Among the popular home appliances, Water heaters are always present in everybody’s home. when changing the size of the water heater, the big problems like circuit breakers power cut are very easily found. So today HomeGuru will tell you the cause of Electric breaker power cut problem from changing the size of the water heater


if your home uses a water heater and want to change the size. But afraid of power cut problem. please follow these tricks from Home Guru

1. Before installing a water heater, you should know which type is good and safe.
2. look at the power of the water heater, prevent breakers power cut problem
3. suitable size no need to worrying a breakers power cut
4. choosing suitable breaker and wires.
5. No more breaker problem, if you choose the right water heater.


Before installing a water heater, you should know which type is good and safe.

Whether it is the first installation or changing the size of the water heater, you should know How many types of water heaters are there? For prevent Electric circuit breaker and power cut problem in the house. The most important is you will get the suitable water heater for using both with water used and working life

1. Coil pipe

This water heater has air conditioning that can give the heat very quickly, the boiler bath’s problem will not occur. But it can’t be cleaned and it uses more power than other types, so if you need a quick speed. And save cost. this type is very suitable

2. A copper boiler

It’s quickly heat, stable and also long time used but the disadvantage is can’t removed for cleaning , Especially if used with poor quality water It will cause damage and the boiler leak easily. It is life threatening.

3. Plastic boiler

It is very popular. no need to worry about power cuts or replacing the circuit breaker in the future. Because it uses low power and also cheap price. but they give slowly heat and short-term using. so, it ‘s the reason why it’s cheaper than other types


Look at the water heater wattage for prevent breakers power cut

Most of users choose a water heater from brands and price, but actually if we don’t want to change the breaker. Before installing should study about the wattage of that device. Is it already suitable for the electricity meter or not? Nowadays there’re three main sizes: 3,500 watts, 4,500 watts, and 6,000 watts. All three types have different ways to install circuit breakers and wires.

In addition, if you want to prevent a power cut problem , Try to calculate the electric current from all the electric appliances in the house, if it exceeds the meter size. It will be a power outage. for example, the average total current is 16 A use with 5 (15) meter size , the supported current meter is less. So it will the cause of power cut


suitable size no need to worrying a breakers power cut

choosing a suitable and sufficient water heater for both family members and the climate, for example, installed in Thailand which the weather is not cold all year . use only 3,500 watts or 4,500 watts is enough . But for 6,000 watts of water heater , it is suitable for a very cold country . please dont forget that the higher the wattage , The more power is used. Including selection of circuit breakers and power meters That can support the use of power as well

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choosing suitable breaker and wires

Installing water heaters nowadays. it is not difficult because you can install them by yourself, so let’s have a look at below tricks to help you install it safely

1. the size and voltage of the water heater

First, you have to look at how many watts of the water heater and volts in voltage. This will be used to calculate how many amps of the electric current, what type of circuit breaker and what size of the electrical wire should be used. For calculation, Divide the power (watts) by the voltage (volts). For example, a 4,500-watt water heater with a voltage of 230 volts, it will get the current at 19.56 amps.

2. Select the size of a circuit breaker with a suction cup.

choose a circuit breaker with the best electric shock and leakage protection. The size of the circuit breaker should be more than the current. For example, in the first step we got the current at 19.56 amps, that means The circuit breaker used should be 20 amps or more.

3. Choose the size of the wires.

choose a wire which can bear with the electric current more than a breaker for Prevent The wiring burnt. For example, the circuit breaker is rated at 20 amps, so the wire should be a size 4 with a current of 28 amps.

4. Grounding wire

Choose a size smaller than the wire. For example, we get a size of 4, the electric current is 28 amps, so a suitable grounding wire is 2.5 with 21 amps.

เบรก เกอร์ ไฟฟ้า

No more Breaker problem, if you choose the right water heater

Must be high quality, standard. And legitimate as well. At least must be certified by TISI, only a saving no. 5 label is not enough.

Select built-in breaker. Because if there is even a slight leakage the circuit will cut off the power immediately.

Power must be suitable for the meter, for example, if it is a 5 (15) general meter, choose 3,500 watts is proper, but for 4,500 watts, the meter size should be 15 (45) A. For the most safety

Use saves energy boiler, before choosing a water heater, look at what kind of boiler is right for your home, for example, if you’re not sure that your home water supply system is clean or not. Should not use a copper boiler, etc.

Select brand and after sales service. in addition to guarantee the quality. It also guarantees the problem will be resolved immediately from the service center.

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After we know all the tricks That HomeGuru has recommends. Any type of water heaters you will use, we confirm, it will have no problem with circuit breakers. For anyone who wants a good quality electrical appliance and circuit breaker can go and buy it at HomePro.

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