The brackish water problem is a near water problem that may damage the health of drinkers. Because brackish water or very salty contains high sodium which may affect health especially patient with kidney disease, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure. Infants and the elders are necessary to strictly control drinking water and eating food. However, the brackish water problem is only a small problem that is not difficult to solve. In this article, “HomeGuru” tells the source of the problem with a solution to help brackish water.

What is brackish water?

The cause of the brackish water problem caused by imbalances of nature arising from drought. Usually the tap water that we use Is a tap water that has its origin from various natural watersheds. The water will gradually flow into the river. Including entering dams or reservoirs allocated by the Royal Irrigation Department.

But in the last 2-3 years, the problem of drought has intensified. And saw the problem clearly and severely in the year 2020. Last month, the author had the opportunity to drive through various provinces in the lower northern region and upper central region. Aware that some rivers were dry which is dry to the level that can walk across the river with bare feet.


Natural water sources are not only found in rivers and streams, but there is still water from the sea that is very salty. Normally, the sea level is not stable. But will fluctuate according to the rotation of the world moon and sun, causing the sea to rise and fall more and more each day during the waning moon phase. If the river is not dry, sea water and rivers will have a balanced level with each other. But whenever the river starts to dry up will support the height of the sea, resulting in seawater to contaminate the river The river that used to be fresh was gradually salty. It can be seen that this brackish water problem occurs only in areas where the Department of Waterworks uses water from the Chao Phraya River and Mae Klong River to make water. The area is near the sea and there is high sea support.

How does the brackish water problem affect saltwater?

For water consumption, washing clothes, washing dishes, washing the body will not be affected. As for drinking and eating, what is immediately found is the taste of water. If anyone has noticed that drinking water from different sources. Different brands have different flavors. s for brackish water, drinking will not taste good.

For individuals, normally, the body is able to receive no more than 2,000 milligrams of sodium per day. From news reports that Tap water has approximately 200 milligrams / liter of sodium. That means that we need to drink up to 10 liters of tap water per day to get more sodium than the standard. But in our daily lives we drink only 2-3 liters of water a day, so it almost has no effect on health. But for patients who need low sodium, there will be random health risks especially patients with high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease. The elders and infants should avoid drinking salty, brackish tap water Including reducing all salty foods.

However, although brackish water does not have much effect on health and although the Department of Water has said that the tap water has passed the purification process can drink, From the author’s point of view, I still cannot drink completely. Because at least the said water would have to pass many more water pipes. Therefore, we cannot be sure how clean it is. Finding a helper like the water filter to use then feels more at ease.

Change the brackish water supply to be tasty and clean

Solutions and prevention at the household level can be done by installing a water filter. Currently, there are many types of water filters available. Most of which can eliminate germs, bacteria including eliminating various odors. Residential areas do not suffer from brackish water problems can use the normal water filter to drink as normal.

But if you want a water filter that helps solve the brackish water problem, helps to eliminate the saltiness of the water too must be a water purifier, Revers Osmosis system or popularly known as the RO system only. The RO system water purifier uses a pressure compression process to allow water to pass through the membrane which has the ability to filter up to 0.0001 microns or 500,000 times smaller than hair. he filtration will give a resolution of the level of ions and molecules of the solution in the water. Therefore, the water filtered with the RO system will be left with only pure water. No compounds or minerals are left at all. Drinking water sold in many convenience stores through the same RO process.

Currently, RO water purifier designed for use in many households and brands. Prices range from thousands to tens thousands such as MAZUMA, PURE, CLARTE, ASTINA and other leading brands. Before buying, notice the box or ask the staff first whether there is a RO system or not.

Harder than the brackish water problem is that there is no water to use

In other words, the brackish water problem may become a small problem compared to the lack of water. Nowadays, many areas in Thailand are experiencing severe drought. Which may reach the point where there is no temporary water at all. Therefore, it is important to help save water and prepare by having a water tank for reserve. For one day, the tap water doesn’t flow for many days in order to have water for consumption continuously. HomeGuru will bring good information on the purchase of water tanks and pumps for you to read more.

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