The PM 2.5 dust situation is still severe every year especially during December – March. Thai weather is dry and has low air pressure. As a result, during this period the dust will rise and accumulate in the atmosphere. The air will be stable and cannot transfer new air. However, air pollution is a problem that cannot be resolved quickly. The government and the public sector together to help reduce various factors that cause dust. But what we can do immediately is to prevent and fix dust inside the house. In this article, “HomeGuru” will guide you to learn ways to prevent dust and remove dust in the home. That can be easily done and done immediately, to make our house a dust-free house Breathe fully, even during a severe dust crisis.

Dust can occur for many reasons. Including dust from external pollution. The car that drives through our house including dust that occurs from living from within our own home. To make the house dust-free, it is necessary to prevent and eliminate dust as a whole, including home improvement methods that help reduce the factors of dust formation and how to remove dust with various helpers.


Prevent External Dust

Ways to prevent dust from outside can start from planting trees around the house. If anyone’s house is surrounded by trees, it is obvious that the dust inside the house is less common than the house that is exposed without trees. That’s because the tree helps to trap and filter dust. In addition, many tree species can help purify the air.

The external garden area should not be exposed to too much concrete. Plant ground cover such as grass, Brazil beans. These plants will help increase moisture and trap dust as well. On the other hand, if the house is clear, when the wind blows in dust can enter the house immediately.

ต้นไม้จริง ไฮเดรนเยีย กระถางต้นไม้ ชุดรดน้ำต้นไม้


And an important way for dust from the outside to enter the house is the door window. If it is an old house in the past, it is preferable to use louver windows. Cons of this type of window will not be able to close completely. There will be a small gap between the louvers. Resulting in tiny dust to creep in, recommend switching to a sliding glass window instead. It can be closed completely or if you don’t want to remove the old louvers, you may be installing sliding glass windows overlapped on another layer. This will help prevent dust and prevent external noise as well.

หน้าต่างUPVC บานเลื่อน หน้าต่างUPVC บานเลื่อน หน้าต่างUPVC บานเลื่อน


Prevent Internal Dust

As mentioned above, dust does not occur from the outside only. But dust still occurs in our own home. Start by observing where our houses are causing dust, such as brick-laying masonry walls, bare-cement walls, colored walls that are fading away, repair to make the wall surface smooth and shiny. In case of using masonry or bare concrete panels, apply another layer of coating to prevent the debris from sifting off the material and to prevent the dust sticking to the wall.

Choosing home products is another important cause of causing a lot of dust, avoid items such as fabric, carpet, and weave machinery. But choose to use leather, UPVC or other synthetic fibers that has the ability to not store dust instead. These materials, in addition to not collecting dust, can also be easily cleaned.

Inside of the house should be designed so there are small recesses to facilitate cleaning. And should not have excess cluttered belongings because the more things that are used or decorations will result in more dust being followed. It is also difficult to clean as well.

น้ำยาเคลือบผิว RTB น้ำยาเคลือบเงา TOA น้ำยาเคลือบหิน NIPPON


2 Helpers to Eliminate Dust in the House

Helpers to eliminate dust in the house. Start by removing dust with a vacuum. Nowadays, vacuum cleaner manufacturers have invented new innovations to help make dust removal a lot easier, including cordless vacuum cleaners that can be moved. Easy access to vacuuming in the corners and even at high heights. And a vacuuming robot that performs vacuuming in which the user can set the robot to vacuum every day according to different room plans of the house automatically.

Another helper is an air purifier. Popular electrical appliances that are becoming common appliances. Last year, sales of air purifiers jumped over 150,000 units. (Online specific statistics)
The most ordered month is during December – March. Also resulting in many brands of air purifiers being in short supply. Currently, air purifiers are available in many brands, from thousands to tens thousands. Depending on the quality of the air purifier and the size that is compatible with the use area. Before buying, it is necessary to check the room that you want to use, how many square meters of living space. So that the air purifier can purify the air thoroughly and at full efficiency.

เครื่องฟอกอากาศ เครื่องฟอกอากาศ BWELL เครื่องฟอกอากาศ AIRGLE


Both of these 2 devices may be considered a necessary pair of items. With vacuum cleaners to remove dust, both small and large. Some vacuum cleaners can vacuum super tiny dust 0.3 microns (smaller than PM 2.5 dust). The air purifier will absorb the filtered air that is contaminated with dust purify the fresh air so that residents can breathe in air everyday.


All 3 methods are important components that help our house reduce dust, which can control dust to approximately 1-10 mg / m3, which will be in good weather. However, during severe dust, we recommend that readers always check the dust before going out. If the outside dust value is more than 50 mg / m3, it is necessary to wear a mask with PM 2.5 dust protection capability. And if the dust value exceeds 250 mcg / m3 or more, should avoid leaving the house. Living inside the house or in a building that is dust-free is more comfortable.

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