Every house needs light, not only natural light. But still need artificial light from the bulb and the light doesn’t do the job of bright light alone. But can also be used to create a different atmosphere or add reflections and shadows. It can help add dimension to the point that needs to be emphasized as well. In this article “HomeGuru” takes you to know more about the color of the light to choose the Light Bulb to communicate the mood that the homeowner wants to express as much as possible.

Which light color gives the feeling?


Lighting is one of the strategies that interior designers use to create a more interesting home atmosphere. That is because the light has a different ‘color’ that feels different. It is important to choose the right light for your home use. The most common standard home light bulbs are available in four color schemes, each of which is suitable for the location or to create an ambience according to different contexts.


Warm White is a warm color with golden-orange color. Soft light is not very bright. It gives a feeling of relaxation, warmth and romantic atmosphere. Warm white light also reflects the decorative material that gives a golden light, creating a feeling of luxury. This light color is suitable for decorative applications or rooms that do not need a lot of light, such as bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms. Including its application in conjunction with the gardening that needs warmth and sweetness.

Tips: For people who have difficulty sleeping. Try changing the lamp in the bedroom to a warm white light. Orange tones will help create a sleepy atmosphere. Different from white lights will make the body awake, so it is harder to sleep.

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Natural White is a neutral natural color tone. The same light tone as the daylight. And there is still warmth, but the color will start to turn white. Relatively brighter compared to warm white, but can see the surroundings more clearly. It can be used in general. It fits easily into any environment such as dining room, dressing room and bedroom.


Cool White is the tone of the light is close to natural white with a more gradation of brightness. The appearance is a modern white light. Thus providing a brightness that is quite comfortable on the eyes. It can be applied to all kinds of work both inside and outside. This light, when reflected with stainless steel, glows to give a modern feel to it, making it ideal for a modern kitchen, living room, or any room that needs the right amount of light.

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Day Light is a white light with a blue tint, focus on high brightness. The color of the light helps to see things. Clearly in every dimension Inside the house will feel clean, fresh, enthusiastic, suitable for rooms or places that need adequate lighting such as office, classroom, reading corner. And the make-up corner that makes the color of the cosmetics not distorted from the original.


Color changing light bulb, finish every feeling in one tube

Each day, even in the same room, may require a different lighting context. Sometimes a light is needed to work in the bedroom. Some days I want to relax and chill out in the warm coffee like a coffee shop, different mood needs a light pattern to match. If it was before if you want to change the lighting in the room. There was hardly any other choice. In addition to changing the light bulb in a spot. But nowadays, we can meet more life needs by installing a function design bulb that can change more than 1 color in a single bulb. Which brands has been designed to meet the needs of most such as

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LED EVE color changing bulb

A60 9W 3 in 1 LED bulb, 3-color changeable in the same bulb with a push of a switch. Press for the first time, warm white color, warm light that gives a feeling of relaxation and romance. Press a second time, light it up. Close to the natural light during the day, press the third time, Cool White Light, cool white light that can be seen around the room clearly to return to the default setting, simply turn off the switch and wait 3 seconds, the lamp will warm white as before. Just click and press to answer the needs of use in adjusting the light, creating a variety of atmospheres, all in one bulb.

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สีหลอดไฟ ถนอมสายตา

LED LAMPTAN color changing bulb

It can adjust the brightness of 4 levels in 1 lamp to create the desired atmosphere of the room. Without modification or use of additional equipment which leveling can be easily done. Just press the originally installed switch, turn it off and on again. The lamp will adjust the brightness level from 100%> 50%> 25%> 12.5%, the brightness level will start at 100% when the switch is turned on every time. (Can be dimmed from 5-10% by using in conjunction with a general dimmers). 85% energy saving compared to incandescent lamps. There are many models to choose from. Each model has a long life from 8,000 – 20,000 hours, suitable for general use such as bedroom, living room, bathroom.

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Philips Smart color changing light bulb

Philips Smart Color Changing Light Bulb (Gen 3) works with the Philips Hue Bridge, able to change the light color up to 16 million colors, supports Android / IOS system, can be switched off via smartphone or tablet, the system can sync with all. Mood & Tone, such as watching movies or playing games that require low light. Adjust the warm, romantic light so that the light fades like the sunlight is rising or diminishes, or turns it into a light purple, red, green, blue, making it fun when partying. The system is also designed to set the on-off time. Therefore, no worries about forgetting to turn off the lights Philips HUE bulbs use LED technology, energy saving up to 80%, can be used for up to 25,000 hours.

So how is it? From the original room, it may become a favorite room that is more pleasant. Just adjust the light Adjust the mood with colors from the light bulbs. For anyone who wants to change the mood, add charm to a simple home. It doesn’t require much investment, but gets results immediately. You must try to buy a lamp in the model that you like to install in the house.

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