The bathroom is another area that many family pays attention to design. Because it’s not just a place to relax after a long day of exhaustion, it also reflects the taste and lifestyle in life. However, due to the limited space of today’s residences such as condominiums and townhomes, the function in the bathroom may not meet the specific usage requirements such as a bathtub, that is a problem for many homes that are rarely used or used very little. Changing bathtub to be a standing shower area is one option that helps increase the usable space in the bathroom to be used effectively and safe to use. Because some homes have baths but used as a space for standing showers combined with the lifestyles of modern people that need time to rush, soaking in a bathtub would not be the answer you should have. While also helping to make cleaning easier and reduce unnecessary expenses which the adjustment, HomeGuru has recommendations for all readers.

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decommissioning a bathtub

Things to know before decommissioning a bathtub

Demolition must be careful

Demolition is the primary issue that must be considered first. Initially, you must first look at what type of bathtub you have installed. If it is an embedded bathtub that is buried in a cement platform, you must start from the demolition of the sink counter. With the right tools, such as electric chippers, electric drills or rotary drills with impact systems. Not recommended to hammer, as it may cause damage later because cannot control the cracking. After that, start to demolish the top surface materials such as marble, granite tiles to decorate the bathtub and internal devices such as the navel tap, and then slowly lift the bathtub out. But if it is a floating bathtub, it will not be very complicated. Just take off the bathtub assembly. Then, you can dismantle the bathtub. The important thing during the demolition is not to forget to close the water pipe valve and water meter to prevent water seepage.

Cleanliness of the area

Cleanliness of the area

After demolition should clean the debris and various impurities, to be easy, convenient and reduce the time to adjust the bathroom floor and tiling.

Change a bathtub into a standing shower

Sewerage system

In most cases, in order not to complicate the installation and dismantling, many homes tend to use existing sewer pipes. If the original sewer is in an inappropriate position, recommended to adjust the ground to a slope so that water can flow to the sewer easily and preventing the occurrence of waterlogging. But if necessary to change the location of the sewer, you should choose to consult a specialist to change the location of the sewer, so as not to cause long-term flood problems.

Divide the wet zone and dry zone clearly

For easier use in the bathroom, after removing the bathtub, you should separate the wet zone or shower area, which is a heavy use area and the dry zone is the area where the sink and sanitary ware are installed with different floors. Or partitioned with clear glass according to the size of the bathroom. In addition, it makes the bathroom a proportion also helps the bathroom to be cleaned more easily.

Choose the right tiles

Choose the right tiles

Selection of tiles should be chosen to suit the type of use and suitability in designing the original bathroom so that the area in that area is not too prominent such as durable ceramic tiles. Easy to maintain but will absorb high water causing the surface to slip. Be careful, granite tiles are more scratch resistant than ceramic tiles and can support a lot of weight, mosaic is easy to clean, non-slip surface but easily broken. Suitable for decorating to add dimension to the bathroom. Glass tiles, similar to mosaic but will have luster and more translucent. Popular to add to add beauty, Grace porcelain tiles, non-slip surface contains soil, minerals, suitable for loft-style bathrooms.

Choose the right tiles

Although the bathtub is an item that many homes need to add beauty to the bathroom and provide comfort and relaxation after tired throughout the day.

But if the usage is not worth and must encounter with the problem of leaky bathtub. The tile wall is moldy and has moisture. The decision to change the bathtub should be a standing shower area is probably the best choice. Combined with the current demolition and installation is convenient and fast, takes only 4 days. New bathroom that meets all the needs of the family by recommending to find an expert to be a bathtub replacement assistant so as not to be worried about the safety of the demolition and installation, as well as a guarantee if damage occurs after the demolition and also install.

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