If having 100 couples rank the room they like and spend the most time together, we believe that 80% of the answers must always have a bedroom in the list. Because many couples will spend time before bed sharing the moment of happiness together. But if the surrounding area does not have an atmosphere that invites sweetness, an activity before going to bed would end, each person would pick up the phone to see what interests themselves, which may cause the distance of communication to fade without knowing it. In this article, HomeGuru has some tips to tightening love. This Valentine’s day, improve the bedroom together, create a new room atmosphere that you can do it by yourself with a good budget.

Decorate the wall together, add sweetness

The colors and patterns in the room greatly influence the mood. Changing the color or pattern of the room wall is an easy way and can instantly change the atmosphere to look new, which will choose the way to repaint or create a pattern with wallpaper, it depends on the preference of each couple.

If choosing to paint by yourself, start by choosing color shades together. Recommend that men have to please women. If you have chosen the color, men can paint the main part of the wall and women can paint the special part. Like the border of a door and window, takes no more than 1 day to finish. The color chosen for the old bedroom, which must be entered immediately, recommend to choose a color that reduces odor will help residents not have to move out. If you still smell the odor, try changing the atmosphere by sleeping in the living room or a movie room for a night might also help to strengthen the relationship.

As for wallpaper attaching, there are many patterns to choose from and there are no smells but the price is also higher. Nowadays, wallpapers are more user-friendly such as sticker, which can remove the backing sheet, can be wall mounted or water wallpaper that does not require glue. Just use the water spray bottle on the back and then stick it on the wall and use the roller to roll over and it is done. When changing, it can be easily peeled off without damaging the original wall surface.

Decoration Budget: Acrylic interior paint size 1 gallon covering an area of 12 – 38 square meters / kilometer / time (may be more or less depending on the viscosity of the color and the amount of water mixed.) The price starts from 399 Baht/gallon, for wallpaper sticker size 0.50X3M starts from 199 Baht, normal wallpaper starts from 1,090 Baht.

Feel Warm, Comfortable with New Flooring

In addition to wall decoration, the floor of the room also helps to create a warm, relaxing atmosphere. Try changing from a hardened ceramic tile floor to a rubber tile or laminate wood that gives a natural feeling, just the first step to immediately feel the difference.

Laying rubber tiles or laminate flooring is currently not complicated. Even without previous technical skills, you can do it yourself. Since new rubber tiles are ready-to-use with self-adhesive. Just pull out the backing to cover the original immediately without needing to remove the old floor first. It can also be installed on tiles, concrete, terraces, old or new wood floors. For choosing vinyl rubber tiles, you should choose the thickness. The thicker it is, the longer the service life as well. According to the standard, rubber tiles will have thickness between approximately 1.2 – 4.0 mm.

Decoration Budget: Rubber tiles come in many sizes such as 15.24 cm. x 91.44 cm. x 2 mm., 18 cm. x 92 cm. x 3 mm., or 30.48 cm. x 30.48 cm. x 2 mm.   You can choose the size according to the area and preference. The price starts from 899 Baht/box and up.

Change Curtains, Adding a Sway Mood

Believe it or not, the curtains in the bedroom contribute to creating more atmosphere than you think. Compare to easily visualize. The rooms that have light and white curtains will give a sweet and romantic feeling more than curtains, thick and opaque fabric. For bedrooms that are monotonous with original patterned curtains, choose new curtains, then change the style to put the blackout curtains on the first layer and Use the second layer of thin gauze. Install the railing higher than normal, leaving the fabric long to the floor, to make the fabric flutter, add a little sexy feeling. But also provides privacy for relaxation and feels more airy than before.

Decoration Budget: Currently, there are many curtains and curtains ready to be sold, both solid and transparent which the price is not expensive as before, starting from hundreds. Zon Hoo airy curtain size 130×160 cm. the price starts from 399 Baht, Huang Khanard airy curtain size 130×220 cm. starts from 399 Baht, retractable steel rail size 120×210 cm., retractable steel rail (gold color) starts from 299 Baht.

Let The Wall Keep Our Stories

In this era, people keep memories of photos on their phones. Sometimes, you may accidentally delete a good image, leaving space for new images to enter. When you search again, it was no longer found. For couples who want to keep their memories near, Try spending time on free days, print your favorite photos, some large and some small photos and put them in frames and decorate them on the wall. Or you can frame the picture with romantic sentences, good meaning that communicate love between each other. Every time you enter the bedroom you can recall the good feelings you had for each other. You see what you had been done, the places that have been together will always help to strengthen the relationship.

Decoration Budget: Picture frame, modern design, beautiful, keep all the unique impression. Price depends on the size and material starts from tens to thousands Baht.

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D.I.Y Favorite Furniture Together

There are many ways to create good memories together. One of them was the creation of handmade pieces together. While doing, you communicate about what should be done first and last. You can help each other solve the problem. Even if the work comes out, the appearance may not be as beautiful as a professional do. But you do it with your heart.

For beginners, getting Started with D.I.Y should be a small piece of work, no complicated steps. Or you can buy furniture kit set such as shelf, hanging shelf, cabinet, box which has complete whole set of materials and equipment and you can assemble them easier.

Decoration Budget: Particle Board melamine coated size 70x20x30 cm. price 599 Baht, Mixing cabinet size 120x87x41 cm. price 3,990 Baht

All 5 activities let couples to do fun things to increase the value of spending time together. Therefore, what you should keep in mind is to have fun. If there is any part of the job goes wrong or unsure because the skills of another person are not enough or do not understand, try to overlook and not keep the emotions and frustration destroying each other’s good times. The important thing is to not wait for love to fade away and then look for help because it may be too late. Regularly create cute moments from small things such as cuddling, tell funny stories, watch series together. Let the person next to you feel important and you never go away. These can help to strengthen the relationship closer with almost no investment required.

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