Taking care of the house after the flood is safe and happy

Flooded houses have become a common problem for many homes. Thailand, some areas may flood because the storm that blows in many times, but many houses flood and flood again every year, flooded houses often not as worried as the house that first flooded because the house that is flooded often most have a response plan and can live happily with the flood disaster.

But the house that has just experienced the first flood when the water low may do anything. Without being careful, the house therefore introduced 10 points that must be especially careful when having to inspect the house so that every house can take care of the house flood safely don’t forget to share these knowledge, share it with friends who are affected by the floods in different provinces.

1. Keep calm, don’t just use the electric system

It is well known that water is a conductive medium that can cause life-threatening to explore the house after the flood The investigator is absolutely obliged to wear safe clothes. This can prevent electric shock and should not turn on any electrical systems before experts come to inspect and repair. The best thing is to cut the electric system if the electric circuit breaker is still on, to shut down all electrical systems while also contacting an electrician or someone who has knowledge and expertise to check again

For electrical appliances caught in water, do not throw it away. In most cases, if the internal electrical system is still short-circuited, when the sun is dry, it can be reused again. Or if the symptom is damaged or damaged, it can be repaired.

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2. Real wood furniture, do not expose it to sunlight

Real wood furniture Including wooden doors or any utensils manufactured using real wood materials After exposure to moisture or Being soaked in water for a long time The wood will swell because the wood absorbs moisture from the water. Many houses are modified as well. Exposing wood furniture in the sun to expel moisture. The result is that these wood are bending, bending. The correct method should be to place wooden furniture in the shade. May be placed outside the house with a roof to dry air when the wood is dry, then can be repaired, painted or lacquer.

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3. Wait 1-2 months before being repainted

After the water has subsided, what is clearly visible is the stains on the walls of the house. Many homeowners endure to can’t see these gloom. So hurry to paint the new house. The result is the paint is hard to stick and does not endure. After a few months the symptoms peel off the wall. That is because the walls of the house after the flood will have high humidity, while the house paint is usually acrylic which doesn’t like much moisture.

What you can do is wash the wall and wait. If the discoloration occurs, smooth the sanding. When the rain stopped Continuous sunlight for 1-2 months. Repaint the foundation and choose to repaint as needed. Dry walls will last longer than damp walls.

รออีก 1-2 เดือน ถึงจะทาสีใหม่ได้

4. Durable water pump may break down

Water pump is an appliance that is resistant to weather conditions. But in situations that are flooded for many days, pumps that are submerged in water may also be a problem. Should check the water pump and pressure tank equipment. Because in between flooding may cause foreign objects to cause problems with the water pump. Resulting in the pressure tank working malfunctioning, the method of checking basic operations is simple by considering the sound while the machine is working and Look at the water pressure in the pipe, whether the force is the same or not.

If there is something wrong, find a basic tool to remove it. To check the internal conditions, the main parts are the motor, water pump, dismantle the chest into pieces. Rinse with water, remove stains from the coil of the armature and then dry out. Or use the dryer to dry check that the gold coil buoy is clean, no deterioration, no shock, no leakage, wet bearings, the bearings are rusted, etc. in water pumps that are experiencing a lot of problems. Or the device does not work Initial check and still not improved should be sent to a professional technician to check and repair as soon as possible before the rust sticks.


5. There may be something hidden in the water tank

Things that must always be a water pump Is a water tank. Currently, there are 2 types of water tanks available on the ground and Underground water tank for water tanks on the ground, homeowners can check easily. Just use the ladder to climb up to open the lid to explore foreign objects that may enter the water tank. Or even ordinary houses that have not been found The situation of flooding, it is strongly advised to check the water tank frequently. Because when used for a long time, the tank that used to be clean will have foreign particles hidden in may cause unclean water.

The underground water tank will be harder to detect and may be more affected by the flood. Since the underground area will be underwater if the water tank installation is not good. Impurities that come with water may leak into the water tank. This case needs technicians with specific expertise to explore.

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6. Beware of poisonous animals conceal in the dark corner

When flooding occurs, not only people who flee the water, various animals flee the water to survive as well. Things to be aware of are various poisonous animals that are usually hidden in the hollow grass forest when flooding for a long time, these animals will try to find a high place to survive. The most favorite place is our home.

The nature of poisonous animals will not live in open areas. But will live in a dark corner, so the house owner Need to dismantle all the dead spots. In order to be sure that there will be no hidden animals If you encounter a poisonous animal, do not be impatient to bash. Just find a device to help catch and release it where it should be, or if it is a poisonous animal such as a snake. You can call the local rescuers Jor. 100 or even the firemen, they are happy to come to service.


7. Be careful of the ceiling collapse

For houses that are flooded in the first floor or houses that have gusts up to the point that causes the roof to fall off. Make the ceiling directly affected by water usually, the ceiling is a material made of gypsum mineral which is heavy and able to absorb water to a certain extent The point to be careful is the blemish that is carrying water may fall off which may cause fatal accident with the homeowner should make a preliminary examination with the naked eye If the blemish has sagged or has trace of large amounts of water stains, must demolish before repairing other parts.


8. Smoking is strictly prohibited

When flooding, things tend to rise including gas tanks in the kitchen which, if floating or bumping into any object may result in gas cylinders leaking if entering the kitchen and can smell the gas to check or call the gas shop to check Inspection process for houses after flooding. Therefore, absolutely must refrain from smoking otherwise there may be a disaster worse than the flood.


9. Don’t worry

For houses that are not flooded very high or able to move belongings to the second floor will not be affected much. But for some areas, at the very high flood before the water decreases for a period of weeks or months, so it is necessary to temporarily evacuate when returning to check the damage, many homeowners might not be able to accept what they found.

Important things before checking is to accept the fate and think that this event does not happen to us only. External items can still be purchased again. The important thing is to take care of your physical, mental health, take care of your home and return it to be more livable.

10. Be prepare

For the area That had already flooded There is a very high chance that this will happen again. Buying furniture and household appliances. Should choose materials that are suitable for the area condition at risk of flooding, such as should not choose furniture, plywood, MDF, because such wood is not resistant to water when trapped in water for a long time will Edema and macerate cannot be used again or may choose items with functions that can be easily lifted, moved or changed. Like DIY shelving made from metal materials waterproof and adjustable in height.


Aside from belongings, if possible, it is especially important to prepare a support plan, such as raising the house higher to prevent water from entering However, flooding events for certain areas may not be heavy or occur frequently. Just prepare space for moving belongings may be sufficient for safety in the event of a flood.

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