Built-in cabinets are not always the answer to increase living space. There is still an easier and faster way, and there is no need to call a technician to design. Assess the price as well. Try changing from the original cabinet style into a complementary design to meet the usage in your own way. Freely specify the size and layout without limiting which part of the house wall.

We are talking about “Steel keel” or formally called “rack rail”, which has both single hole and double hole, acts as the main structure, attaches to the wall to support the weight of the addition to be various types of face layers on the walls of your home without restrictions on the size, width of the space as a specification but you can design your own storage rack. Let’s see how this steel keel can be designed in any way.


Small S-sized corner space for additional space

Free space, even small, can be made into a living space, an empty wall next to the cabinet in the kitchen. Small book writing corner or even areas that are often neglected to organize. Try to make a layer by using steel keel as the main structure. Fixed to the wall, left, right, then lay the wooden shelf or basket grating for separating storage categories. This is how you create a small space. You will have more capacity in a light budget that is done quickly.


Compact corner size M, suitable for all areas

If there is a little space, like the wall above the kitchen counter above the desk in the laundry room or make an empty wall into a bookshelf. These areas can be transformed into storage areas. Just bring 3 or more bone steel lines to align as a weight support frame. Spread the vertical widths according to the width of the planks and grilles. Attach the arms to the steel shelf in the hole to the desired width of the rack. From then, design what you want the shelf to look like either a flat sheet wood floor or a sieve floor which depends on what each channel we use to put.


Add a space to fill the wall in size L

For houses or rooms that want to create a large vertical space, it can be done unlimitedly. Because we can lay the structure with steel keel as wide as the wall of the room in any size whether it’s the mother’s dressing room, father’s home theater corner or work corner that needs storage space for various documents, you can use steel keel as a helper to create a storage rack that designed the width of the floor freestyle.


Advantages of open air shelf with steel keel

1. Increase the vertical storage space with all areas in the house. Regardless of whether the wall of your house is small or large.
2. Quick installation, you can do it yourself.
3. Cheaper price than built-in furniture.
4. No need to wait for a technician.
5. You can change the width often.
6. Remove or disassemble the installation.
7. It can be added as needed.
8. Budget control.

We can design the shelf to become a large walk-in closet. By mounting aluminum railings Leave a wide space for hanging clothes. Before attaching accessories to help store jewelry, belts, ties or even the top shelf is a storage that is not often used.

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