Sanitary ware for health is another new option that almost every home has turned to and modify the toilet from a squat toilet into a flat toilet to increase safety and comfortable to use for all residents of the house especially with the elderly and children. However, there are still some houses that doubt that “why do you have to change?” Because there are no problems during use of the squat toilet. HomeGuru would like to collect all the reasons for solving the problem with this problem.


Reasons why some houses are not used to sanitary ware for health

Some of the old houses that have been used for a long time still have the same old way of using the toilets. Without renovating the new bathroom because the original toilet, especially the squat toilet, can still be used well. And not used to sitting down causing a feeling of inconvenience during use. In addition, it is difficult to modify. Because it takes several days for construction.

But do you know? Although squat toilets have advantages. In regard to helping to excrete conveniently. Because with the sitting position in which the torso leans forward. As a result, the intestines are located in a straight line. This causes more excretion than using a flat toilet or sanitary ware for health, but in the long run, a squat toilet will adversely affect the user’s health, especially with the elderly.

เปลี่ยนห้องน้ำ เปลี่ยนห้องน้ำ เปลี่ยนห้องน้ำ


Reasons for replacing squat toilet into sanitary ware for health

1. Don’t worry about the annoying smell

The problem of bad smell It is an unavoidable problem in homes that use squat toilets, whether the smell of urine splashes around it. During use or the stench that floats up from the pipe. But for a house that has been converted to toilet that sit down or flush the toilet will experience less bad smell problems. Because the sanitary ware will be installed “waterproofing gasket” or “odor proof gasket” to prevent odor from disturbing. Together with the sanitary ware has a deep basin purify and better prevent sewage stains inside the sanitary ware. Therefore, better not worry about the annoying smell.


2. Reduce osteoarthritis symptoms

With the characteristics of the squat toilet that must be used in a squatting position which sometimes takes about 10-20 minutes to sit and go to the toilet, resulting in knee pain. Even if the user is heavy and older age may develop inflammation more easily. Conversion of sanitary ware for health, sitting hanging legs will reduce the chance of osteoarthritis.

3. Safe for the elderly and children

Bathroom usage safety It is important not to be overlooked, especially for the elderly. Pregnant mothers and children in the home, especially the selection of sanitary ware, which is a top factor that resulted in an accident during an erection and sitting, especially the toilet squatting, is riskier. The toilet is sitting flat because the toilet squatting, when using it has to drop its weight down to the knees. If the elderly in a wheelchair or lack of energy. Choosing to use sanitary ware for health will be safer.

ชักโครก ชักโครก ชักโครก

Also, the installation of squat toilets need to be installed on elevated floors. For use, pour water to clean the area around the toilet, which risks slipping and falling in the house more than using sanitary ware. Using sanitary ware for health because after use, every time you wash, the water will not overflow on the bathroom floor. Thus reducing the risk of accidents and easy to clean the bathroom.


4. Sanitary ware for health can help save water

One of the reasons for not converting squat toilets to healthy sanitary ware is that many homes are afraid of wasting water. But nowadays there is a development water-saving type Using no more than 3-6 liters of water / time, choose to use according to the needs of the homeowner, for example, the Wash Down system will use less water or some models will have two flushing buttons to choose from to pay lightly (3 liters) or heavy (4.5 liters), which will help save water.


5. Answer the needs of the user

With innovation resulting in a design sanitary ware for health to meet the needs of use and the physique of the user that is different in size, color and design that is suitable for older people, children, or Universal Design, suitable for all body conditions. Including adding innovation Sensor System On-off control by remote control for more convenience.

ชักโครก ชักโครก


6. Add function, easy for excretion

Although sitting down Is not a position that makes it easier to excrete than squatting. But with nowadays there are accessories like adjustable sanitary ware chair for urination or a footrest that makes it easier to excrete. Just put it next to the toilet. Then put your feet on the chair adjust level according to need. While leaning about 35 degrees, it will make the excretion more convenient than using the squat toilet.

No matter what type of sanitary ware you choose. The most important thing is safety during use. Choosing to convert squat toilets into sanitary ware for health as HomeGuru mentioned above. It is another option for everyone that are concerned about bathroom safety.


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