This time, HomeGuru would like to talk about Change LED Light bulb that light bulbs which provide us with convenience. Light bulbs were invented for over 200 years. The technology of incandescent lamps starts with incandescent lamps or incandescent bulbs and halogen lamps with the same working principle which this technology has been used for a long time. Until the era of energy-saving fluorescent lamps to give more light and has a longer service life. We have been with two lighting technologies that have been providing this light for hundreds of years. But only a few years ago, LED light technology develops quickly and is perfect for practical use in daily life.

LED lamps nowadays have high efficiency, low power consumption, have a long service life and does not create high heat. Resulting in the air conditioner not having to work too hard.


LED lamps today have a variety of designs so that they can be used with our original lamps. Whether lamp replacement or a compact compact fluorescent lamp using E27, halogen lamps MR16 and GU10 that are commonly used with spotlights. Round fluorescent light, FCL fluorescent lamp mounted in round ceiling light. And the most popular long-range T8 fluorescent lamps used from offices to residences.

Therefore, HomeGuru recommend to turn to help use LED lamps which has a variety of designs to better replace different light bulbs and will help reduce costs and provides the appropriate brightness for all applications as well.


LED bulb for E27

E27 lamp, which has been familiar for a long time since the incandescent or incandescent lamp. Until being replaced by a compact fluorescent lamp (CFL), or what we call energy-saving lamps which the lamp using E27 is still used continuously until now. Due to the convenience of purchasing for use. Therefore, Change LED Light bulb or replacing an LED bulb to replace an incandescent lamp and an energy saving lamp for E27 is very easy. Just screw it out and insert the E27 LED bulb without any wiring adjustment.

หลอด LED หลอด LED หลอด LED

หลอดไฟแอลอีดีสำหรับขั้ว E27

Buying LED lamps for lamps using E27 poles, it must be noted that the lamp is designed to be used in any way. As a ceiling chandelier or downlight, for example, because incandescent and energy-saving lamps emit surround light. While the light source of the LED lamp usually produces light in only one direction Therefore, LED lamps have various designs. Use many or many LED panels to properly emit light with different lamps.

You should study before buying, if unsure, photographic lamp and bring the old incandescent and energy saving lamps to the staff to see to choose the perfect replacement LED bulb.

หลอดไฟแอลอีดีสำหรับขั้ว E27

LED lamp for MR16 and GU10 terminals

This type of lamp is used in spotlights and down lights. The lamp has a built-in reflector. This type of lamp is usually a halogen lamp that provides a lot of light consumes electricity and has a high heat. Adjusting to use LED light bulbs is a very appropriate choice. Because nowadays LED lamps are of high quality, providing equal light but with lower power consumption and less heat dissipation. The LED panel is small, helps to design like a halogen lamp in all respects so it can be easily swapped.

หลอดไฟ LED หลอดไฟ LED หลอดไฟ LED

หลอดไฟแอลอีดีสำหรับขั้ว MR16 และ GU10

Round LED FCL light bulb

FCL lamps or circular fluorescent lamps used in ceiling lamps or generally popularly called the steamed bun lamp. These types of lamps will contain ballasts and starters. For replacing a round LED lamp to replace FCL lamps is not difficult. Just disconnect the plug from the original lamp. Remove the starter the ballast does not need to be removed. Because the plugs and wires of this type of lamp can be connected to the circular LED immediately. This tube is the same size as a traditional FCL tube, so it can be hung with the original lamp holder.

หลอดนีออนกลม LED หลอดนีออนกลม LED หลอดนีออนกลม LED

หลอดไฟแอลอีดีแบบกลม FCL

LED light bulb type T8

This type of lamp is designed to replace the T8 fluorescent lamp, also known as the slim tube. This is a popular light bulb that is used widely in offices, shops and homes. Even fluorescent lamps that are considered energy-saving already but LED technology helps to save almost double more as well as having a longer service life. So many people interested in looking for work but to switch to use a T8 LED bulb, you must choose the type of tube and the manufacturer brand. Because switching can be easily done if choosing the right product or can call an electrician to help install which is considered an easy and fast job.


The first type of T8 LED bulb designed for people who want to use “original” fluorescent lamps, therefore design special LED lamps and starters that will be sold with the lamps. Installation is easy, just change the original starter out Switch on the new starter that comes with the lamp set. And then put in the LED tube to use immediately without the need to remove the original ballast.

ชุดรางนีออน ชุดรางนีออน ชุดรางนีออน

หลอดไฟแอลอีดี T8

The second type, the lamp is two-way or double-ended, which has only one lamp. Designed to fit for “new” installation lamps that have wiring in from the lamp holders on both sides. Without using ballasts and starters for the case that is used with the original lamp The first thing that must be done is to disconnect the power cable that connects – exits the ballast. (You may also remove the ballast if it’s easy to do or leave it without any problems), then take the wires that were connected to – come out and connect them together with dice. Connect the wires for safety. The starter can be removed and then put in the LED tube to use immediately.


The third type, the lamp is single-ended or single-ended which has only one lamp as well. This type of lamp has only L and N (positive – negative) polarity. In addition to observing the label. The cap area is clearly marked. For the case of installing a “new” lamp, just have the technician wire it to one side of the lamp pole.

Without using ballasts and starters for use with “original” lamps, it is necessary to remove the wires that connect to and from the ballast then brought together to connect with dice to connect the wires.


Choosing good LED light bulb, HomeGuru recommends to use the leading manufacturer brands selected and sold by trusted distributors. Because nowadays there are many non-standard LED bulbs in the market which often does not distribute light well. The brightness does not meet the label and short service life. Although cheap, but not worth the money lost. Finally, installing or changing electrical systems must consider safety.

Unsure which product, you should consult the salesperson about the implementation and if unsure about the installation, only qualified technicians should install.

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