygiene matters are also not to be overlooked. Preparation of hygienic products such as portable urine bag, toilet sprayer, portable toilet and toilet seat pad to go along during the trip. And camping can help the family feel at ease and not worried about going to the bathroom quite well.

Like a portable toilet, an ideal solution for everyone in the family when it comes to emergency toilet trips. In which the bag will contain gel to absorb liquid so that users do not worry about spilling a mess and there is a disturbing smell. Or in some homes if you are concerned about germs. At present, there is an innovative UVC toilet flushing machine that can kill microorganisms easily, easy to carry, and has a long service life.

กระบอกฉีดชำระพกพา เครื่องฆ่าเชื้อชักโครกด้วยแสง แผ่นรองนั่งชักโครก


Not only the preparation camping equipment, as HomeGuru mentioned above, going out to the roof life There are many more Factors to consider such as the weather, the destinations we will be camping in and travel. Therefore, it is necessary to plan how to cure boredom at home. Otherwise, rest can be more harmful than good for the whole family.

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