Of the development of children when they glittered as painters, scribbling, smearing the colors all the way throughout the house. Parents may get headache when they see their children smearing colors and make the house messy. Would it be good if the colors are washable and safe for your children? HomeGuru recommends Crayola – children’s colors with special property like 100% non-toxic, safe and harmless for children. If parents are looking for activities that help support children imagination, creativity including wanting children to develop better in all aspects, don’t miss!!! Let’s get to know the colors for children through this article.

What is Crayola?

“Crayola” is the no.1 brand name from the United States, which is the leader of children’s stationery that helps to promote the development of children in each age excellently. Every Crayola product meets the highest European AP standards, 100% non-toxic, confirm safety without any toxic substances. That will be harmful to both touch and use or accidentally eat.

“Crayola” children’colors are divided into 3 groups:

1. My First Crayola (for ages 1-3 years old) is children’s colors that are designed for little children. It is a 100% non-toxic safe color and helps to develop the skills of children in the field of training, use small muscles such as hands and fingers, handing object and helping with handwriting.
2. Washable Colors (for ages 3-6 years old) is children of this age will begin to practice writing, fun with drawing and coloring. Which is considered an important period in encouraging the children to use their fully artistic imagination. In addition, the use of color stimulates various development, both the eyes and hands that coordinate together.
3. Colors for Creative, Arts and Crafts (for ages 3-6+ years old) For Crayola products in this group will increase the fun, supporting imagination and creativity in the age group from 3 years old to students and a group of people who are interested and like art.

The beginning of good development for the children

Who have little children, don’t miss! Crayola Color Wonder Mess Free Coloring is ranked as a special edition product with unique features. Crayola’s proprietary rights. Various color texture, magic color, finger paint, watercolor or color chopstick that will appear only on colored paper. Fun and exciting. And does not leave the color of the paper and messy on the skin. You can call it marvelous color.

Crayola Supertips – Magic color, washable popular Crayola color

When talking about the number one Crayola product that has won the hearts of people of all ages until it is the most popular is Crayola Supertips, magic pen with a complete set of features. The special thing is that the magic tip is designed in a triangle style, makes it possible to draw some thin lines and thick lines in one pen. Therefore, increasing the fun of writing and unlimited drawing or coloring.

Crayola Supertips with Calligraphy Writing. For anyone who likes art, this item is one item that occupies the heart of all people and is used in art and craft and calligraphy writing and suitable for students as well. For any one who is interested to buy Crayola Supertips, you can them in set of 10 colors, 20 colors, 50 colors and 100 colors.

The child’s imagination is not just writing on paper. But can be created onto every area of ​​the house. In which all the fathers and Mothers are not worried about toxins and dirt. On the contrary, will learn and see the baby’s development with Crayola, a color for children as well.

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