A kitchen that meets practical needs. It is the key to the smooth cooking process especially for Thai food menus that have to be pounded and chopped. Food preparation area, in addition to taking into account the beauty and order. Therefore, it must be ready to handle extra weight and impact as well. Most houses in Thailand, therefore, popular to use “Cement Kitchen Counters” are almost all houses. In this content “HomeGuru” brings together a few types of knowledge about Cement Kitchen Counters, how many pros and cons to get to know more about the kitchen countertop.


Advantages of cement kitchen countertops

1. Strong and durable, suitable for cooking all the savory dishes, sweet and heavy Thai cookware such as mortar and pestle.
2. Cement kitchen counters can go well with many styles of homes. Either the country mood or the modern modern house, either Thai, Chinese or Western kitchens.
3. Cement kitchens can be used with a variety of surface finishes such as tiles, wood, real stone, artificial stone, etc., which will give the kitchen a different mood, such as large black synthetic stone slabs, making the kitchen look modern and sleek, bare concrete top gives the natural beauty. Compatible with modern loft-style houses or industrial-style houses, etc.
4. Prices for materials and construction labor are not expensive. General mechanic, familiar, has been through the work. The process is not difficult. Easy to find technician.


There are two main methods of making a kitchen countertop today: concrete casting. Which is a very popular traditional method and making kitchen countertops with lightweight concrete panels. Each of these methods has different advantages.

ชุดเครื่องครัว ชุดเครื่องครัว ชุดเครื่องครัว


Making cement kitchen countertops by casting concrete

Making a kitchen countertop with concrete casting method It’s a traditional method that builders are familiar with. Suitable for making from the construction of the house or the extension work after. The technicians will use red brick, concrete blocks or lightweight bricks. Build a base first Then make the model wood and reinforce the iron according to the appropriate proportion. If you want to make a floating counter without a brick base. The wall must be drilled so that the reinforcement is attached to the wall. When the model is ready, pour the mixed concrete.

After pouring concrete in the form. Make a smooth plastering or polished putty in case there are no other counter tops to cover, but if you want to add beauty to your style and want the counter tops to look after. Easy to clean. It is recommended that there should be a covering material such as tile, stone worktop, or suitable material as required.

เคาน์เตอร์ครัวปูน สวยๆ

เคาน์เตอร์ครัวปูน สวยๆ

Making a kitchen countertop with lightweight concrete

Countertop method with first method or concrete casting. The disadvantage is that it is complicated. You Have to wait for the concrete to set and if installed later, the site will be messy and complicated. Therefore, suitable for the construction of the house rather than after installation. At present, there is a new method by using precast concrete produced at the factory which will be the standard of strength. It is also quick to install. If the kitchen area is not a lot, it only takes one day to complete.

Steps for how to make a counter mortar from lightweight concrete. Initially, the technician will measure the size of the kitchen area. Then order the lightweight concrete panels of the desired size. The actual work, just to assemble, install and cement the concrete slabs with adhesive mortar. Then putty is done to get the look of the kitchen counter. Not different from general cement kitchen. You can also decorate the worktop with other materials to be beautiful as well.

เคาน์เตอร์ครัวปูน สําเร็จรูป เคาน์เตอร์ครัวปูน แบบเคาน์เตอร์ครัวปูน


The disadvantage of this method is that it is often higher than the concrete casting itself. And it must be made to order from the factory which may have to wait longer for material or in some areas may not support the order. The flexibility of concrete casting is also higher and more economical.

At this point, you have seen many advantages of a cement kitchen. But this does not mean that the cement kitchen has no disadvantages in its use. First of all, it is important to understand that any mortar, any kind of work done by humans may have faced some imperfections. Which if the technician is not neat enough, the work may not be beautiful. Therefore, it is necessary to use a technician who has experience with a lot of kitchen countertops first. In addition, the mortar has moisture problems. Characteristics of using a kitchen that requires a sink to wash dishes therefore causing high humidity. Cement cooking kitchen is suitable for airy areas. There is plenty of natural light, good ventilation or if in the house. You should penetrate the open window to receive natural light and ventilate the interior. Reduce both humidity, it also helps in killing germs in the body. Resulting in a more hygienic kitchen and the last disadvantage is. It is a permanent job and cannot be moved. Doing it requires a long installation. If moving to the position, only need to dismantle it. Before doing so, it is necessary to carefully design and plan the installation location. So that you won’t have to break it later.


Anyone who is thinking of cooking with cement kitchen either by casting concrete or using precast concrete. Therefore, having to select technicians who are intricate in the work and select good quality counter tops to get a beautiful, strong kitchen worth the budget to use to make delicious food, eat together in the family.

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