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Structural problems within the house that many homes tend to ignore and do not pay attention and take care as it should, such as the wall of the house, sometimes causing annoying problems for homeowners. Especially the house that has been living for a long time. The wall of the house aside from protecting the heat, sunlight and humidity from the rain for everyone in the family. It is another area that allows everyone in the family to share creative ideas for every room in the house to decorate according to their style. Therefore, you need to be careful when choosing materials for decorating, especially house wall paint at present, there are many to choose from. But how to choose safely, also prevents mold and bacteria while being environmentally friendly? HomeGuru has recommendations.


Eco Friendly or Zero Concept paint for a good environment

Zero wall paint in the Eco Friendly or Zero Concept group is another wall paint innovation, clean paint that not only helps to decorate the house to meet the desired concept. It also helps to improve the health of everyone in the family and help save energy because some models can reduce the temperature in the house and more importantly, it helps the environment to improve as well. The colors in the Eco Friendly or Zero Concept range are available in a variety of brands according to the different properties that the homeowner wants.

ซ่อมสีผนังลอกร่อน ซ่อมสีผนังลอกร่อน ซ่อมสีผนังลอกร่อน ซ่อมสีผนังลอกร่อน


Health Care Safe Inhibition of mold and bacteria

If the home wall accumulates germs, fungi, bacteria not even leaving the virus Invisible especially in homes where children live, it may encourage children to develop diseases such as allergies, hand, foot, mouth (HFMD) or influenza (H1N1) or even in places like hospitals, nurseries, places where children. Yes, must take a long time. The selection of home paint in the Health Care group can help reduce the root cause, prevent the virus and the upcoming epidemic.

ทาสีบ้านเก่า ทาสีบ้านเก่า ทาสีบ้านเก่า ทาสีบ้านเก่า


Clean & Care Clean without worry

Colors in the Clean & Care group are another color group of every healthy home and love the environment which aside from decorating the room to be beautiful Some colors in this group also have innovations in helping to purify the air. And eliminate pollution Including Bio Clean technology for decomposing germs Bacteria and most importantly Can wipe clean Stains in the house and musty smell in the room easily without concern.

สีลอก สีลอก สีลอก สีลอก

Repaint an assistant to paint the room walls more easily

When you have received the color you want The next step is inevitable. Painting the room wall. If the room is not very large, some homes tend to choose to paint the walls of the room themselves. But if the room in the house is large or there is a need to paint the whole house’s wall. Painting the walls of the house yourself is probably a little tricky. And probably causing embarrassment because it takes time and very skilled in painting.


Therefore, choosing a professional technician is a good solution for painting a new home’s wall to solve the problem of fading, peeling and molding paints, and get the house color that meets your needs easily, such as Repaint, the one-stop house painting service from home. New service promotion that will help respond to every home comfortably, both products and service to paint the whole house, detached house, townhome, townhouse or room only by having a color consultant consulting team to help select the right color for each room with the service standard from Home Service.


Why use Repaint service?

  • Complete with design services on-site survey
  • Be assured of the quality, color, and smoothness of every square meter
  • Time since design to check the job and completed in 1 month
  • ช่างไม่ทิ้งงาน และมั่นใจในด้านความปลอดภัย ป้องกัน 100%
  • รับประกันงานคุณภาพยาวนานถึง 365 วัน


In addition to solving the problem of color loss, spoofing, gliding and mold by choosing colors that are non-toxic to the environment. And the health of everyone in the family The selection of a specialist or a good helper is reliable for added convenience. Adding a mood to every room in the house with house wall paint is also an important issue that shouldn’t be ignored.


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