Like a commercial building or modern houses that look like flat slabs because they will be affected by Leaky Deck clearly in the rainy season Until residents may have to seep on the roof. The source of the problem is sometimes caused by small cracks that the homeowner did not notice or cannot find the cause. If left out of the small marks, will leak chronically, gradually destroying the floor structure until it becomes a big issue that unbearable. This content “HomeGuru” takes you to check the cause of the leak and deposit for the homeowner to observe the deck at home and keep checking and also offers a service to end the repetitive leak problems or Leaky Deck from HomePro to choose from.


4 main reasons for a Leaky Deck

1. Clogged drains

For general house roofs, can be designed to allow rainwater to flow out of the roof immediately. But for the roof It is necessary to design a drainage channel to prevent water from accumulating or overflowing into the house wall. Preliminary landmarks If there is water leakage, check the drainage points. That anything is clogging up or not, all debris, leaves, filth, because if the drainage hole cannot be drained. Water that has been trapped on the roof for a long time Will penetrate into the next layer. But if the drain hole still works well will help reduce waterlogging greatly reducing the chance of leakage.

2. Deteriorated concrete lifetime waterproofing

Casting concrete decks. Technicians usually mix waterproofing into the concrete or if the standard is high, apply another layer of waterproofing. These waterproofing products will act instead of water to liquid concrete to make the concrete tight reduce the occurrence of holes in the concrete to be less and more opaque, thus helping to effectively solve the problem of Leaky Deck.


But these waterproofing products have a lifetime On average, acrylic systems last for about 5 years. Polyurethane system for about 10 years, so homeowners should not ignore. Must regularly check the roof deck periodically, when found problems will be corrected in a timely manner.


3. Deck design mistakes

This problem is rare if the homeowner hires an architect to design the house. But in reality the creation house in Thailand, most homeowners hire technicians to draw designs. When you get the design, contact the technician to complete construction work which is different to hiring an architect to design or to have a standardized house builder company do the work for you.

The deck is a water supporting area. The design must therefore have a slope to the drain at the right angle. Which, according to the standard, should have a slope of at least 1: 200, which means that at a distance of 200 meters, the level of the floor must be reduced by 1 meter (10 meters reduced by 5 centimeters).


For installing a drain on the deck (Roof Drain), the drain sleeve should be placed at once. Because if drilling the ground to install the drain later there may be a risk of leakage. Large pipes should be used at least 3 inches in diameter and should have more than 2 points to help drain water faster. For some houses that do not have a pipe cover installed to prevent debris, dust, and leaves that might get clogged, it is also another cause of clogging and causing water to leak as well.


4. The roof is leaking because of the wrong construction

The most common cause of roof leakage is common. A lot from wrong construction Especially the house that needs to save budget. The owner or contractor chooses to use precast concrete slabs. Which the finished slab will suitable for use with only home flooring. In the case that the deck flooring cannot be used as precast concrete, due to the nature of the slabs will be laid together. After that, the technician poured concrete into another layer. When used for a while, the deck would receive heat from sunlight, cause stretching expansion of concrete at this point, causing cracks between the precast concrete slabs. Is the main cause of leakage.


How to construct a deck correctly, must be casted in concrete only in which the technician will have to pour concrete in the wood with steel reinforcements inside. The resulting concrete is the same. And the concrete of the deck should be 12-15 cm thick so that it is opaque enough to prevent rainwater flowing down the drain. Before absorbed into the bottom layer if the concrete is too thin, it will cause the reinforcing steel in the floor to rust and expand pressure concrete to be able to crack as well.

The leak proof deck can be solved with Home Service

To prevent all of the above problems, must start from the design and construction of the deck by considering the prevention of leakage standards as from the beginning but for a completed house got into residence. If a leak occurs, it is necessary to use an expert in finding the exact cause of the problem to help reduce the repetitive leak problems.


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Home Service by Homepro There is a full deck service for home lovers. Service starts The consultant gave advice on how to fix the leak. Analyze the cause as well as proceeded by an expert technician Professional professionals from HomePro that has been trained directly from the product owner track progress on-site throughout, no problem, we have one stop service products and services in one place.

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