“Check the house before rainy season” Because rainy season is the season that makes living indoors the most comfortable with the rainy atmosphere helps create coolness. Just think of the atmosphere, the sound of rain. While also sitting watching the rain falling by the window, this makes living in the house more enjoyable than the hot season. But the coolness from rainy season also brings problems such as humidity causes mold, leak roof, flood, overgrown grass, blowing wind, broken trees and another matter, thousands of the problems that must be prepared before the rain comes.

For the rainy season, it is a holiday season for people who like to stay at home. This article, “HomeGuru” would like you to check the 5 spots to prepare the house before the rain comes.


Check for leaks around the house

Before entering the rainy season, you should check the leak around the house, especially the big spot like the roof because it’s an important part that has direct contact with raindrops. If cracks occur, leaks will result in more problems. Basic observation methods, readers should observe the color of the frosted sheet. If there is a black stain or light brown band around, it is possible that water is caused by dripping on the sheet. It is necessary for the technician to check for roof leaks in the area.

อะคริลิกทากันนํ้ารั่วซึม อะคริลิกทากันนํ้ารั่วซึม อะคริลิกทากันนํ้ารั่วซึม

The solution is not complicated. Currently, there are a variety of waterproofing products which can be used for both concrete roof tiles and Slab concrete roof. If a crack not exceeding 1 mm, the waterproofing agent can be applied immediately. If cracks are about 1-5 mm, use with polyurethane seal products together with waterproofing solution or If the crack is more than 5 mm, use together with the tape for the size of the leak together with waterproofing solution. Unless the leak is very wide, recommend to change roof tiles would be more convenient for you.

In addition to the roof, waterproofing products can also solve cracks on the walls of the house as well. Just apply the topcoat, rain pouring down the wall Unable to penetrate into the house.

Take care of woodwork

Wood and moisture is something that shouldn’t be close to each other. But many parts in the house are manufactured or decorated with wood products such as jamb, window, balcony door, furniture. If they face with a drizzle of rain for a long time, the moisture from the water will cause some wood to swell, become deformed and cause mold.

In case of woodwork inside the house, no water leaking from the roof or splash from the window, you always have to clean the out the mold. Just this, it helps to keep the wood to be durable. But for the wood outside the house such as Wooden balcony, wooden battens, can be painted, dyed, waterproof to coat the wood to better support the outdoors in the rain. This will help extend the useful life of the wood as well. For readers who want to maintain the natural color of the wood, currently, there are clear wood dyes act as a shield against wood but still give the natural color of the wood as before.

สีย้อมไม้ สีย้อมไม้ สีย้อมไม้

Check the power plugs in the house and outdoor plugs

Indoor and outdoor power outlets is a very important risk point, because if an electrical leakage occurs, it may result in death. The design of the outlet must therefore not be too low and should operate the power system separately Leave other parts to be able to be disabled during the rainy season. n addition, it should be installed in conjunction with a power socket with a cover to prevent from rain spray. That’s it, you can safely use the power system during the rainy season.

Check water logging and slippery wet areas

Accidents in the house come with rain. In many cases, it is caused by wading through water trapped on a slippery wet area especially children and elders cannot balance themselves well. After a heavy rain for many consecutive days. We tend to find green algae stains attached on the concrete floor outside or slippery mud soil tile area in front of the house outdoor terrace and garden pathway.

For exterior tiles, usually choose tiles that are non-slip. But if the flooring is often wet, causing mucus stains that cause slippery, recommend to solve problems with non-slip products. Which will help prevent dirt and helps to slip better or if it is other material such as stone work, concrete floor before rain, scrub clean once because stains that accumulate when getting wet will cause slippery.

น้ำยากันลื่น น้ำยากันลื่น น้ำยากันลื่น

Beware the danger of poisonous animals that comes with rain

Last year’s rainy season, many of you may have seen the news in the social world that snakes enter the house via the toilet. Because the rainy season is the season when animals need shelter from the rain Including centipedes, scorpions, snakes and many other poisonous animals. These animals will penetrate through the overgrown channels, such as shrubs, grass, rubbish or blind spots.


Prevention methods, just walk around the house, observe various precarious points especially the branches that refer to the house. You should trim the thick bushes and trees because aside from being a path of the poisonous animals. If there is a strong wind thick bushes may break down. The lawn should be cut more frequently. Because grass is a plant that likes water. The rainy season is therefore longer than usual.

In addition to the 5 spots Check the house before rainy season above, do not forget to check the gutters for gutters that are clogged or not and also take care and repair of fitting equipment in the house. Because during the rainy season, doors may become stiff from rust or the expansion of wood. For anyone who wants to check the home’s condition and improve, visit us and inform us about your house condition at Home Service by HomePro, we have many expert staff to give services, consults, design and install work such as interior and exterior wall painting service, repair and improve every room in the house, lay floor tiles, install Snake Box preventing snakes in the bathroom and install services, move electric appliances, you can call it a complete service.


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